Climbing Mount Washington: Sarah’s Weekly Newsletter

Saturday, July 11

Hi guys! It feels like it’s been forever since I sat down to write my newsletter, and that’s because I didn’t bring my laptop with me on vacation. I purposefully did so to have a bit of a technology detox, but I also wouldn’t have had much service in Maine anyway. I went with my lovely man, Nathaniel, and we stopped in various places along the way.

What a sporty, athletic little guy.

Because we had to drive through Massachusetts and New Hampshire first, and I had a doctor’s appointment in my hometown, we decided to stay in Massachusetts at my father’s house for the first night. Then, we officially started our road trip! First we stopped in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, which is an adorable little ocean-side city. It’s a huge tourist attraction in the area, and there are lots of little record shops and cafes to explore. Nathaniel and I spent a long while in one of my favorite record shops, Bull Moose, and we both found some great things there! Then we drove up to Portland, Maine, where we went to another Bull Moose, and Nathaniel found even more Grateful Dead CD’s! (Including one that he had been looking for everywhere. He was so excited, and it was adorable.) We reached my mom and stepfather’s little house in Maine on Tuesday afternoon, which was our final destination for the road trip. It was so lovely to see my family and my dog, and they were very eager to see Nathaniel as well.


We slept in a tent for the first two nights to get a feel for that good ole camping vibe, but on the third and last night, we slept on the couch inside. The air mattress had deflated quite a bit, and now we had bugs, so that was when we broke down and decided to sleep outside. I’m honestly amazed I lasted even two nights out there to begin with. I was also on my period (sorry for the TMI,) so sleeping in a tiny, bug-infested tent while I was sweating and bleeding didn’t really come together in a lovely manner. 


While we were up there, we did all kinds of fun things! Like I said, Nathaniel and I really enjoyed going to the record shops and finding unique little things. We also went for a hike with my mom and stepdad, which was exhausting for me because I’m so out of shape, but fun! The view of the fuzzy mountains fading into the distance is just absolutely incredible up there. On Thursday, we visited North Conway and the White Mountains, and on a whim, we decided to take the car up Mount Washington. Holy shit, that was so beautiful. I never knew Nathaniel was such a nature lover, but gosh, he was so thrilled to be up on the top of Mount Washington. It’s so bizarre to see the car driving through the clouds- I did not expect that to happen, and I was amazed. The views were breathtaking, and the temperature was actually really nice up there. In the distance, we could still see snow on some of the mountain tips. Afterwards, we walked around the village a bit (Nathaniel bought a cowboy hat,) and then we headed back to the house. We got to take a little ferry trip with my mom around the lakes, so we picked up on a lot of Maine history, and then we finished up the evening by swimming at the local lake. It was an action-packed trip filled with lots of exercise, gorgeous views, and plenty of family bonding time. We headed out pretty early on Friday morning, and believe me when I say I was so happy to sleep on my clean sheets in my own bedroom. And I’m sure Nathaniel was excited to get home so he could pop in his new CDs and vinyls. 

So anyway, that basically sums up the last week of my life. Now I’m home and back to crafting/running errands, which I’m enjoying a lot more now that I have a job lined up and I can actually spend a bit of disposable income. I’m really excited to start working next week, and I can’t wait to tell you guys how it goes. Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great week! 


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