DITL: Post College Grad in a Global Pandemic


Hey guys! Sorry I was a little late with today’s article; I started work this week and things have just been crazy. Yesterday I spent most of the day just playing catch-up with chores and groceries, so today is really my first opportunity to sit down, relax, and get some writing done. I had a different article planned for today, but I decided to switch it up at the last minute and give you guys a scoop on what my average day is like. It definitely differs from day to day, but on average, this is what my usual routine pans out to be on a workday. On days off, there is really no order in which I do things.

5:00am: Because I work morning shifts, it’s not uncommon for me to wake up between 4:00am and 6:00am. On a typical day, I start at 7:00, which means I have to get up about two hours beforehand. The first hour is for getting ready, and the second hour is for commuting. I don’t spend too much time messing with my hair or makeup; I just take a quick shower, shovel down a quick (but filling) breakfast, and throw my hair up into a ponytail or a hat. And I don’t have to worry about getting a coffee, because I work at Starbucks!


6:00am: The first lightrail of the morning gets to my stop at 6:08 or so, so that’s always the train I will take if I’m working for 7:00. Even if the train is a few minutes late or if there is a delay, I will have to really hustle (and possibly run) to compensate for it. I take the train inbound for 4 stops, switch to another line (about a ten minute walk,) ride the other train for one stop, and then walk for about 25 minutes until I get to work. It’s not as bad as it sounds, especially if it’s the early morning and it’s still cool outside. It’s leaving work and doing the commute all over again that really kills my legs, especially since I’m standing and running around all day in between! Sometimes I will opt for uber or try to get a ride, but that’s only if the weather is ridiculous.

7:00am: Like I said, most days I will get to work around this time, permitting on the shift. I get my coffee, tie on my apron, and get ready for a day of work. 

9:30am: If I am working under six hours, I will get one ten minute break around mid morning. Obviously ten minutes doesn’t give me time to do much, so I’ll usually just take a bathroom break, chug some water, and check my text messages. Then it’s back to work for a few more hours! 

12:30pm: A 5.5 hour shift means I’m technically finished at 12:30 on the dot, but I rarely ever leave right at that time. Like I said earlier, my legs are usually not prepared for the gruelling walk, so most days I’ll order lunch from work, find a shady little bench, and park myself there for 10-20 minutes while I eat. This gives me time to get some food in my system, and it also gives my legs an opportunity to recharge. Then I’ll do my commute again, except the opposite order: get the walking out of the way first, and then ride the train for the last stretch. 

Not loving the summer heat, I have to say.

2:00pm: Once I get home, the first thing I do is kick off my shoes and flop down onto my chair/bed for a few minutes. This is usually when I take a few minutes (or a lot of minutes) to scroll through social media, call my friends, or watch a couple of YouTube videos. Then, I take a look at my to-do list and knock out anything vital. If I have to go to the pharmacy or get groceries, I’ll do that first, and then I’ll get a few chores done, such as mopping, paying bills, putting away dishes, or doing a load of laundry. The only “chore” I won’t do is my workout; I only do those on my off days. 

5:30pm: Around 5 or 6, I will prepare my dinner or order takeout, depending on what day it is. My favorite things to prepare for dinner are salads, skillet meals, or if I’m feeling lazy, macaroni and cheese or soup. I like to eat in my room because my housemates are usually home by this time and I’m not always feeling very social after being surrounded by people all day. My room is definitely my safe haven.

7:00pm: I take the rest of the evening to just unwind and have some fun, such as by playing The Sims or pouring over novels in bed. Lately, however, I’ve been on a huge Sims binge and I’ve been playing for hours and hours. I can’t help it, I’m just so obsessed with the game. You can ask anyone- it’s the #1 thing I do in my free time.

We stan a good, healthy skillet meal. And yes, that’s veggie chicken!

10:00pm: This is usually the standard time I begin my nighttime routine. I take off my makeup, which is usually just eyebrow pencil on a work day, brush my teeth, take my medications and melatonin, and change into my pajamas. Most nights I call Nathaniel before bed so I can tell him about my day, and I can hear about his day as well. He’s been practicing guitar quite a bit lately, so I can hear him strumming cords in the background while we chat. The combination of his deep voice, him playing, and the melatonin setting in is usually what makes me sleepy. I try to have the lights out and the AC on by 11:00pm at the latest on a weeknight. If I have the next day off, well, I’ll probably stay up another hour or two.  The last thing I do before falling asleep is to put on a Vsauce playlist, because that’s what I like to listen to when I fall asleep. And then I’m out like a light!

Look at this mans. Putting up with talking to ME every single night. A true hero. 

I hope you guys found this article interesting! I know it may not seem very exciting, but it is a busy day for me, and I usually feel proud of myself by the time I hit the pillow at night for getting so much done. Particularly with coronavirus, it’s important to me to stay busy so that I feel like I am being productive and making positive changes in my life.

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