Fall Mood Board 2020

It’s no secret that fall is my favorite season, so I’m ∼super excited∼ to be putting together a fall mood board. For context, these aren’t items that I actually own, but they are totally fitting my vibe and my aesthetic for the fall season! And maybe once I have some disposable income this fall, I can treat myself to a few new sweaters and neutral staple pieces.

First off, I’ve never owned a pair of dark-wash jeans, but my boyfriend wears them quite often and I think they look so vintage and stylish. Particularly with the cuffs rolled up like in the picture, I think some high-waisted dark jeans would be super flattering and essential for the fall. They’re also a great transition piece into the winter, and would pair well with an ugly holiday sweater or a leather jacket. 

I found a couple of pairs of shoes that I liked while I was browsing Pinterest, particularly these chunky, super-high mini boots. I love a good heel with a funky twist, and these shoes look absolutely perfect for fall. They also look pretty comfortable to me; I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve always found booties with a thick platform to be easy to wear, compared to something like a stiletto or a pump. And of course, black is a great universal neutral color, particularly for the colder months, too.

I’ve mentioned in my “least favorite trends” article that I’m not crazy about hats, but I do think they can be pulled off with the right styling and hat shape. I really love this hat and I’ve seen a lot of indie girls wearing it on Instagram with fall sweaters- particularly gothic girls in the darker subcultures. I could see myself wearing a hat like this with a chunky sweater and some knee-high boots, sipping my pumpkin spice latte as I listen to The Smiths. Again, I think choosing a neutral color like black or beige would be the way to go with a statement piece like this. 

So, do these super-high boots scream Ariana Grande or what? I would have never gone for something like these in the past, but I just think they would look so sexy and cozy with a loose, baggy sweater dress (like the one in the middle row on the far right.) Particularly for curvier girls like myself, I think this shape of boot is a great way to extend my figure and make my legs look longer and slinkier than they actually are. I’m not sure how well these boots actually stay up in practical application, but I’d be willing to give it a try. Unfortunately, every pair of boots I’ve found online in this style have been really expensive. 

I LOVE a good baggy sweater, particularly one that’s a warm shade of beige, yellow, or brown. I like to stay within a particular color scheme when I am making mood boards, and I felt like these two burnt orange/yellow sweaters really complimented the neutral accessories nicely. Also, can we talk about this star-patterned sweater on the bottom left? I was drawn to it immediately because it makes me think of Coraline– one of my favorite movies to watch around Halloween. I also think stars are a safe way to incorporate patterns into a stylish outfit, particularly if you’re someone like me who’s generally afraid of prints or how to use them. 

Those are all of the clothing elements that stood out to me this season. As you can see, the clothes I’m interested in are very heavy on neutrals and warm-toned shades, such as burnt oranges, mustard yellows, and browns. I’m excited to corporate some of these elements into my closet on my next clothing excursion, which will probably be via TJ Maxx or ThredUp, and combine these new pieces with clothes I already have in my closet, too! You guys know I’m the queen of burnt oranges and yellows, so that shouldn’t be too hard. Keep an eye out for my fall lookbook, which should be coming out some time in early October!

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