What’s On My Reading List?

As a self-identified dectuple-booker (someone who reads ten books at once,) there is always something new on my reading list. This usually happens when I go to Barnes and Noble to pick out one new book, but I realize there are about 7,569 books I’d ideally like to read as well. So I add them to my mental list, and slowly but surely, I get through all of them. Currently, these are the five books I’ve got my eyes set on reading right now.

American Street | Ibi Zoboi

I was really pleased to see that Barnes and Noble dedicated an entire section to Black young adult authors, and while I wish I could have bought all of those books on the shelf, I decided to settle for just one in my budget. This book stood out to me the most because I think it has a perfect combination of elements: education, strong story-telling, and page-turning emotion. The book has almost five stars on every site I’ve visited, and it was even nominated as a National Book Award Finalist! I am super excited to crack open this one and get started on it.

The All-Night Sun | Diane Zinna

I actually picked up this book on the same Barnes & Noble trip as the last book I mentioned. I always judge a book by the inside blurb, and as soon as I opened this one and read it, I was immediately dying to know more about what happens. I love a book with a good twist, and this story sounds like it has some juicy ones! I’ve never heard of this author before, but I’m looking forward to checking out some of her other work if I end up liking this novel! I’ll be sure to let you know what I think.

Gingerbread | Helen Oyeyemi 

I’ve read books by Helen Oyeyemi before, and I really think she is such a phenomenal, unique author. Her writing style is so fresh and the characters are so memorable, they stick with me for years after reading. I’ve actually been pushing Nathaniel to read Mr. Fox by Oyeyemi, which is one of my favorites. Gingerbread sounds like such a sweet book to me, especially considering the name, and it’s definitely going to be the next book I purchase at Barnes and Noble.

Second Chance Summer | Morgan Matson

This is actually a book I’ve read a few times before, but I didn’t actually own it until yesterday, when I picked it up at Barnes and Noble. The first time I read it was in high school, and I cried so hard, I didn’t even know what to do with myself after I finished it. I read it again a couple of years later, and it was another round of the waterworks, so I’m fully expecting to cry a third time! I think the reason I get so emotional from this book is because it focuses around the complicated relationship between a father and his daughter, and that really hits home for me. I’m glad it’s finally officially in my collection, and I can’t wait to read it again. And probably cry. 

The Likeness | Tana French

Slowly but surely, I am indulging myself by eating up every Tana French title available. I just simply love her mystery novels, and every few months, I make a point of picking up a new one. Her plots are so singular and complex, I can’t even imagine having so much creativity and organization to pen these stories! Each one is so different as well, but they all share similar themes: deceit, nostalgia, secrets unearthed, and chilling plot twists. If you’re a fan of mystery/thrillers, Tana French’s work is a MUST. My favorite thus far is In the Woods, so I’d recommend checking out that one first. 

That’s everything I’m currently looking forward to reading right now! As you can see, I already own a few of them, but I’d like to finish up some of the other books I’m reading before I start more. I’ll be sure to update you guys in a few months on my progress with these!

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