Margaritas and Movie Nights: Sarah’s Weekly Newsletter

Sunday, December 13

It’s crazy how quickly December is flying by, isn’t it? Honestly, I feel like the older I get, the faster the years are flying by. I suppose that’s probably a good thing right now, seeing how we’re still in the middle of COVID-19 and so many of us can’t wait for it to be over. There’s new hope now that the vaccine is being rolled out, but I have no idea what the accessibility of the vaccine is and how quickly food service workers like myself will have access to it. 

Despite that, the past few weeks have actually been quite nice for me, and I feel extremely privileged to say that. I think that’s primarily because of my new job location and the convenience that has granted me, and additionally, I’ve just been more excited in general because it’s Christmastime! I haven’t gotten to see my family very much this year, so I’m really looking forward to spending some (safe and responsible) time with them this month. This upcoming weekend I am going to spend time with my parents and my stepfather, and the weekend after that, which is actual Christmas weekend, I am going to be with Nathaniel and his family! I have a lot of great family time to look forward to, and I just know I’m going to get super emotional when I see my mom again. 

Nathaniel and I had a tiny Thanksgiving this weekend! Complete with a vegan roast.

This past weekend was also really uplifting for me! I got to spend time with Nathaniel, which is always a treat, and we watched a movie he’s been trying to show me for a while- Boogie Nights. I have to say, I was skeptical going in, but I actually really enjoyed it and found the theme of the movie to be so interesting and thought provoking. Definitely not a family friendly holiday fun movie, but if you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend it.

I also saw my friends Alanis and Sean, who are another couple in my friend group, and we had a low-key margarita night at my apartment yesterday. Alanis and I are good friends, and Sean and Nathaniel are pretty tight too, so it’s always such a great, positive time whenever the four of us hang out. So it was a great weekend, but now it’s back to work tomorrow! I did pick up an extra shift yesterday, so it didn’t feel like a completely relaxed weekend, but I can’t complain about making some extra money. I’m going to begin my bedtime routine so that I can feel bright and refreshed tomorrow. Have a great week, everyone!!

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