A Little Target Haul (Pre Losing all my Savings to Fraud)

For those of you who are confused by the title, click here. Otherwise, keep reading!

About a week ago, I decided to take a lovely little excursion over to Target. My primary reason for going was because I wanted the Gardein “Chicken” Florentino skillet dinner, and I can only find it at that specific store. However, we all know how Target works. You go in there looking for one thing, and you leave with 7 other things you weren’t even looking for. And, in fact, they were out of stock of the “Chicken” Florentino, so I decided to browse around instead. I mean, I’m not just gonna waste the trip…duh. It took me 45 minutes to get there!

Some Lovely Plastic Bowls and Dishes 

If you’re ever on the market for some basic dishware, I highly recommend the 79-cent cups and plates from Target. They were perfect for me in college, and they’re even more perfect for me now as a grown adult who has to cook for herself every day. I decided to buy some neutral-colored ones because I think they’ll transfer nicely when I’m decorating my new place in April, and I also just like the aesthetic of having white dishes. For basic plastic, they’re actually quite durable and I’ve had some of my older ones for months and months.

A Very Gay Mug

Did I need another coffee mug? No, I did not. But come on- this one is so subtly gay and adorable! I’ve been feeling very in touch with my *queer* identity lately and thus have felt an urge to buy things that validate that. Similarly with the dishes, I’m trying to purchase little things here and there that I think will be nice for my new apartment. Particularly since I’m applying for a lot of remote jobs, I’m sure I will be drinking a lot of brewed coffee and tea in the morning. Also, this was on sale, so I got it for even cheaper than I expected! What a win.

A Very Awesome Shirt (From the Kids Department)

This shirt was only ten dollars because I bought it from the kid’s department in the biggest size Target had available. I immediately recognized all of the names on this shirt and thus felt deeply attached to this, because these are incredible women I grew up reading about in my favorite book. I’m especially full of so much love for Harriet Tubman- I used to collect all sorts of books about her and I even have a doll named after her. And for such a great price, it was a no-brainer for me to buy this. I’ve already been wearing it quite a bit, and I have to say, it’s super cute and cozy!

This Woodsy-Scented Candle

Now that we’re about midway through winter, all of the fall candles are going on sale, which is great news for me. I burn fall and winter-themed candles year round, and finding them for super cheap makes it all the better. This is a very typical fall, woodsy smell, and it’s just subtle enough that it doesn’t bother my rats or give them any issues with their little noses. I’m actually burning it right now as we speak, and honestly, once I use it up, I might go back and see if I can find another one. 

I didn’t even end up spending a crazy amount of money, because as you can see, all of these items were actually very reasonably priced. I mean, come on. You can’t go wrong with dishes that cost less than a dollar each.

I probably won’t be spending any money for a while (see back to my very exciting fraud story,) but once everything gets settled, I am very excited for my next Target excursion as I continue to prepare for my move. Thanks for reading!

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