Breakups and Getting Scammed $550 (It’s Been an Awful Week)

Sunday, January 24

Hi folks, how are we doing? As you can probably tell from the title, things are not going super well over here. However, I am going to be okay, and this isn’t the end of the world. In fact, in light of everything that has happened to me, I actually feel really lucky and thankful for everything I do have. 

The breakup was obviously very bad and upsetting, but 1) I’m the one who initiated it because 2) things hadn’t been going very well for a while. Regardless, I’m going to look back at the relationship as a beautiful experience and continue to be thankful for the past 11 months of my life with him. Sometimes, relationships just have a lifespan, and that’s okay. I’m pretty sad about it, but I know it was the right thing to do and things can only get better from here.

Or so I thought. Then, a few hours later, I got scammed! What a fun day. 

It’s a pretty long and complicated story, but this is the shortened version of what happened: I was trying to sell something on Facebook Marketplace and the scammer presented themself as a buyer who sent more money than they needed to for the item they “bought” from me. They used extremely realistic (but fake) emails to make me think that I needed to refund them a set amount of money (because they overpaid me, remember?). So as a result, I lost $550, which was all of my life savings and the money I was going to use to pay my rent. I know it sounds like I’m the idiot here, but if you’ve ever been scammed then you know that these people are SEAMLESS at making you feel manipulated. I truly thought all of this was real until I looked closer at the emails and realized they were fake statements.

One of the worst parts is that I had already shipped out the package to the “buyer,” so there’s a possibility I’ll never see it again.

However, things get better!

First of all, my roommate was with me through the entire ordeal and helped me to file all the fraud claims and forms that I needed (and she bought me a cake to help me with my breakup. Aww.) It was a lot of paperwork and hours on the phone, but the good news is I will most likely get my money back, even though it may take up to 90 days. I also will probably get the package back- USPS was able to freeze it in the nick of time and get it sent back in my direction. And until I do get the money back, my mom sent me a loan so I can pay my rent without anxiety.

It’s so upsetting that something like this happens to good people. It angers me that I get up before the sunrise every day and work my butt off at my minimum wage job just to have some horrible person take everything I’ve worked for away from me. I was in an extremely dark place after all of this happened and I felt so defeated; like I try so hard to be a good, hard working person, and my life gives me misery in return. I truly am always trying to be a good person and do the right thing. I just feel like my life has been punishing me in return and it’s a very lonely feeling.

The good news is, I did pull myself out of that hopelessness, and I’m so relieved that I will probably get my money back and my item back. I’m also so thankful for my friends and family who were there for me- especially my incredible mom, who sent me over the money without a second thought. I felt so stupid for letting it happen, but I realize in retrospect it merely reflects that I am too trusting in other people. I’m not stupid, I’m just a good person who assumes everyone has good intentions. And sadly, not everybody does.

Since these events have transpired, which thankfully took place on Friday and gave me the entire weekend to recuperate, I’ve been feeling better. I’ve been focusing a lot on getting good sleep, watching YouTube videos that make me laugh, and doing all sorts of art projects. I’m looking forward to going back to work tomorrow, too, and seeing all my lovely co-workers.

Sorry I’m a bit of a bummer this week. Like I said, things are looking up, but I’m still feeling totally exhausted and a bit lost from the whole ordeal. 

Thank you for reading. I’ll talk to you guys next week xx

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