Tequila, Soapmaking, and…Candle Making? Sarah’s Weekly Newsletter

Sunday, February 7

Now that we’re in February, the reality that I’m moving to Maine in April feels closer than ever. I’ve already found someone who might be potentially interested in subletting, and I’ve also started amping up my job search.

Aside from doing adult-y things, however, I finally had a weekend that made me feel like a normal twenty-one year-old. My roommate and I enjoyed a few drinks and had a rather embarrassing early 2000s dance party in our living room (just the two of us,) which included jumping off of the ottoman and attempting somersaults on the floor, and then I had some other ∼company∽ later that night, and didn’t end up going to bed until 4am. It was nice to not think about unemployment, or Starbucks, or taxes, or moving for a few hours and just have fun with my friends.

However, it’s back to work tomorrow and now I’m trying to get back into my groove of pulling my life together. I already applied for unemployment benefits (woo, $28,) and I’ve applied for a few more remote jobs as well. So things are slowly making progress, just not at the rate that I’d like.

Besides trying to keep my head above water financially, I’ve also been devoting a lot of my time to ✨craaaafts.✨ I’ve been making a lot of soap this week, including coconut spice cake and blueberry soap, and candles that smell like caramel lattes. Candle making may or may not have wrecked my measuring cup. 10/10 would do again, though.

In other news, the rats are doing well. Susie is very active and loves to run up and down my arms/head. Jenna is still very timid, but that’s to be expected from a poorly-bred feeder rat. Like I’ve said before, as long as she’s healthy and comfortable, it’s okay if she never feels affectionate towards me. All I care about is that she’s safe and in a better place.

Anyway, I haven’t eaten much yet today, so I’m going to go make some brunch and then try to finish up some articles I’ve been working on. I have a new movie review coming up this month, so keep your eyes out for that!

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