Cheap Wine, Nostalgia, and Bowling in My Living Room: Sarah’s Weekly Newsletter

Monday, February 15

I wasn’t scheduled to work this Monday, which means I have now had the past four days off. It seriously feels like I’m on vacation. If I wasn’t receiving unemployment benefits to compensate for the drop in hours I’ve experienced due to covid, I would probably be extremely upset to have all this time off. However, because there isn’t really much I can do about it (besides claiming benefits and continuing to apply for jobs,) I sort of just have to roll with it and look on the bright side.

I am very very tired and very very happy.

You’d think that having four days off in a row would mean I would be very productive and get so many things done, but that (sort of) wasn’t the case. I did get some things done- I filed my taxes, I applied for a couple of jobs and completed a virtual interview, and I did some apartment hunting, but besides that, it has been a very typical 21-year-old weekend for me, and I feel like I really needed that.

I had a date over on Friday, and my roommate also had a date over on Friday, and then her date and my date actually ended up vibing really well and becoming two bros in a peapod, which led to the four of us staying up all night and hanging out. We drank cheap wine, we made a makeshift bowling alley in my hallway and bowled with shampoo bottles. It was sufficiently awesome and although I was astronomically exhausted the next day, it was probably the most fun I’ve had in awhile. 

Saturday was my physical recovery day (I got little done besides sleeping,) and then he came over again yesterday, and we ate strawberries and watched Netflix until two in the morning. So it probably goes without saying that I am sufficiently worn out and sleepy. I don’t kiss and tell, so that’s all the information I will leave you with.

I’m only living in Boston for another month and a half, so I’m glad that I’m at least going out on a positive note and bringing happy memories of Boston with me. I’ve always felt like Boston was a very angry, tired, expensive, ugly city, and although I appreciate the memories I have here, I can’t wait to move on to better things and meet new people.

There are so many little things I will miss about Boston- like the train rolling by my bedroom every day and night, or my morning Allston walks to Starbucks for a triple espresso latte, and of course, all of the wonderful people I have met. There are so many fascinating people in Boston; musicians, artists, actors. I’m so excited to see what (and who) is next in store for me.

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