I Finally Got a Job Offer

After sixteen months of searching, applying, hoping, interviewing, and a *lot* of anxiety and tears, I am so excited to share that I finally received a job offer for a real, “adult” job. In fact, my first “adult” job since graduating college! I say “adult” in quotes because although I have been working since graduating in 2020, they have been a jumble minimum-wage, part-time, unsatisfying work opportunities. I worked at Starbucks for about a year, but grew exhausted from it quickly, and was very unhappy in my work environment, as you can tell from reading older posts. I quit in July and have been working two jobs since then; I work as a hostess as a restaurant and at the front desk of a massage therapy studio. Both jobs are perfectly fine (I actually love my front desk job and plan on sticking around a few hours a week!), but through this entire experience, I have been actively and tirelessly looking for a job that is more aligned with my education and my interests. From my senior year of college to now, I have applied for well over two hundred jobs, and gotten maybe a handful of interviews in return. And within that handful, there have been pyramid schemes (I see you, Cutco), sketchy business reviews, and other valid reasons to decline. Long story short, it’s been a very painful and stressful experience to get here, and a lot of feeling like nobody is giving me a chance to show what I have to offer. However, that is about to change! I was offered a full-time position at a psychiatric hospital in Boston, where I will be working as an MHT (or mental health technician.) This is going to be a very hands-on experience for me, as I will be working directly in the wards with the RNs and helping directly with assisting the patients with their needs, on top of handling paperwork, treatment plans, etc. It’s going to be extremely intense, and I am going to need to go through weeks of training to learn how to protect myself from “assaultive” patients. The man interviewing me was even like, “Hey, are you sure you want to do this?”

And honestly, I do wholeheartedly.

I’m pursuing a Masters in Education so that I can have the credentials and knowledge to work with challenging communities, such as youth with trauma, substance abuse disorder, behavioral problems, etc. I’ve always been passionate about childhood development and working with neuroatypical children, misunderstood children, children who need to be looked after, etc. Working in a psychiatric hospital with troubled youth isn’t something that everybody can handle, emotionally and physically, but it’s something that I can handle. And that’s the beauty of the world- you don’t have to learn how to do everything. I don’t have to learn how to build computers and practice Chinese medicine and coach a volleyball team; people take care of those things for me, just as I take care of services that other people can’t do. I am happy to donate my time and energy to serving other people, because I want to, no matter how tiring, painful, or scary it may be at times. I am lucky to be someone who has (almost) unlimited patience, a thick skin, and an ability to detach emotionally and not take things personally. Not everybody can do those things. Just like I could never be a woodworker like my father, or an engineer like my brother. I doubt either if them could do the work I will be doing.

I almost teared up with happiness when the head of HR told me it would be “an injustice” not to have me at the hospital, and that it’s time to go out and by some scrubs. I am excited for the opportunities that this starting career will open up for me; including tuition reimbursement and RN scholarships. I am excited to put this job on my resume and proudly say to my future employers, “Yes, I worked there. And now, I’m ready for anything.”

I’m excited to have a REAL, STABLE income! I’m excited to buy eggs and bread whenever I want, so I don’t have to have sleep for breakfast or visit the Brookline food pantry. I’m relieved that I will no longer have to ask my friends and family for loans to help me pay my bills. I am ready for another foot in the door of adulthood.

Will it be hard? Hell yes it will! I am going to be working 32 hours at the hospital, on top of being a full-time grad student, and continuing to work part time at my massage therapy office (which is actually a very relaxing environment, and one I think I will need.) However, with all of that being said, I think I am actually going to be less stressed this fall than I am currently. I am going to have a lot on my plate, but at least I won’t be worrying about basic necessities, like paying for food and laundry and bus tickets.

I could cry from relief and gratitude right now. Thank you, universe. ✰

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