More Plant Based Pinterest Food Faves

New year, same Pinterest recipe antics!

2021 was apparently the year of the avocado for me. And evidently, the year of the bread. However, given the circumstances of me working two jobs while supporting myself through a masters degree, I’m actually pretty happy with how well I have been eating. I am definitely a comfort food fan, so I give big ups to Pinterest for helping me to make these comfort-food-fixes a bit more nutritious.

Like many people, bread is one of my biggest weekly shopping staples. I prefer to freeze my loaves so that they stay fresh longer, and then de-thaw the pieces as I need them. On the mornings when I have some time to cook at home, I’ve been loving making an egg sandwich with a generous helping of avocado, vegan mayo, and plant-based bacon. I try to limit the amount of processed plant-based protein I incorporate into my dishes, but gosh, the Morning Star “facon” is so divine. Especially topped with some black pepper and pink Himalayan salt, this breakfast sandwich will keep me full for hours.

Alternatively, I like to put a spin on this sandwich and turn it into a plant-based BLT. Instead of topping the sandwich with an egg, I swap it out for some generous helpings of lettuce and tomato, as the name would suggest. Even though I’m vegetarian and not vegan, I still prefer the taste vegan mayo and always opt for that instead. And, of course, I always go ham on that avocado. For other funky fresh variations on the vegan BLT, check out these recipes by the Minimalist Baker and Yup, It’s Vegan.

Lastly but certainly not least, I tried my hand at this absolutely delectable one-pot capers pasta by Food My Muse. I loved this recipe because it was simple, it didn’t require scads of ingredients to make, and because it was a one-pot recipe, there wasn’t an obscene amount of dishes to wash up, either. The cheese, although extremely flavorful, was not overwhelming and did not make me feel completely disgusting after I finished eating. I loved the touch of basil on top, but next time, I think I’d like to throw in some spinach as well. This recipe definitely kept me well fed at work for at least a week, and it microwaved well.

Let me know what recipes you’ve tried yourself and what you’d like to see me cook next!

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