My Pandemic Self Care Regimen

As I’m sure many of you can agree, 2020-present has seriously been a force to be reckoned with. Especially for other folks in their twenties who are just barely emerging into adulthood, it can feel so unbearable at times to balance work, school, my social life, my chores and adult commitments, and then have time for myself leftover. That being said, I am the first to admit I am in a very privileged position despite my stressors. I am fortunate to have. a job, a roof over my head, food in my kitchen, and a strong support system in my life. I know not everybody has those things, and it is in part because of those things that I am able to afford most of these luxurious.

With that being said, I wanted to talk to you guys about some of the things that have been helping me to feel better about myself and better in my own body during these stressful times. Hopefully, you will be able to draw some inspiration from what has been working for me and find some new ways to spruce up your own life!

Skincare + oral care. Something I have found great peace and comfort in these past few years is having a routine. For you, that may be taking a daily walk and getting the same coffee order every morning from your favorite cafe. For me, that’s dedicating ample time day and night to completing my skincare routine. Twice a day, I cleanse, tone, apply eye cream, and moisturize my face. Twice a week or so, I will also go in with a soothing, non-drying facial mask to rejuvenate my skin. Even on my days where I don’t feel productive enough to study for hours, or perform my best at work, I can usually muster up enough motivation to wash my face or brush my teeth. Sometimes, that’s all you can do to get through the day. And you know what? That’s okay. Taking time for yourself and honoring your body and your beauty is something I think we all can and should benefit from.

Bullet journaling. On trend with the routine regimen, I have really been enjoying tracking my habits in a bullet journal. I record things such as my sleep, my general mood, and whatever other healthy habits I managed to keep up that day. Seeing my progress on paper really gives me a vital burst to continue pushing and striving for better. Additionally, it is an activity that requires a lot of patience and creativity, if you’re someone like me who enjoys copying fancy fonts and page ideas from Pinterest.

Nutrition + supplements. From someone who has efficiently exhausted the excuse “I don’t have enough time to meal prep,” I have decided that 2022 is going to be my year of eating better and diverting more energy into what I put in my body. For example, I am someone who often has to wake up early (around 5:30AM) for day shifts at my job. Instead of grabbing an iced latte and a breakfast sandwich at Dunkin before running to catch the bus, I have started making caffeinated protein shakes ahead of time. For one thing, it’s hugely cost effective. For another thing, I can knock out breakfast and coffee in one drink! Of course, I do still occasionally love to treat myself to an iced oat milk latte every once in a blue moon, but the key word there is TREAT. My protein shake recipe is 6oz cold brew concentrate, 10oz oat milk, a scoop of protein powder, and then a fun lil bonus addition: like a dash of cinnamon, or a few drops of vanilla extract. Also- please take your probiotics.

Self pleasure. I feel like this is probably self explanatory: Have good sex this year. Or, if you’re not up for mingling in the Age of Omicron, invest in some high-quality toys.

Lastly, sleep. Even though I love to grind and (probably) work harder than I should, I never deny myself the luxury of a full eight hours of sleep. And, on the days that I’m off from both my jobs, I aim for ten. I believe that with a consistent routine and the addition of things that make you feel pampered, sleep can go from a basic daily function to a luxurious, beautiful, self-loving time for you to get stress-free and cozy. For me, that’s using super fragranced scent boosters on my sheets and pillowcases so they always smell fresh, turning on my air purifier to prevent waking up with pesky allergies, and layering on my favorite lotions. For you, a healthy sleep routine may look completely different. Do you like to listen to a favorite genre of music before bed? Or read a favorite book? Whatever it is that helps you wind down, don’t ever doubt the importance of a strong sleep schedule.

That’s pretty much all I have for today. On that last note, I actually am going to start my bedtime routine soon (5:30AM comes early!). I hope you all have a great week ahead, and I hope these tips helped to spark some inspo for you during these trying times.

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