Black Owned Business Product Haul

With the holidays now behind us, I am starting to slowly get the influx of products I purchased over Christmas in the mail. Now that I’m making decent money and have a higher disposable income, I have finally been able to shop from some of the businesses I’ve had my eye on for months (if not years.) This holiday season, I took it upon myself to spurge on some feel-good products for my body and home. Here are all of the products from black-owned businesses I’ve been trying and loving so far:

Coffee Shop Candle | Chanelle Novosey | $18

We all know by now that I am a candle hoarder. My desk, nightstand, and dresser are all filled to the brim with candles, and I find great satisfaction in picking which ones to light up on an evening in. More specifically, I enjoy warm fall and winter scents, such as pumpkins, coffee, pine, sandalwood, etc. This coffee candle is the perfect combination of sweet yet subtle, and the burn time on them is SO LONG. This candle shop was recommended to me by a friend who ordered from Chanelle a couple of years back, and I’m so happy that I finally jumped on the bandwagon. It’s also not too overpowering, which I was initially concerned about with a scent as strong and pronounced as coffee. Rather than being too invigorating, this scent is actually quite relaxing and tame. I’m definitely going to send my dad, who loves candles, one of these goodies after the next restock.

Extra Strong Goddess Wash + Peppermint Yoni Wash | mariilux | $21-23

Mariilux actually came into my plane of existence after coming across it on an Instagram ad, and I have to say, I am so happy I clicked on it. Ladies, the endless five star reviews do not lie: these products are the real deal. Her yoni washes can help keep away BV and yeast infections, prevent itchiness, and balance the pH of your lower regions. Also, both of these scents smell absolutely incredible. I know the Extra Strong Goddess wash is her big, #1 seller, but I have to say, I’m actually even more in love with the peppermint wash. It definitely has that minty freshness to it, but there’s also a touch of earthiness that I find empowering and invigorating. After a long day of working at both my jobs, or in preparation for a *cough* appointment, I love to hop in the shower and suds up with one of these washes. She has a few other products on her site as well, so I’ll have to give those a go too once she restocks the site.

The Blushed Rose Eyeshadow Palette | Juvia’s Place | $14

Oh, Juvia’s Place, how I will forever hold a soft spot in my heart for you. Even as my makeup routine and product preferences continue to change with the pandemic, I still find myself reaching for my much-loved JP products and purchasing their new releases. We all know by now I love a warm-toned, shimmery, pinky moment, so it’s no surprise this is the palette I opted for. And for only $14, this level of pigment and blend ability is a STEAL.

Blush Duo Vol 2 | Juvia’s Place | $15

Couldn’t miss out on a pinky blush moment, either. I will say, these blushes are VERY pigmented, so a little goes a long way. I haven’t been able to do many blush looks lately since I always have an N95 strapped to my face, but I am looking forward to powdering my face to the glowing gods once the coronavirus finally slows down. (If it ever slows down. I’m honestly not even looking that far ahead anymore.)

Happy shopping y’all!

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