Sarah Desroche

I am a twenty-two year-old college grad based in the Boston area. As a Digital Media + Social Justice major, spreading inspiration and positivity is extremely important to me. When I'm not reading, writing, or blogging, I enjoy cooking delicious vegetarian meals and binge-watching crime shows on Netflix. Thanks for stopping by!

A Day in the Life of a Mental Hospital Technician

If you had told me even a year ago that I would be working in a mental hospital, I probably would not have believed you. Even in the modern age, mental health remains a very stigmatized issue, and it’s true that mental hospitals can sometimes be very scary places. However, psychiatric care facilities (the proper […]


Thank you for 100,000 Views

Happy (almost Halloween!) I hope you’re all staying well and healthy as we continue to take unexpected turns and make strides in this pandemic. Have you gotten your booster shots yet? I’m probably due for one soon, as a healthcare worker, but I don’t have any concrete plans at the moment. I’m actually just getting […]


The New Normal

I’ve been extraordinarily busy the past couple of weeks, as I continue to go through a transitional period of being and adulting. As I mentioned before, I’ve been sort of carousel-ing through different jobs since graduating with my Bachelor’s degree, but I think things are finally starting to settle down and feel more concrete. I […]


I Finally Got a Job Offer

After sixteen months of searching, applying, hoping, interviewing, and a *lot* of anxiety and tears, I am so excited to share that I finally received a job offer for a real, “adult” job. In fact, my first “adult” job since graduating college! I say “adult” in quotes because although I have been working since graduating […]


What I’m Eating These Days

December will mark four years for me as a vegetarian, but honestly, it has felt so much longer than that. I really don’t remember a life before tofurkey and beans, and although it can be challenging to eat at restaurants sometimes, becoming vegetarian is a personal decision I am very happy with. It has enabled […]