It’s officially fall, which means it’s now my favorite season! This particular fall already feels so much different than past ones, as this is essentially the first October I’m spending not being in school. It’s very surreal to see the leaves changing and feeling the weather getting colder, but knowing that I’m not going back to school because…there’s no school left to go back to.

Anyhow, this fall also feels a bit different because I’m focused more on buying clothes that are comfortable and appropriate for work, rather than outfits that I think are cute for class. I’ve certainly been buying a lot of cozy sweaters, and I noticed they all fall into a similar color story, so you’ll probably notice a similar theme in this lookbook. 

Let’s start off with the color palette I’ve been loving so far. I’ve always been really drawn to pastels, particularly pinks and yellows, no matter what the season. I can also pretty much only wear neutral tones to work, so that’s why several of the tops I pick out are either white or gray. I like colors that can pair easily with denim or yoga pants, so shades of white, cream, and beige are usually a pretty safe bet. I also tend to stick mostly with cottons rather than wools, as I find wearing wool to be extremely repulsive and uncomfortable.

As you can tell, I’ve been OBSESSED with my overalls and I try to wear them at least three times a week. For one thing, they’re extremely comfortable and perfect for working in a coffee shop. I love that I don’t have to constantly hike up my pants while wearing these! I also love that they serve as a perfect transitional piece for a fall in New England- you can wear them with a short-sleeved top in the summer, and then, as the weather starts to cool down, you can transition to overalls and sweaters (as I’ve been doing frequently.) I truly believe everyone, regardless of gender, needs a pair of overalls in their closet.

Like I said, I’ve been really loving sweet, feminine pastels, such as with my color gradient sweater I picked up a couple of years ago, and the super-soft tie dye hoodie I found for 40% off at Aerie last month. I’ve been wearing both of those items constantly this fall, particularly the hoodie down at the cape last weekend. As you can probably guess, I like to purchase things that are versatile and have a multi-purposeful use. This hoodie doubles as both my pajamas and my lazy-day slip-on, and additionally, as something for my boyfriend to occasionally sneak from my closet. If you don’t have a good, everyday hoodie yet, fall 2020 is the time to invest in one. I think we could all use a big, cozy hug from a soft hoodie right now. 

Going back to neutrals and clothing items that can be easily mixed and matched, I’ve been enjoying layering my outfits this month. New England especially is known for its rapidly-changing weather; it could be 30 degrees in the morning and up to 75 by the time I’m leaving work at 3pm. With that being said, I’ve been wearing a lot of neutral cardigans that can easily dress up or dress down an outfit, depending on how the weather evolves throughout the day. 

I’ve never been huge on prints, but horizontal stripes have always vibed really well with me. If you peep some of my older lookbooks you’ll notice horizontal stripes make quite a few appearances! I think it’s just a classy, universally flattering pattern for everyone, and particularly in the fall, I’ve noticed that stripes in general seem to be very trendy.

That’s pretty much where my style has been going these past couple of months! It honestly hasn’t been a very far departure from my summer style- perhaps just a bit more bundled up and cozy. The spark notes of this lookbook are basically bulky, cotton knits in a variety of pastel and neutral colors, and lots of denim to match. What have you guys been loving so far this fall? Do you keep up with popular trends, or do you travel to the beat of your own drum? Let me know down below!

Now that I am making tips at work and my income is steady, I’m happy that I’ve been able to make a few fall purchases here and there. If I am going to make any sort of purchase, especially if it’s something on myself, I try to stick with things that I know I will keep and take care of for as long as possible. With that being said, let’s hope I’ll get a good, long use out of all of these new purchases! 

Quilted Bedding | Target

I’ve been using white bedding for a while now, and while I like it in theory, it’s not as nice anymore when you realize it looks SO dirty so fast. Literally two days after I washed my white bedding, it would already be covered in lint and dirt and look just as unkempt as it did before. A lot of the bedding/bedroom setups I’m drawn to on Pinterest are yellows and burnt oranges, so when I decided to purchase some new bedding, that’s the color scheme I opted for. I would have ideally wanted a set that came with pillowcases as well, but I couldn’t find a set in my size, so I just opted for the quilt instead. I like it because it’s not too heavy, it’s extremely easy to wash, and so far, it’s been holding up nicely! Definitely a pricey purchase, but also worth it. 

Plaid Scarf | Target

I saw this scarf during the same shopping trip as the bedding, and seeing how it was only 5 bucks, it didn’t take long for me to decide to buy it. I like this style of scarf because it can be worn as both a shawl or a regular neck scarf, and since I’m living on a budget, there’s nothing I love more than a two-in-one! I’m looking forward to keeping warm with this all season long (and for many seasons to come,) even if I already have a mask to cover the lower half of my face.

Denim Overalls | Gap

This was actually purchased for me by my lovely mother (who has a matching pair, might I add,) but I’m still going to add it to my list of new fall additions. As far as I know, I’ve never owned a pair of overalls before now, and I am totally in love with them. Even better, I’m allowed to wear them to work at Starbucks because they fit the dress code! I’m so excited to wear these out as long as I can- hopefully for many years to come. I love clothing that is functional, comfortable, and of course, very cute. 

Pastel Tie Dye Hoodie | Aerie

Fall is the ultimate hoodie season, so I’m making sure I’m well-stocked in that department this October. Aerie was having a 40% sale on all their hoodies, and since this one looked extremely soft and pretty, I ultimately decided to buy it as a little treat for myself at the mall. Nathaniel has also been loving this hoodie, and according to my friends at college, he’s even been seen sporting it around campus. I can’t say I blame him- it really is a great hoodie!

Grateful Dead Hoodie | Urban Outfitters

Speaking of hoodies I’ve been sharing with Nathaniel, we’ve both been loving this super huge, cozy, Grateful Dead sweater I bought with my tip money last week. I normally don’t really shop at Urban because it’s so expensive, but they do have a great selection of Grateful Dead merch, and I knew I would get a great use out of this hoodie. It also now holds sentimental memories for me, as I brought it with me to a family wedding last weekend and wore it while we all sat around the fire. I think cozy, big hoodies are always a good purchase, so I can’t say I regret purchasing it. 

That’s pretty much everything I’ve been loving this fall, from my wardrobe to my bedding! I love everything, but I think I’m especially living for the overalls and the Grateful Dead hoodie. Let me know what you guys are excited about this fall in the comments below!

It’s no secret that fall is my favorite season, so I’m ∼super excited∼ to be putting together a fall mood board. For context, these aren’t items that I actually own, but they are totally fitting my vibe and my aesthetic for the fall season! And maybe once I have some disposable income this fall, I can treat myself to a few new sweaters and neutral staple pieces.

First off, I’ve never owned a pair of dark-wash jeans, but my boyfriend wears them quite often and I think they look so vintage and stylish. Particularly with the cuffs rolled up like in the picture, I think some high-waisted dark jeans would be super flattering and essential for the fall. They’re also a great transition piece into the winter, and would pair well with an ugly holiday sweater or a leather jacket. 

I found a couple of pairs of shoes that I liked while I was browsing Pinterest, particularly these chunky, super-high mini boots. I love a good heel with a funky twist, and these shoes look absolutely perfect for fall. They also look pretty comfortable to me; I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve always found booties with a thick platform to be easy to wear, compared to something like a stiletto or a pump. And of course, black is a great universal neutral color, particularly for the colder months, too.

I’ve mentioned in my “least favorite trends” article that I’m not crazy about hats, but I do think they can be pulled off with the right styling and hat shape. I really love this hat and I’ve seen a lot of indie girls wearing it on Instagram with fall sweaters- particularly gothic girls in the darker subcultures. I could see myself wearing a hat like this with a chunky sweater and some knee-high boots, sipping my pumpkin spice latte as I listen to The Smiths. Again, I think choosing a neutral color like black or beige would be the way to go with a statement piece like this. 

So, do these super-high boots scream Ariana Grande or what? I would have never gone for something like these in the past, but I just think they would look so sexy and cozy with a loose, baggy sweater dress (like the one in the middle row on the far right.) Particularly for curvier girls like myself, I think this shape of boot is a great way to extend my figure and make my legs look longer and slinkier than they actually are. I’m not sure how well these boots actually stay up in practical application, but I’d be willing to give it a try. Unfortunately, every pair of boots I’ve found online in this style have been really expensive. 

I LOVE a good baggy sweater, particularly one that’s a warm shade of beige, yellow, or brown. I like to stay within a particular color scheme when I am making mood boards, and I felt like these two burnt orange/yellow sweaters really complimented the neutral accessories nicely. Also, can we talk about this star-patterned sweater on the bottom left? I was drawn to it immediately because it makes me think of Coraline– one of my favorite movies to watch around Halloween. I also think stars are a safe way to incorporate patterns into a stylish outfit, particularly if you’re someone like me who’s generally afraid of prints or how to use them. 

Those are all of the clothing elements that stood out to me this season. As you can see, the clothes I’m interested in are very heavy on neutrals and warm-toned shades, such as burnt oranges, mustard yellows, and browns. I’m excited to corporate some of these elements into my closet on my next clothing excursion, which will probably be via TJ Maxx or ThredUp, and combine these new pieces with clothes I already have in my closet, too! You guys know I’m the queen of burnt oranges and yellows, so that shouldn’t be too hard. Keep an eye out for my fall lookbook, which should be coming out some time in early October!

This was actually harder than I thought it would be to write, because there genuinely aren’t that many trends that I dislike. And even if I do find a trend I don’t like, I have a hard time dissing it because I genuinely don’t want to step on anybody else’s vibe. Even if I don’t like something, it’s not my place to shit on it, you know?

Anyway, after scouring my instagram feed and the internet for a little while, I did find some trends that I’m not the biggest fan of. Again, if you want to rock any of these things, I promise I’m not trying to put down your style. They’re personally just not for me, and this is all in good fun!

Square-toed heels

Square Toe Strappy High Heel Sandals |
Image Source: Bey Azura

I’ve never been a fan of square-toed heels, to be honest. There’s just something about them that makes me think of colonial men and founding fathers. I also don’t understand the appeal of making your feet look more…boxy? Like, when I’m trying to dress my feet, the last thing I want to do is make them look more square. I’d pick a pointed-toe over a square toe shoe any day. I personally think pointed or rounded shoes just look so much more elegant and refined- what do you guys think?

Bucket hats

Bucket Hat Trend for Summer: Shop
Why do people want their heads to look so big?? Image Source:

I actually don’t really have a problem with bucket hats- I’m just not a huge hat person in general, and bucket hats are REALLY trending right now. I understand it goes with the whole Billie Eilish, Gen Z tomboy-aesthetic, but for me personally, whenever I wear a bucket hat I feel like a 4 year-old boy. If I am going to wear a hat, it’s going to be a beanie or a baseball cap, or something else more form-fitting and indie. There’s just something about that damn hexagon hat that I don’t vibe around with, thank you for coming to my TED talk. 

Pink & orange

Sydne Summer wears the Beyonce pink and orange colorblock trend ...
I’m sorry, I just hate it. Image source: Sydne Style

Pink and orange is apparently a trending color combo right now, and I have to say, I’m not a fan. I am definitely a more fall-toned and jewel-toned kind of gal: burnt oranges, dark grays, etc., so bright pink and orange is just not a color combo I’m drawn to. It makes me think of Bikini Bottom and kitschy summer aesthetics, and I honestly just don’t think it looks flattering on everybody. Then again, I literally wish it was autumn year-round, so maybe I shouldn’t be allowed to have an opinion on what summery colors are “in” at the moment?


Am I Seriously Considering Getting A Mullet In 2020?
I love you David Bowie, but it’s gonna be a no from me dawg. Picture source: Elle

Let me defend myself by saying I think all of these women are absolutely stunning, I just really hate the mullet trend. First of all, I feel like a mullet isn’t a practical hairstyle to have long-term. What does it look like when you let it grow out- is your hair just really full and luscious on the top, and stringy on the bottom half? I have so many questions about the logistics of the mullet.

Polo shirts

Be inspired by the latest catwalk inspired womenswear collections ...
I will say, I like the color scheme of this outfit. Picture source: Pinterest

There’s nothing I can say about this one that’s worth trying to justify, I just flat-out think polo shirts are ugly. Maybe it’s because I associate them with being in middle school, but I truly just do not think they are flattering or fashionable AT ALL. I cannot think of a single person on this entire earth who I think could pull off a polo shirt. They look ugly on everybody. Case closed. 

Well, that felt awkward to write. Like I said, I really don’t like ragging on anybody else’s personal style, but these are the trends so far in 2020 that I just can’t see myself giving into. Do we share any opinions? Do you disagree with any of these? Let me know in the comments!

I look forward to writing these Monthly Favorite articles every month, and I love to read other bloggers’ favorite things as well! It’s a great way to find some new hobbies, interests, and inspirations. Here’s everything I’ve been loving so far this summer. 

Lifestyle | Tie-Dying Literally Everything 

I talked about tie dye in my June Monthly Favorites, and guess what? I’m still obsessed with it. For one thing, doing your own tie-dye crafts is so easy and fun. A few weeks ago, I went totally nuts and essentially tie-dyed every white thing in my room, including two shirts and two pillowcases. I love the semi-pastel hues that they turned out, and considering I’d never actually tie-dyed before, I think the pattern came out decently as well. In regards to other tie-dye clothes I’m wearing, I also really love this dress I ordered online. Great for both sleeping and dragging myself to Starbucks in 90 degree weather for a midday coffee!

TV & Movies | 100% Hotter

5 Star returns to 100% Hotter - News - Naked

There’s nothing I love more than watching absolute trash on TV when I get home from work. The last few months, my comfort fix has been 100% Hotter, a cheesy makeunder show that you can find on Netflix. I think that transformation reality shows are an iffy concept in general, because why should someone change the way they look if it makes them happy, but this show is especially cringe and cookie-cutter. The best part is, 80% of the time, the contestants look better before their makeover rather than after. The makeup part of the makeover is usually pretty good, but the hair and the clothing styling is always SO hit or miss. Anyway, I highly recommend watching this show if you need some new entertainment. 

Fashion | Biker Shorts

If I had a larger disposable income, I just need you to know that I would buy dozens of pairs of biker shorts. I simply just love them enormously and find them so functional, comfortable, and stylish for the warmer months. Do you want to get a workout done and still feel comfortable while you run errands later, all at the same time? Buy yourself a pair of biker shorts. I currently only have one pair in black, but like I said, I would really love to expand my collection. They’re also really easy to find both online and in stores like Target, Old Navy, etc!

Entertainment | Bailey Sarian

🌙 Getting Scammed... again - GRWM + Mauve Makeup Pageant Girl ...

I was scrolling through Facebook one fine morning when a clip of Bailey Sarian appeared in my feed, and since then, I’ve just been totally hooked on her content. She makes beauty/makeup content on YouTube (thus making her a beautuber, of course,) but her spin on it is that she also talks about a true crime story while she does it. It’s a fun time, it’s interesting, and you get to learn about makeup all at the same time. I love putting on her videos and listening along while I do my own makeup; it feels like Bailey is my friend and we’re sitting down together to have gal time while we get ready. I recently found out that my mom and stepdad also watch Bailey, which I think is absolutely adorable. 

Health & Beauty | Wigs

While I’m waiting for my extremely damaged and gross-colored hair to grow out, I’ve been having a ton of fun playing around with wigs this summer! Right now I currently own two wigs, a curly ombre one and a straight black one, but I’d love to purchase a dusty pink one as well. It’s just such an easy way to switch up your look without worrying about damaging your own hair, and the possibilities for styling them are endless. The only thing I’m struggling with is learning how to keep them untangled and clean, so if you guys have any suggestions, drop them down below!

Music | Grimes

TEST SPIN | Grimes — 'Miss Anthropocene' | The Cornell Daily Sun

Okay, I know Grimes is “socially problematic” and a lot of people hate her. You don’t have to remind me. But there’s just something about her that I find so endearing and refreshing. She reminds me a lot of myself, for example, with her simultaneously deep-thinking ways and cute, quirky external personality. Every time I watch a video of Grimes talking about her life and her thoughts, I think to myself, “Wow, this human is literally me.” I really love her music as well, of course, including some of the tracks off her newest album, Miss Anthropocene. In particular, my go-to song right now is “IDORU;” it’s so fresh, light, and full of sweet emotions. And no, I am not a fan of Elon Musk in any way, but I like to dissociate him from Grimes’ art and music and try to appreciate her singularly for what (and who) she is. 

Anyway, those are all my monthly favorites for July! Sorry this was a bit behind, I’m going to schedule it so that the date appears on the day it was supposed to be published. Let me know if we share any favorites this month!

Summer 2020 is officially here, and although it’s not looking as bright and cheery as many of us were expecting, I still have hope that this can be a fun summer. I’m personally not a huge summer person because I dislike the heat, so summertime to me is more about staying comfortable than it is about staying stylish.

With that being said, a lot of the clothes I’ve picked up for summer 2020 are exactly that: durable, comfortable, and safe to get messy. Buck and I are taking a trip up to Maine in a couple of weeks, so these are the staples I’m bringing up with me for a week of dirt, lake water, and campfires.


As y’all know, I am HUGE into thrifting, so it probably comes as no surprise that almost everything here is either secondhand or consignment. Starting from the top left, the peach beaded top is a gorgeous chiffon little piece that my housemate got at The Garment District. She didn’t realize it had sleeves (and yeah, it’s hard to tell,) so she decided to let me have it instead of returning it to the store. I probably would have never picked it out for myself, but I actually really love it. It has that 70s vibe I’ve been really loving lately, and it looks so cute with a pair of bell-bottom jeans and some chunky wedges. This top will be perfect for going to sit-down restaurants and other events that may require more formality than a tye-dye shirt.

Speaking of, I’ve been SO into tye-dye lately. I was bored at home a couple of weeks ago, so I decided to bleach tye-dye some dark t-shirts I’ve had sitting in my closet. The first one I bleached was the Led Zeppelin shirt, which was a hand-me-down from my brother. I think I might have bleached it a bit too intensely, but I still really like it and I’ve been wearing it around the house frequently. I really love the way the top right one came out- I think the pattern is very interesting, and the shirt is baggy and perfect for humid summer days. Moving onto real tye-dye, get a load of that Wisconsin Tye Dyes shirt I picked up at The Garment District. It’s kind of hard to see, but it says “Grateful I’m Not Dead” with a picture of a skull in the top right corner. I freaked out when Erin spotted this on the tye dye rack, and honestly, it’s possibly my favorite purchase to date. Buck has also been loving it, and since I’ve let him borrow it, he’s hardly taken it off. So that was a great steal, and I don’t see myself ever getting rid of that t-shirt. 

For something a bit more formal and feminine, I was so thrilled to come across this thrifted Modcloth dress, also from The Garment District. What I love most about this dress is that it has the same colors as The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds album- white, yellow, and green. I can already see myself going for strolls around North Conway and picnicking with Buck in this little number. It’s so cute and lightweight, making it perfect for the summertime, and I also think it’s just such a unique piece. It really symbolizes a lot of joy for me. 

As for other staples, I’m still on my scrunchie kick, and I’ve also been wearing this beanie a lot on the days that I don’t feel like fussing with my hair. The humidity really makes my hair get dry and puffy, so most days, I’ll either throw on the hat or toss my hair up into a scrunchie. The pink shoes are not thrifted; they were actually a gift from my mother. However, they are Rothy’s, which is an extremely ethical shoe brand that manufactures their products from recycled plastic bottles. The shoes are really durable and comfortable, and if you do get them dirty, you can just machine wash them with the rest of your clothes. I have another pair of Rothy’s in the color red, and I wear them constantly around the house. If you’re looking for a really durable flat, I highly recommend this brand.

Lastly but certainly not least, I have been LIVING in my thrifted Bugle Boy Co. shorts. I mean, come on, look at them. They’re fabulous. They’re so strong and perfect for day-to-day life, and they pair great with every single shirt in this picture. They do make my ass look about eight miles wide, so I try to get some of my waist back by pairing it with this thrifted Lucky Brand belt. Honestly, though, I have no complaints about how baggy they are. They certainly reduce the amount of times I get catcalled in the city, so thanks, Bugle Boy!

Anyway, those are all of the new additions to my closet that I’ve been loving this summer. I’ve been feeling so comfortable and groovy in these lovely items, and I’m really looking forward to wearing them out all summer. And as always, shoutout to The Garment District in Cambridge for always having an amazing selection of thrifted items!

Summer 2020 is going to be an odd one, isn’t it? It’s very possible that we’ll have to forgo beach days and shopping excursions, but that doesn’t mean a girl can’t dream about what her summer could have looked like. I personally don’t even own any summer clothes at the moment, so after I get a job and a paycheck, you know I’m going to be ordering online until the thrift store opens again. 

Bright Outdoor Color Shots

My hair curls like crazy in the summer humidity, so I’ve been utilizing scrunchies every day since the heat started to pick up. I got a twenty pack of scrunchies on Amazon a few weeks ago, and for the price, they’re absolutely perfect and they make a great addition to every outfit! I miss my long hair right now, so throwing it up into a scrunchie really helps me to feel like I have some more length and volume going on. 

Another staple I’m going to be loving this summer is the pair of pink bow-tied Rothy’s my mom ordered for me as a graduation present. I’ve been wearing my red Rothy flats for months upon months now, and they’re honestly some of the most reliable shoes I’ve ever worn in my life. They have never shown signs of wear or tear, and they’re easy to wash as well. It will be handy to have another pair of flats in my closet, particularly a dressier pair that I can break out for special occasions. 

My makeup hasn’t really changed much since the colder months, but I will say I’ve been really loving a dewy finish lately as opposed to a very matte, blush-heavy look. I still love to lay on the blush, but even more so, I’ve been packing on the highlight to give my skin an ethereal glow. I’m going to get super sweaty from the summer heat anyway, why not make it fashion?

As for aesthetics, I’ve been really into cactus and the color orange lately (particularly floral orange prints.) I haven’t bought any new clothes or things like that yet this summer, but I do have a lot of cactus-themed things and a lot of orange things in my cart right now, ready to go. There’s just something so fun and playful about those two elements, and I love incorporating them into my lifestyle. My phone background is cactus right now, and it just makes me happy to look at.

IMG_3969 (1)

While I was mostly into brighter lipstick shades in the colder months, I’ve actually been more into muted nudes and dark, plum-y reds as of late. My favorite lipstick shades at the moment are ‘Cinnamon Churro’ by Beauty Bakerie and ‘Cathedral’ by KVD Vegan Beauty; they’re both creamy, comfortable consistencies that I find much easier to swipe on and off than liquid lipstick. Particularly in such humid weather, liquid lipstick can feel quite uncomfortable to wear on the lips. I have to say, I’m not really a huge fan of Kat Von D, but I bought this lipstick at TJ Maxx and it’s an absolutely divine color.

I hope you guys enjoyed this article and found some inspiration from it! Hopefully I’ll be able to secure a job in the next few weeks, and then I can buy some actual summer clothes (because all I have right now is sweaters and jeans.) Let me know what trends and brands you guys are loving in the comments below!

I’ve always been so fascinated in clothes, makeup, and the general idea of how style evolves over time. For that reason, today I want to review all of the fashion/beauty trends thus far in 2020. I want to cover everything from what color palettes are “in” to what textures and prints people are loving right now. Without further adieu, let’s get into it!

60s Wallpaper Prints

Your Guide to the Top Trends for Spring/Summer 2020 | Elle Canada

Of all the trends I’ve come across online, this has to be one of my favorites. I’m a huge lover of all things vintage, especially elements that are particularly feminine. Fashion in the 60s was such a time of creativity, freshness, and truly, so much joy and freedom within the newfound wave of clothing. Back when I was studying fashion in college, I remember absolutely loving learning about clothes in the 60s and how paramount this entire movement of art really was. I can’t really afford any new clothes right now, but I’d totally love to pick up some vibrantly-patterned, colorful clothes for this summer. I also love the blocky shapes of the dresses as well!

Campy, Colorful Throwbacks & E-Girl Fashion

eGirl Outfits and Aesthetic Clothing Guide | Inspirationfeed

This trend is particularly popular among the younger generations, as it draws a lot of inspiration from the early 2000s and the nostalgic, cartoonish feel of that era. I personally have been utilizing this trend myself in my own personal style: tons of blush, fake freckles, shaggy hair, and lots of pink eye makeup. I think it’s a really unique adaptation of the punk/emo movement combined with traditional Japanese fashion, and I think the elements with the look are so universally flattering as well. What do you think about this wild trend?

Bright Warm Tones and Faded Cool Tones

Looking ahead: spring 2020 fashion color trends

According to the Pantone website, top colors for the Spring/Summer 2020 are going to be bold reds, cool blues, army greens, and of course, a couple of pastels. I have to say, I actually think that this is a really gorgeous combination of colors, and totally unexpected in the best way. You normally don’t see such rich, primary colors associated with the warmer months, so I think it’s a really interesting twist on what to expect from NYFW. I’m personally loving the saffron, the coral pink, the biscay green, and the flame scarlet. In case you haven’t put two-and-two together, these colors also truly complement the 60s wallpaper trend!


9 Interesting Fashion Trends for 2020 -

To be honest, just looking at these pictures is making me itchy! I think crochet is absolutely beautiful to admire from afar, but I’m also pretty sure I’m mildly allergic to wool. Anyway, this is yet another totally unexpected trend that I didn’t see coming for 2020. I suppose it makes sense to use a warmer yet breathable fabric in the warmer transitional months, particularly since these crochet designs can be layered up or layered down easily. I also really love the intricate, boho designs of these pieces, and I see quite a bit of 60s influence as well. 

Hot Pants

hot-pants-spring-2020-fashion-trends-look6-style-details ...

You can judge me all you want, but I think this recurring hot pants trend is absolutely fabulous. For someone such as myself with a curvy profile, high-waisted shorts tend to look much more flattering than anything super low-cut. You’re definitely not going to see me sporting anything cheeky, but those black high-waisted hot pants right there? I want them on my body right now. I love these looks from 2020 runways as well, particularly since they highlight so many fun textures and intricate patterns. 2020 has really taken hot pants up a notch and transformed them from trashy to chic. 

Summer Bermuda Shorts For Women 2020 -

Bermuda Shorts

For me personally, I think Bermuda shorts are kinda hit-or-miss. Depending on the cut, fabric, and size you choose, they can either look super momish or very high-fashion. I personally love the way looser, belted Bermuda shorts look, such as in the pictures I included above. I also totally love the way the shorts look when paired with a graphic tee- it’s so sleek and casual at the same time! Just like with the crochet trend, Bermuda shorts can be a great transitional garment to incorporate into your wardrobe as the months slowly warm up. 

Two-Toned Hair

Dua Lipa Gets 'Physical' With Her 'High-Energy' Single

This style certainly isn’t for everybody, but I personally think it looks absolutely gorgeous when the right person pulls it off. For example, I could NEVER pull off Dua Lipa’s blonde and black streaks, but I think it looks absolutely stunning and so interesting on her. Definitely very 90s! I’ve also been seeing this trend pop up on my instagram feed quite a bit, particularly with colorful dye instead of traditional colors. I think it’s very youthful and creative, and I’m very curious to see how this hair trend changes over time. 

Anywho, that’s going to be it for today! What did you guys think about these trends? Would you try any of these? Let me know in the comments!

Do I have anywhere to go right now? Nope. Am I going to put together a spring lookbook anyway to pass my time in quarantine? Hell yeah.

So, it’s been a weird year so far, hasn’t it? I certainly haven’t been leaving my house to go shopping, partly because I have no income, and also because I’m not really supposed to leave unless it’s to get groceries or medication. With that being said, a lot of my items today are things I already owned or purchased a while ago, or things that I received in my spring Fab Fit Fun box (gracefully paid for as a gift by my mother.) I hope you find this article enjoyable, and it adds a bit of brightness into your day!


If you read my review of the spring Fab Fit Fun box, you probably remember me sharing all about this cozy, loose cardigan. I was shocked to see that it normally retails for $99, but it is nice. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve worn it every single day since I received the box! I love this ribbed cardigan because it’s very light and neutral, making it ideal to dress up or down a wide variety of outfits. One of my favorite things to pair with the cardigan is this white lace dress, which I wore to my high school graduation years ago. I definitely can’t afford anything else from this brand, but I’m really loving this item I received and I’m looking forward to wearing it into the warmer months! 


I’ve also been getting really into florals lately, and one of my absolute favorite dresses is this gorgeous flowery gown from Marshalls. I bought it about three years ago, but I still love wearing it every year and finding new ways to dress it up and down. One pairing I’m particularly enjoying is the dress with my favorite wedges, which I also picked up at Marshalls a while ago. If I had any sort of reason to leave my house or go to a formal event, this is exactly the outfit I would wear. Especially since my boyfriend is 6’3”, I have to rely on high heels to catch up to him!


For the days when the weather is still a bit chilly, or I just feel like being cozy, I’ve been absolutely loving this colorblocked sweater from the Salvation Army. On trend with spring, I’ve been loving pastels and soft aesthetics lately, and this sweater is perfect for the occasion. I’ve even been enjoying modeling my makeup after the color scheme of this sweater, particularly the mints and the purples. It’s really a cute, funky piece, so I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of this awesome sweater.

Peep that hand sanitizer.

For holding essentials, I’m really loving this book-themed canvas bag my mom gave me for Christmas. As you can see, it has the names of several classic novels on the side- several of which I love myself! I’ve been using this bag a lot lately, because my 1984-themed tote is literally falling apart at the seams. Maybe down the road I’ll make a What’s-In-My-Bag article; what do you guys think?


Lastly but certainly not least, this mint Grace Karin dress is the perfect combination of sweet vintage and pastel springy goodness. Considering I bought this dress on Amazon, I’m really impressed with the quality and how well it has held up over the last couple of years. I really love the Grace Karin brand, and I think they consistently put out well-made, gorgeous dresses.

Anyway, that’s my spring lookbook for 2020! I hope you found this interesting and informative. Remember to keep safe and stay inside as often as you can!

Gold Peach Brown Mood Board Photo Collage.jpg

I have to say, behind fall, spring is one of my favorite seasons. Maybe I’m a little biased because I’m a spring baby, but I absolutely love the softness, beauty, and ethereal feminine energy of springtime. It’s an important time for growth and reflection, and a reminder that change in our lives can be a beautiful thing.

This spring, I’m really embracing the combination of bright pops of color with softer, neutral tones. I’ve also already picked out some of the items in my Spring Fab Fit Fun box, so I’ve decided to incorporate those items into my mood board as well. Starting with the color palette, as I said, I’m feeling very connected to traditionally feminine colors, such as bright pinks and soft peaches. While my personal wardrobe is still very neutral and somewhat minimalist, I love adding a pop of color in my makeup. This spring is going to be all about berry lips, lots of pink blush, and lots of highlight, thanks to the Tarte Tartiest pro highlight palette.

In regards to fashion, I am receiving this fabulous ribbed sweater coat (which normally retails for $99) in my Fab Fit Fun box. I think it will pair nicely with the outfits I already have, and also, potential outfits I would like to buy in the future. I don’t really have any disposable income right now, but just for fun, these are some of the clothes I’ve been looking at on ThredUp. I like staples that are both practical and fashionable, so I was immediately drawn to these stripy flats. I also really loved this blue dress, but again, I’m not trying to spend money where I shouldn’t. Maybe when graduation gets a little bit closer, I’ll think about splurging on a nice, girly, floral dress.

For jewelry, I picked out this set of two gold necklaces in my spring box (I promise this isn’t a FFF ad), so I’m looking forward to dressing up my outfits with that. Even though I have neutral-toned skin and I can theoretically wear whatever colors I want, I’ve always leaned much more into warm-toned clothes, makeup, and jewelry- such as gold and rose gold. I’m thinking that I needed a new staple necklace anyway, because the silver one I’m currently wearing has been giving me a rash on my neck. It’s not super flattering to walk around looking like you have 5 hickies, trust me.

Anyway, that’s essentially my spring aesthetic in a nutshell! I’ve never been someone to keep up with trends, even when I was a fashion major, so I honestly have no idea what the “actual” spring colors/trends are. Nonetheless, I’m feeling really good about this season, and I’m looking forward to sharing more of my looks with you on instagram. Also, of course, I’m looking forward to reviewing my spring FFF box in the next few weeks. Updates to come!