Even though I’m no longer a fashion major in college, I still have a deep love and hobby for it. That’s why I continue to have a fashion tab on my blog, after all! Anyway, to celebrate the holiday spirit, I wanted to put together a list of winter outfit ideas today. Regardless of what you celebrate (or don’t celebrate, for that matter), I’m sure many of you are bound to be dressing up/going to parties over the next few weeks. These are my top fashion tips for looking great at all times. 


It’s hard to go wrong with an oversized sweater, especially if it has an interesting pattern, so that’s my first favorite option for a cozy winter outfit. It’s also extremely easy to dress up or dress down; I can pair my favorite sweaters with jeans if I’m going out on the town, or just yoga pants if I’m lounging around the house. For that reason, I have now amassed a lot of sweaters. My three favorites are this beautiful rainbow sweater by Lauren Conrad, this cat sweater I got on ThredUp (for very cheap, I may add), and this very cute color-blocked pastel sweater from The Salvation Army. That brings up another good point- you don’t have to spend a fortune on good-quality, warm sweaters. Many thrift stores offer a wide variety of vintage oversized sweaters, and in most cases, those are even MORE cute than the ones you can find brand-new.


I also love to wear dresses in the wintertime, which tends to surprise a lot of people. I’ve always been a fan of wearing dresses year-round, no matter what the weather is. The trick is to know how to layer. If I’m going out to socialize on an especially chilly winter day, I’ll add a pair of warm, thermal-lined tights under my dress and pair it with a sweater or a jacket. You don’t have to sacrifice style to stay warm and cozy during the colder months, the secret is just learning how to dress smartly. If you read my fall outfit guide, you may remember seeing this super classy black and white striped dress. I’m loving the way it looks with tights underneath it, and when I pair it with a flannel scarf, it becomes extremely functional for wintertime. 

IMG_5095 (1).JPG

Last but certainly not least, I’m cozying up with neutral basics combined with bright, holiday-themed accessories. This is another example of dressing smartly and combining pieces that can be easily dressed up or down. A plain white t-shirt with black pants can be super easy for chilling at home or running around doing last-minute Christmas shopping, but then you can dress it up with a jacket, a pair of heels, and a festive scarf! Yes, I am bringing out the red flannel scarf once again for this outfit. My closet and my life is surprisingly more minimal than people think, so I enjoy repeating accessories into various outfits. Having a degree of minimalism in your life is actually one of the secrets to happiness I’m including in an upcoming article for my other publication, Analog, so keep your eyes out for that 😉

Anyway, that’s going to be it for today! I hope you guys found this outfit guide helpful. I’m certainly not a fashion expert, but I feel pretty satisfied with my personal style and the tricks I’ve picked up along the way. Do you already follow any of these fashion trends? Let me know in the comments below!


Most of you probably don’t know this, but I actually used to be a fashion major in college. I’m still really interested in colors, patterns, and the general concept of dressing people, but I’ve since switched my major to something new that suits me just a bit better!

Anywho, what I’m trying to say is this: I love fashion. I also love fall, so putting the two together makes me extremely happy. These are some of my favorite outfits to wear in the fall, and additionally, some tips I have for your own wardrobes as well! Especially considering I live in New England, I’ve gotten really good at mastering the concept of layering and incorporating basic wardrobe staples, which can be dressed up and down. Here are all of the outfit staples I’ve featured in this article, including the brand (if applicable) and how much I paid for each item:

Jacket: Sonoma + Lifestyle | Retail Price: $30-35 | I paid: Free (hand-me-down)

Scarf: Generic scarf from Marshalls

Blue & White Dress: Banana Republic | Retail Price: $138 | I paid: $33

Tights: Generic tights from CVS Pharmacy

Shoes: Poetic License | Retail Price: $238 | I paid: $51

Black & White Dress: Banana Republic | Retail Price: $138 | I paid: $32

Boots: So | Retail Price Est: $29

Turtleneck: H&M | Retail Price: $24 | I paid: $13

Chevron Pants: Covington | Retail Price Est: $29-49 | I paid: $6

Heels: Jessica Simpson | Retail Price: $50 | I paid: $6

Top: iZ Byer | Retail Price Est: $29-49

Suit Jacket: Candie’s | Retail Price Est: $30-$50

Black Pants: Candie’s | Retail Price Est: $25

Dress: Donna Morgan | Retail Price: $30-40 |I paid: free (hand-me-down)

Flats: Rothy’s | Retail Price: $125 | I paid: Free (gift)



This is one of my absolute favorite cozy, neutral-toned fall outfits for school. I like to shop for a variety of staples that can all be customized, and that’s basically what this outfit is: a mishmosh! I’ve had this jacket forever; it used to be my mom’s, but she handed it down to me because I wore it more often than she did. I’m pairing this jacket with a new dress I purchased from ThredUp, some plain black tights, and some semi-high heels also from ThredUp. I love this outfit because it incorporates a variety of different textures and colors, but it all comes together to be coherent. It’s also very warm and cozy, due to the amount of layers I’ve piled on! Living in New England, the weather can change pretty drastically, so I like to utilize layers in case of a freakishly warm fall afternoon.



My next everyday outfit is another dress, which is also a thrifted Banana Republic item. I’ve always been a huge fan of black-and-white horizontal stripes, because I think it looks more flattering on my curvy figure and it pairs well with other neutrals. I like this outfit for day-to-day wear, but it would also be appropriate for a job interview, dinner party, or other semi-formal event. It’s both classic and chic for a number of situations, and can easily be dressed up or down. For example, if I wanted to make this dress feel even more formal, I could forgo the tights and wear it with my Jessica Simpson heels instead. 



I call this outfit “Psychology Professor from the 70s.” I LOVE turtlenecks, and paired with a suit jacket, it looks so vintage chic and comfy. I bought both the turtleneck and the chevron pants thrifted, but despite the fact that this outfit was under $20, it still looks relatively expensive and put-together. This is also an outfit that could look great with heels, but because I’m always on the go, I’m wearing it with my red Rothy’s. This is also a great way for me to incorporate a pop of color into my wardrobe, and a warm-toned addition at that. When I’m hustling around campus in my suit jacket, folks know not to mess around with me. Also, I do often get mistaken for being a staff member. 



This is another shirt-and-pants outfit idea for those of you who don’t love dresses: black pants paired with a patterned top! I would also ideally wear this top with black jeans, or even just black stretchy pants, but today I picked a pair of black slacks I bought at Kohl’s this summer. This is an outfit I would wear to class on an average day, or on a day when I’m traveling and I want to be comfortable. I also love these pants because they’re super stretchy and don’t crease in unflattering places, so they make my curves look great! You’ve probably noticed I haven’t worn jeans yet, and that’s because I find jeans to be super itchy and uncomfortable. 



Lastly, surprise surprise, another dress. Although the weather is getting chilly, I absolutely love to wear dresses year-round. Of all the clothes I own, I think this dress looks the most flattering on me. This is definitely something I would wear on a date, or if I was going to spend time with someone I find attractive. It just hugs my curvy body in such a flattering way, and the geometric pattern is really unique and helps me to stand out. Ideally, I would wear this dress with nude flats or something more neutral, but I only own a pair of red flats. Nonetheless, I love that this dress is comfortable, interesting, and perfect for year-round wear.

Those are all my favorite fall outfits thus far in 2019! Like I said, all of these items are extremely customizable and are designed to be dressed up and down, depending on what you’re going for. I hope you found this article helpful, and maybe it has even given you some fashion inspiration!


Hello all! With the emergence of autumn just around the corner, I decided it was time to pick up a few new clothing basics. I’m really into wearing neutrals, dark colors, and denim at the moment, and I also really love vintage pieces. This combination of preferences led me to ThredUp, which is the current largest online consignment store. I’d seen great reviews of the site by a few YouTubers, so I decided to give it a try. I ordered four items- two pairs of shoes, a dress, and a turtleneck sweater. I paid $124.56 for my order, and saved over $400 by shopping secondhand! My items came in two separate shipments, between 7-10 days of me placing my order. 


Something I really love about ThredUp is the ability to maximize your searches by size. Because everything on the site is secondhand, there is usually only one of every item, so it’s really helpful to only be shown results that are in my size. There are a ton of brands to shop from, including Free People, Athleta, Anthropologie, and Madewell. Some of the clothes are more than 80 percent off the original price, even if it’s brand-new with the tags still attached!


Like I said, I ordered four pieces from ThredUp. The first thing I received in my package (and probably my favorite) is this pair of Mary Jane heels by Poetic License. The estimated retail price of these shoes is a whopping $238, but I got them for only $51. While these shoes were still a little pricey for me, I couldn’t turn them down because of the amazing deal. They were also too unique to pass up- it felt like these shoes were designed for me. The quality of the shoes is excellent, and it feels like they’ve never been worn before. I can’t wait to mix and match these shoes with other items in my closet this fall!


The second item in my first shipment was this plain black turtleneck sweater by H&M. The sweater’s original retail price is $24, which already isn’t bad, but I swiped it up for only $13. This sweater also feels very brand new and doesn’t carry any sort of weird smell, which is something that usually comes with second hand clothing. I’ve been really into the seventies vibe lately, and I’ve already paired this top with my favorite pair of slacks (also thrifted). I feel like a nerdy secretary for a college in the 70s, and honestly, I’m loving the aesthetic. 

My second shipment arrived a day after the first one, and included the rest of my items. The first thing I pulled out was this super classic black-and-white striped dress by Banana Republic, which I think will look really cute with both the shoes I bought. The estimated retail price of this dress was $138, and I got it for a mind blowing $32! Again, this item was in excellent condition and felt brand new. It was also a lot thicker material than I anticipated, so I’m really looking forward to wearing it in the winter with some boots and leggings.


Last but certainly not least, I received a pair of blue high heels, also by Banana Republic. The estimated retail price of the shoes is $138, but I got them for more than 75 percent off at $38! Now that I’m getting older and will emerge into Adulting sooner than later, it seemed about time to get a pair of professional shoes for a work environment. The shoes were great quality and felt brand new, but unfortunately, they are actually a bit too big on me. Because they are returnable, I’m going to send them back and see if I can find something in a smaller size, which shouldn’t be too hard.

Overall, I feel like this experience was a success! Everything I received was amazing quality and felt new, and the only thing that didn’t fit was entirely my fault for accidentally selecting the wrong size of shoe. If you’re interested in trying ThredUp yourself, you can use my referral code for $10 off! 

Referral code for $10 off your first order: http://www.thredup.com/r/TGFOCW

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I started having my hair professionally dyed in middle school, and since then, having colorful hair is almost a part of my identity. It’s not an exciting color at the moment, but I am planning on dyeing it a new shade before the end of the year (so drop color suggestions below!). It’s going to be a lot of work trying to compile every color I’ve ever had, but I’m going to try my best. I hope you guys enjoy seeing these old pictures of me as well, because some of them are pretty cringey! 

First of all, this is the natural texture and color of my hair (this picture is about five years old). My hair is pretty ashy in the winter- it even looks gray in some lights, but in the summer it becomes a warm, honey brown. I’ve also been #blessed with barrel curls, but now that I’ve processed my hair so much, it sadly doesn’t curl the way it used to.

Circa. 2014 | Purple Streaks


The first time I ever did anything exciting to my hair was in 8th grade, and this is the ONLY picture I have from it. My neighbor at the time was a licensed hairdresser, and she put these two purple streaks into the front of my hair. I was also really into straightening my hair at this time, because I hadn’t yet learned to love my natural curls. To complete the look, I (of course) had pencil-thin brows. I really thought I looked BOMB with that hair, though I suppose in retrospect it wasn’t that bad. I was also really into wearing teal eyeshadow and winging my liner in 8th grade, but it’s hard to tell from this picture. Maybe someday I’ll recreate my old middle school makeup routine, so you can have an idea of what I might have looked like.

December 2015-April 2016 | Dark Brown


The winter of my freshman year is when my mom finally let me dye my whole head, but only a natural color. I decided to go with a dark brown, which did look lovely at the time, but the light-brown roots growing in was NOT a look. I was also really into penciling my eyebrows super dark, as this was well before “instagram brows” really took off. The bottom right picture is me at my brother’s graduation, and you can really see how different we look. Looking back, I really liked this color on me. I dyed it dark brown for a while, too, so I have a ton of pictures from this age. 

April 2016-August 2016 | Teal

Eli!! One of my all-time favorite pictures is the one on the top right. It’s cropped, but the full image is the two of us sitting on the beach, singing and playing the ukulele.

In April of my sophomore year, I decided I wanted to dye my hair a light, minty teal. This was around the time Kylie Jenner wore a lot of wigs, so I remember being really inspired by her. I will say, this process DESTROYED my hair. Dyeing my hair dark brown for so long, and then suddenly aggressively bleaching it was NOT good for it, but it did look cute. Teal hair, to this day, is my favorite color I’ve ever had. As you can see, my curls lost their bounce and turned into waves during this time. My hair literally felt like straw, but I LOVED this look. Summer 2016 was a lot of fun for me; I had a solid group of friends, and I was dating a popular football player (this was obviously way before I came out as a lesbian). I felt really pretty in these pictures.

August 2016-December 2016 | Black


The next color I dyed my hair was jet-black, because I was really into the gothic subculture and icons like Siouxsie Sioux. My life had changed a lot from the summer, because I lost all of the things things that had made it fun. I remember the only person who felt like a true friend was Eli, and to this day, we are still good friends. You’ll notice Eli in a lot of old pictures with me, because he has been my bestie and my rock since 2015. I remember one time I was on a beach date that I HATED being on, so I discreetly called Eli and he came to pick me up. I snuck away from the date (so mean, I know), and we went to McDonalds to get milkshakes. That was a really good day. Anyway, back to my hair. Adding black dye over the bleach actually strengthened my hair, and I managed to get some of my natural curl back. You can see my natural texture in my senior portrait, top right. Bottom right is my superlative picture- I won “most changed since 8th grade.” 

December 2016-April 2017 | Black, Short

A girl I went to high school with took these professional pictures of me, which you’ll see scattered throughout this page. Her name is Taylor Bolduc, and she’s a great photographer!

I don’t have any good pictures from this time, but between December of 2016 and April of the following year, I kept my hair short and black. This was around the time I began to think more in depth about my sexuality -my boyfriend at the time was bisexual, and I wondered if I was, too. I was in that relationship from October of 2016 to April of 2017. One of the reasons I chopped my hair off in April was because I was so distraught over the end of that relationship- I did NOT see it coming at all, and I definitely did not handle it well. Cutting off all my hair was very liberating for me. The months after that were a blur of chaos and depression, but eventually, I did come out of it. This all took place after I had been diagnosed with PMDD, so at least I knew my hormones partly contributed to it. I got on escitalopram (Lexapro) in 2016, and stayed on it until about a month ago.

April 2017-May 2017 | Brown, Pixie Cut


Like I said, I chopped off all of my hair after that really hard breakup (but honestly, who hasn’t done something drastic to their hair after a breakup?). All of the black had grown out by this point, but I didn’t keep it brown for long. Within this one-month time block, I took a trip to Minnesota to see Eli, as that’s where he attends college. The top left picture is me at a gay club called The Gay 90s, which is located in downtown Minneapolis. We had a marvelous time together that weekend, and I have so many fond memories. We also visited an IKEA store, and I remember Eli made me laugh so hard, I actually bruised one of my ribs from trying to hold it in. It was a really great time.

May 2017-October 2017 | Pink, Pixie Cut


Around the time I graduated from high school, I dyed my hair a bright, fuchsia pink. I actually didn’t love it as much as I thought I would, and I won’t lie, it faded to a really ugly color. By the end of the summer, it was kind of a brassy orange color, and I looked just like Annie the orphan. I will say though, my hair was super curly and healthy during this time. Look at how amazing those curls were! This was my last summer home before college, and I spent a lot of time with Eli. Sadly, that was the last summer he came home for break, and now he mainly stays in Minnesota full-time. 


October 2017-January 2018 | Blue

My scalp, neck, and hands were stained FOR A WEEK. Ah, college.

The WORST MISTAKE I EVER MADE came in October, when I let a friend of mine dye my hair dark blue. She actually did a really good job, but the dye was not permanent and it faded to a horrendous poopy color after just a few weeks. I didn’t have a chance to get into a salon until January, and thankfully, I don’t have many pictures of my hair during this time. This was also around the time I was starting to become comfortable with the fact that I liked girls, and I went on a lot of dates with beautiful ladies around this time. I also had a really rich friend around this time, and she always took me out to Target and the mall and The Cheesecake Factory around this time. I know that probably doesn’t sound too exciting, but when you spend all your time on an isolated college campus, it’s so fun to get out and do things. I was wearing a lot of button-downs and sweaters around this time, and she always joked that I looked like Ellen DeGeneres.  

January 2018-April 2019 | Brown

I’m so happy in the top left picture because I was standing next to an Edward Hopper painting. He’s my favorite artist, and I was having an ultimate fan girl moment.

Like I said, I was able to get to a salon over my winter recession. This is around the time I started my blog and started doing my pinup thing, which lasted for a REALLY long time (about a year, as you can see). I loved wearing those vintage dresses and putting my hair in victory rolls, and I think that I looked really good during this period. My medication was pretty regulated by this time, and I felt confident and happy. I’m sure my happiness is visible from these pictures, and I love to look back and them. I’ve still kept a lot of the clothes, and sometimes I like to take them out and reflect on that happy summer I spent in petticoats and heels.

You can see in the bottom right what I mean about the sun lightening up my hair, especially the ends.

April 2019-August 2019 | Teal

Sometimes I think about shaving my eyebrows again. I was able to create a lot of very different, diverse looks that way.

Last April, after really missing my teal hair (because, like I said, it’s my favorite), I went to a salon and had it dyed again. It felt much healthier this time, because my hair had been left alone for so long, and the bleach wasn’t as damaging. I had a lot of fun doing avante-garde makeup looks at this time, because I was still shaving off my eyebrows pretty regularly. I was still kind of keeping up the vintage thing, but then my style became thotty for a hot minute, and then, my current style, futch. I more or less had my homosexual awakening at this time, and started getting into a lot of gay musicians, such as k.d. Lang and LP. This heavily influenced my next hair change, as you are about to see. 

August 2019-Present | Brown, Pixie Cut, Shaved


The bottom right before is the most updated picture I have of myself. I grew out my eyebrows again, and cut my hair really short (featuring a really dope undercut, which I’m obsessed with). I still love doing crazy makeup looks, but I don’t have as much time anymore, being a senior in college. I also could only bring so much makeup to college, and sadly, I had to leave a lot of my favorite things back home. I’m feeling pretty good right now- it was a challenging summer, but I’m adjusting really well to my final school year. I’ll probably dye my hair another crazy color before the end of the year, but I haven’t decided which one yet. I haven’t done a bright yellow yet, so maybe that’s what’s next on the agenda. 😉

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As some of you have probably noticed, I have a constantly evolving sense of style. Admittedly, I sometimes get annoyed with myself for not being able to “settle” on a style, but at the same time, it’s fun to be something of a fashion chameleon. In the past three years, I’ve done everything from pinup and über girly-girl, to hardcore goth/rockabilly. As of right now, my summer style consists mainly of “edgy” colorful pieces, and some traditionally masucline touches. Per usual, this is most likely to change and evolve over time, so I’m just going to roll with it. Lately, however, I have been reflecting nostalgically on my 40s-50s phase. Maybe that will make a comeback in the future!  

It’s important that I gave you that backstory, because all of the women I’m going to mention are extremely diverse in their fashion styles. However, at one point in time, each and every one of them inspired by fashion/makeup choices.

Drac Makens | Artist/Content Creator | @drac_makens

Image result for drac makens

In the emergence of my mid teens, Drac Makens was one of the earliest content creators to have an influence on my personal style. To this day, I actually still reference her bright, beautiful makeup looks in my day-to-day life, and continue to be fascinated by her. I’ve always admired people who are creative, avant-garde, and unapologetically themselves, and Bianca is a perfect example of that. I also really enjoy that she gives “goth” an unusually vibrant twist- typically as a nod to her Mexican heritage. I also admire Bianca for having a humble, soft-spoken attitude, and for very clearly being a kind-hearted person. If you’re interested in checking out more of her makeup looks, she has an Instagram account and a YouTube channel, though she rarely posts on the latter. She also has an instagram for her art creations, called @drac_makens_creations. 

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard | Content Creator | @jessicaoutofthecloset

Image result for jessica kellgren fozard

I unapologetically attribute my love for rockabilly, vintage fashion to this incredible lady, Jessica Kellgren-Fozard. Not only are her clothes posh, adorable, and well put together- she’s also a woman of charisma, bravery, and strength. Also, she’s sublimely funny- pop over to her YouTube page for more of that! Julia is deaf, blind in one eye, and suffers from a handful of other disabilities that affect her memory, nerves, and connective tissue, along with many other things. Despite her disabilities, Jessica remains a shining light of positivity and optimism in the YouTube community, and looks fabulous while she’s doing it. She also makes quite a few videos discussing LGBT+ issues, vintage fashion & hair, and general world issue topics. And, of course, her hair tutorials were very helpful for me during my own vintage beauty phase. I’ve written about Jessica before here, so if you’re interested in reading that, I’ll link it below. 

Anything for Selenas | Makeup Artist | @anythingforselenaaas

Image result for anything for selenaaas instagram makeup artist

I discovered Selena on Instagram about two years ago, and immediately fell in love with her colorful, clown-inspired, sharp makeup looks and style. She reminds me quite a lot of Drac Makens in regards to her makeup style, so it’s no wonder I’d fall in love with her work as well. I love that Selena pushes the traditional standards of beauty, and always stays true to her aesthetic (especially when applying makeup on clients). Some of my makeup looks I’ve featured on my own Instagram were directly inspired by her, especially the iconic pointy eyebrow ones. I have so much respect for Selena and her creative process, so I was extremely happy when she started a YouTube channel this week for makeup tutorials. She can make even the most complex makeup looks appear simple- something I find helpful as a gal who loves to experiment with makeup. 

Zheani | Musician | @askulloffoxes

Related image

Zheani is one of the more recent public figures to influence my style and makeup choices. With the exception of Jessica, you’ve probably noticed that thus far I enjoy slightly gothic, outlandish aesthetics- especially for my makeup. Zheani is a singer-songwriter, most notable for her incredible diss track against the South African music duo, Die Antwoord. I immediately felt inspired by her dark, baby doll-esque appearance, with a varying touches of punk and fairy mixed throughout her feed. Her music has also been a source of inspiration for me- she dubs it “fairy trap”, it’s nothing short of awesome. Zheani is actually the one who inspired me to get my first set of long, bright acrylic nails a couple months ago, and I’ve been wearing them regularly ever since. 

Julia Zelg | Content Creator/Musician | @juliazelg

Image result for julia zelg

Similarly with Jessica Kellgren-Fozard, I’ve mentioned Julia a lot on my blog in previous articles. Before I even discovered who she was, we already had similar aesthetics in both appearance and music. She, like me, is a fan of colorful hair, ridiculous platform shoes, and elaborate makeup looks. She has only continued to inspire me as the years go on, and some of the outfits I have purchased myself have been directly promoted by her. I showed her a picture of a pair of platform boots I bought from DollsKill at the NYC meet and greet, and she actually told she has the same exact shoes in another color! Along with k.d. Lang, who I’ll get to, I would say Julia Zelg is the current most accurate representation of my personal style.

k.d. Lang | Musician | @kdlang

Image result for kd lang

As I continue to grow and explore my identity as a lesbian, I was immediately attracted to k.d. Lang when I came across her music. There’s something about her butch, carefree, classy style that I find really attractive, and lately, I’ve been trying to emulate it in myself. I especially love her use of vertical stripes, oversized men’s jackets, and short, wispy hair. I’ve always loved the way short hair looks on me, and having it cut and styled in a traditionally butch way is an extremely liberating way for me to express myself. If you’re interested in checking out k.d.’s music (her earlier work is my favorite), I’ll leave the link to her YouTube channel below.


Jessica Kellgren Fozard article – https://diplomatsdigest.wordpress.com/2019/03/06/wcw-jessica-kellgren-fozard-is-my-spirit-animal/

Julia Zelg article – https://diplomatsdigest.wordpress.com/2019/01/10/a-voice-for-the-times-my-favorite-lesbian-icon-julia-zelg/


Drac Makens – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBZQ-mAKI_oeSoxaCqar11g

Jessica Kellgren Fozard – https://www.youtube.com/user/MissJessicaKH

Anything for Selenas – https://www.youtube.com/user/seliruizz

Zheani – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-iSVYcy1rDg7xGqIwttyCw

Julia Zelg – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUIBkpuyXKU4B6dFv32LpRg

k.d. Lang – https://www.youtube.com/user/kdlang



Anything for Selenaaas: pinterest

Zheani: pinterest

Julia Zelg: twitter


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It feels like a hot minute since I’ve posted anything fashion related, let alone a lookbook. Part of the reason for that is because my style didn’t really change much from April 2018 to about March 2019. Then, I started to get interested in the psychobilly aesthetic, which blended very well with the vintage theme I had going on at the time. Alas, ever the chameleon, my style is still changing. As I’ve continued to develop my creativity and passion for art, my personal style is changing as well. I also believe that the emergence of my homosexuality has impacted my fashion- artists such as k.d. lang have strengthened my appreciation for touches of “butch.” On the flip side, more feminine lesbian artists such as King Princess and Zheani have played into my more girlish, pastel inspiration.


The clothes that I am showcasing today are from Shein- an online shop which I have purchased from before. The quality is comparative to Forever 21 (not terrible, but not the best), and in general, I’d say shopping here is pretty hit or miss. I’m actually really happy with the size and quality of all the things I bought, with the exception of a pair of light-wash jeans I’m not pictured wearing. You have to remember that you’re shopping from an Asian size chart, so it’s always ideal to go one or two sizes up. So, with the exception of the super-tight jeans, I am actually really impressed with everything else!


Like I said, my style is mostly soft and feminine with a few touches of lesbian “butch” energy. I love to have these touches of butch, because in regards to my romantic relationships and sexuality, I do enjoy taking on a more dominant, loud personality. When I think of lesbian icons like k.d. lang, I especially get a sense of this dominance that speaks to me in her music. The feminine touches are a bit more edgy than usual, which fits my chaotic energy nicely. As I said, I am also inspired by Zheani’s music, who has a similar edgy, “thotty” feminine style. 

Rather than going over every item piece-by-piece, I am going to instead lay out this lookbook as a gallery of portraits I took. I remember the day I took these as being extremely humid and stuffy, so although I look cool and collected, I was actually a sweaty mess. I’m really happy with how these pictures came out after I edited them to have a retro filter, and I hope you enjoy looking at them! As I said, all of these clothes are from Shein, but I am not sponsored by them, nor did I get any of these clothes for free. 









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I’ll be honest: I’m not really a big fun-in-the-sun beach person. Summer is one of my least favorite seasons, right above winter, because I can’t stand the extremity of the weather. I’m much more a spring and autumn, and fifty degrees Fahrenheit is my perfect temperature.

That being said, I love fashion. I also love jumping in a cool, chlorinated pool as much as the next person, so I still occasionally browse swimsuits from time to time. These are my favorite swimsuits I’ve come across so far, and even though I probably won’t buy any of them, they are stunning! It’s also noteworthy to add that a few of these bathing suits are very expensive, particularly the ones from Unique Vintage and ModCloth.

The first swimsuit I fell in love with is this retro-style sailor bikini set. I think red is a universally flattering color for all skin types, and the high-waisted shorts would make me feel more comfortable about having a bit of a belly. I love that this bathing suit is covered up in all the most important places, but still remains sexy and flatters all silhouettes. It’s also noteworthy to add that the top and bottom are sold separately, as are all of the two-pieces. It’s a bit on the pricier side, but I know from personal experience that all Unique Vintage items are extremely well-made and designed to last for years.

You guys, I am OBSESSED with this one piece. This is the 1950s Barbie one piece that the original doll wore, and it really encompasses that vintage glamour I love and adore. This bathing suit is perfect for small-chested people like me, who can go strapless to the beach without worrying about a nip slip. I absolutely love the sweetheart neckline as well. This bathing suit retails for $88, which is a little pricey for a one piece, but is still slightly cheaper than buying the red bow halter set.

This is actually the first bathing suit I saw that caught my eye and inspired me to write an article about my favorite swimsuits. Isn’t this two piece just absolutely darling? The design feels very romantic and French to me, and yet again, has that vintage twist I adore. For some reason, it reminds me a lot of something Jane Birkin would wear in the 1960s. I also love that the bottoms are high-waisted, because that’s usually a deal breaker for me when shopping for swimsuits. This bathing suit comes in three other patterns, so pop over to ModCloth’s websites and see their other choices!

How could I not love this bathing suit? It’s from ModCloth, high-waisted, and super gay. I love it already, and I haven’t even worn it. This particular swimsuit set is cheaper than the others, and additionally, it has all five-star reviews. This swimsuit also comes in seven other prints, so if you love the cut but not the print, fear not. You’re bound to find another print you like- I particularly love the floral print as well! As I’ve become more comfortable with my homosexuality, I’ve began expanding my wardrobe into more rainbow attire. If I were to purchase a new swimsuit, this one would definitely be a top contender.

LafyKoly Women's One Piece Long Sleeve Rash Guard UV Protection Printed Surfing Swimsuit Swimwear Bathing Suit (M(US:6-8), Black&Floral&Stripe)

I used to not be a fan of long-sleeved bathing suits, but I’m starting to come around. For someone like my mother, who spends a lot of time in the sun and could easily contract skin cancer, I can understand how this swimsuit would be ideal. I love this pattern as well- it feels youthful to me, and the horizontal stripes have a slimming effect on the waist area. This bathing suit is also comparatively cheaper than the other swimsuits, but still has a four-star review from Amazon. It also comes in a huge variety of other funky fresh prints!

Image result for Aleumdr Womens 2 Pieces Bandeau Bikini Swimsuits Off Shoulder High Waist Bathing Suit

Last but certainly not least, I was intrigued by yet another affordable Amazon swimsuit. This bathing suit has 4.5 stars from 131 reviews, and comes in a variety of adorable patterns. My personal favorite is this cutesy light blue one; it has a vintage feel to it, but the cut and texture both appear very modern. I normally would be wary of trying cheap clothes from Amazon, but the reviews state that this bathing suit is stretchy, well-made, and well-fitting. There are pictures to prove it, and I can confirm- this bathing suit is true to the picture.

Those are my top six favorites, but like I said, I probably won’t have a reason to purchase another swimsuit this year. I’d love to hear which ones are your favorites, and if you’ve purchased any of these, what did you think? Let me know in the comments below!


Red Bow Halter (top and bottom sold separately): https://www.unique-vintage.com/products/vintage-style-red-bow-halter-swim-top

Barbie Chevron Onepiece: https://www.unique-vintage.com/products/barbie-x-unique-vintage-black-white-chevron-stripe-one-piece-bathing-suit

Yellow Floral High Waisted Bikini (top and bottom sold separately): https://www.modcloth.com/shop/swimwear/the-sissone-high-waisted-bikini-bottom-in-yellow-floral/163973.html

Rainbow High Waisted Bikini (top and bottom sold separately): https://www.modcloth.com/sho\=


Long Sleeve Swimsuit: https://www.amazon.com/TracyGirl-Protection-Printed-Swimsuit-Swimwear/dp/B07CQLD4D4/ref=sr_1_4?crid=3LULVN09YDHME&keywords=swimsuits+for+women+long+sleeve&qid=1561342837&s=gateway&sprefix=swimsuits+for+women+long%2Caps%2C167&sr=8-4

Bandeau Bikini: https://www.amazon.com/Aleumdr-Womens-Printed-Strapless-Swimsuit/dp/B07P9XK9T2/ref=sr_1_44?crid=6KNASNDO0Z79&keywords=swimsuits+for+women&qid=1561342864&s=gateway&sprefix=swins%2Caps%2C207&sr=8-44#customerReviews

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I’ve been looking forward to writing this article for weeks now, especially since my style has evolved into something much more extravagant, colorful, and even a little campy. Summer in New England can be a little unpredictable, so I like to buy things that can be layered/removed easily if needed. Considering I’m going to be spending quite a bit of time volunteering in a barn, my go-to outfit this summer is mostly going to be shorts, a t-shirt, and a pair of boots adequate for walking in the mud.

Oh, speaking of boots, I bought these shoes from Dolls Kill recently, and I will DEFINITELY not be wearing these in the mud! If you’ve heard of Dolls Kill, you know that their shoes and clothes are on the pricier side, but I actually got these fabulous shoes on sale. They were originally over $100, but I got them for less than $60 over Memorial Day weekend. They may look impractical to you, but I’ve already worn them to the grocery store, an ice cream stand, and outside by building to walk my dog. They’re surprisingly comfortable, because despite the giant platform, the heel actually isn’t that high. I’ve been super into cool-tones lately, as you may have noticed from my hair and makeup. I’m looking forward to shopping at Dolls Kill in the future and adding to my ridiculous shoe collection!


I actually haven’t gotten this in the mail yet, but I ordered the Blue Blood palette from Jeffree Star Cosmetics and I am SO EXCITED to put this on my face. Picture this: it’s a breezy day, my teal hair is in two pigtails, I’m wearing my holographic platform boots, and Blue Blood is blended to the gods on my eyes. I think it’s a look, and I’m here to own it. I do intend on making a review for this palette, so if that’s something you’d like to see, let me know!

Image result for blue blood

Like I said, this summer is going to consist of a lot of shorts and t-shirts, so when I saw this Rocketman shirt at Kohl’s, I freaked out. Elton John, the KING of camp, has been one of my favorite musicians and style icons since I was in elementary school. If there was ever a shirt to pair my platform boots with, it’s this one.


The last couple things I bought are probably more stylish, albeit, less functional for casual wear. You all know that I hate the heat, so on humid summer days, I want to wear as little clothing as possible. This rainbow halter top is going to be perfect for Pride festival, which I’m going to be attending later in the month. I also found this black mini-skirt with SHORTS under it, so I don’t have to worry about flashing anyone while I bask in the pain and agony of summer.


The summer is still young, so I’m sure I will be adding a few additional pieces to my collection. I’d love to do a Dolls Kill haul, but like I said, there clothes and shoes can be pricey unless a sale is going on. I’m so excited to spend the summer adventuring and (hopefully) partying at my favorite gay club, and you already know I’m going to be up on that stripper pole with my platform heels on, screaming along to “Born This Way”.

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Hi everybody! I hope you’re all well and enjoying the newfound summertime. I, for one, am not the biggest fan of the warm weather. I don’t mind the sunshine so much, but as soon as the sun starts to heat my skin, I get awfully rashy and blotchy. Per usual, it looks like I’ll be spending a lot of time inside!

I posted my last moodboard about two months ago, and now that it’s summertime, it’s time for another one. My style hasn’t changed much since then, but I am trying to incorporate more colors into my wardrobe, like red and denim. Red, black, and white are all very classically rockabilly colors, so I’m very excited to do some summer shopping and pick up some new garments for the season!

may moodboard

In regards to clothing, I’ve still been finding some great things on Amazon, like those high-waisted fifties style pants you see in the middle. I think they would be a great investment, because they can be paired with a variety of different tops and accessories, and remain historically accurate to the decade I love. I’ve also been very interested in slightly more vampiric, old-school designs, like the two black and white collared dresses. It’s very Wednesday Addams, and because those dresses are short, they would be appropriate for summer wear. You could also, of course, pair the dresses with tights, and make them fabulous for the colder months as well. I’m not sure where the dress on the left is from, but I know the dress on the right with certainty is from the Dollskill website. Another piece I’d like to incorporate into my closet is a red faux-leather jacket, but I unfortunately did not include a picture. Leather jackets, of course, were also an iconic component of the 1950s, and I’d love to add that as a staple to my wardrobe.

In regards to shoes, I definitely need an upgrade. Since my old black pinup heels broke on one of the platforms, I’ve been wearing the same black skechers flat every day. I’d love to get some super gothic platform heels from Dollskill or Killjoy, but they’re so expensive, I might have to settle for these Fashion Nova heels you see pictured instead. I’ve never purchased from Fashion Nova, but I love those shoes, and they actually appear quite comfortable to me. That, of course, is just based on the picture, so if I do buy them, I’ll be sure to update you on the wearability.

Other accessories I will be continuing to wear are red lipstick and over-the-top bumper bangs. I’ve been wearing bumper bangs in my hair for more than a year, because it’s a very comfortable hairstyle, and also quite easy to do once you get the knack of it down. If you’re interested in reading my vintage hair tutorials, I’ll include that link below.

I’m almost out of my Kylie Jenner red lip kit, so it’s time to find a new red lip. The Kylie Jenner formula actually worked really well on me, and I probably will purchase it again in the future, but I do want to try a matte liquid lipstick from Lime Crime. I have one of their metallic red lipsticks, and the color payoff is smooth and pigmented. The lipsticks also smell like cupcakes, so what’s there to complain about?

I think the overall look I am trying to achieve is spooky, high-femme, and ultimate psychobilly. I love the idea that women can be strong and powerful while still being girly, because that is a personal style I really identify with. I also really enjoy looking a little bit edgy, and standing out from what the fashion norms are. If you know of any other ethical shops that I might enjoy shopping on, let me know in the comments! I’m always looking for new style inspiration and ideas.

Vintage hair tutorials: https://diplomatsdigest.wordpress.com/2018/12/07/3-simple-vintage-hairstyles-that-you-can-do-in-under-ten-minutes/

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We have finally reached the last decade of the fashion journal series, and while I’m sad to see it go, it was a ton of research and writing to conduct! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as I’ve loved putting it together. Anti-conformity was a huge part of the 1990s aesthetic, influenced by the popularity of grunge and alternative rock. In the western world, the 90s saw the mainstream introduction of tattoos, body piercings, and various other forms of body modifications. A lot of the 1990s fashion recycled trends from previous decades, like the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. With that being said, you may see some familiar shapes and colors!

Left: A silk lilac number paired with summer sandals in 1995

A notable style from the 1990s was the underwear-as-outerwear trend. Baby doll dresses, which drew inspiration from the 1960s, were printed in shiny fabrics like satin, sequins, silk, and vinyl. Dollskill once again has caught my eye with this 90s-inspired slip dress with a pretty feather trim. I also love that the model on the right looks straight out of the 1990s- chokers, tattoos, bleached hair, and big earrings. The garment has been updated to have adjustable straps, and, of course, the feather embellishment. I think the slip dress is a graceful nod to the 1990s aesthetic, and I love the direction Dollskill decided to take it.

Top: Acid-wash shorts, circa mid 1990s

As I said, previous decades had a heavy influence on the trends of the 1990s. The hippie movement in particular made a comeback with the grunge subculture, as seen in these 90s acid-wash shorts. I love these shorts because they’re decorated with DIY-slogans and pictures, celebrating the psychedelic style of the 1960s while still remaining very grungy and punk. The shorts on the bottom are sold by Poshmark, and are similar in regards to the wash and cut. The Poshmark shorts also drew inspiration from the handmade-inspired prints, like the flowers and a peace symbol with the word “love”. The modern shorts, however, are a lot less colorful and overwhelming than the 90s ones, so I don’t consider them to be an exact copy or replication. Rather, Poshmark took inspiration from these grungy shorts, and put their own modern spin on them.

Left: Vintage 1990s Jill Sander dress

I couldn’t talk about the 1990s without bringing up the gothic subculture, which is one of my personal favorites to draw inspiration from. Gothic fashion peaked in the late 1990s among American, British, and German youth, who wanted to break from the preppy mainstream style. On the left is a 1990s Jill Sander sheer gothic dress with bell sleeves, and on the right, a more modern adaption. The dress has been updated to have a lace-up front, and it’s much shorter, but the thick bell sleeves are still the iconic statement of the piece. The dress has also incorporated a flowy, free figure- a popular silhouette in the 1990s. I absolutely adore that vintage Jill Sander dress- too bad it’s $672!

Sources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1990s_in_fashion