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My Super Sleepy Nighttime Routine

My morning routine came out last week, and genuinely had such a good time putting it together, it seemed right to make a nighttime routine as well! Just like my mornings, my nighttime routine can vary daily depending on the day. Sometimes I like to pamper myself with bubble baths and movies before beds, and […]


My Restorative Morning Routine

I’m not a health or lifestyle guru by any means, but through trial and error, I’ve finally found a summer morning routine that resonates well with me. This routine is going to be much different than my college morning routine, so if you’re interested in that, I’ll leave the link to that article at the […]


My College Morning Routine

Roughly, I would say I spend about sixty percent of my time living on my college campus. The other forty percent is a compilation of school breaks, summer vacation, and occasional weekends I spend at home. While I do enjoy the freedom and independence that comes along with going to college, I kind of f*cked […]