Mental Health Topics

The Trauma of the Frontline

Articles like these can feel challenging and complicated to write, because, as a healthcare worker in the acute psychotic field, I am expected to leave my emotions at the door and not let the things I experience “get to” me. To work in this field, you have to be this way. Nurses and healthcare workers […]


The New Normal

I’ve been extraordinarily busy the past couple of weeks, as I continue to go through a transitional period of being and adulting. As I mentioned before, I’ve been sort of carousel-ing through different jobs since graduating with my Bachelor’s degree, but I think things are finally starting to settle down and feel more concrete. I […]



For this month’s little ramble on human behavior, I thought I’d talk about a metaphor I think about frequently and have definitely posted about before: veils. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, I’ll leave the little excerpt from the book that first explained this concept to me here: “Mom says […]