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#WCW: Jean Wehner is My Hero

For my last installment of the “Women Crush Wednesday” series, I wanted to talk about a woman who I think is severely underrepresented in our society. In fact, unless you’ve seen the Netflix crime docuseries, The Keepers, you’ve probably never heard of Jean Hargadon-Wehner before. The main focus and general overview of The Keepers is […]


Public School Gym Class Needs a Serious Reform, and Here’s Why

Listen, I’m the first to admit that the general high school curriculum has merit to it. Even the notoriously less-enjoyable classes like mathematics and history have worthiness to them. On top of covering course material we’re bound to find helpful in the future, these classes also give us an opportunity to experience problem-solving, critical thinking, […]


Zigging in a World of Zaggers: My Experience With Microaggression

In my nineteen years being passed around and examined on this planet, I’ve picked up a few things about ignorant human interaction. Without trying to sound vain, probably even more than the average millennial. It tends to naturally happen when you’re the perfect mixture of queer, disabled, sensitive, and essentially just a woman. Microaggression is […]