Massachusetts sunsets are the prettiest 🙂

Monday, December 23

Hi everyone, I hope you’re doing well! Today has been very productive for me so far; I’ve gotten a lot of work done for Analog, and I also spent a large portion of the day with Eli. We made some delicious double chocolate peppermint chunk cookies, which I wish I could share with you through the screen, and we also had a lovely walk in the downtown area of our small city. I also did some less exciting things, such as laundry, because Duke really stinks up my sheets from sleeping in my bed. I know, riveting information.

Tonight I’m probably going to watch Elf with my mom, because it’s our favorite Christmas movie, and then I’m going to see if I can get started on my Black Histories, Black Futures article for Analog. It’s going to be a great challenge for me, because I’m much more used to writing creatively than doing PR-like press pieces, but I’m looking forward to tackling this project. I think it’s important, as a writer, to cover as many different writing styles as possible. For me, that’s the only way to improve. 

It feels unreal that Christmas Eve is tomorrow! I doubt I’ll have time to write tomorrow, but you’ll hear from me on Christmas for sure.

Thursday, December 26

Merry Christmas, everyone! Regardless of what you celebrate, I hope everybody had a safe, happy day with your friends and families. I personally have been having a lovely time, and I really appreciated having a short break away from the internet for a couple days. I didn’t even think about Analog, school, work, blogging- or anything like that during Christmas Day. I think it’s really important to give yourself a little mental break from your usual tasks, even if you love doing them. 

Christmas Eve was mostly lovely; my grandmother and neighbors came over to celebrate the holiday with us. We laughed, we ate, and we celebrated throughout the entire evening. It was so nice to have everyone together in one place, and to catch up on laughs and stories. My brother was also there, but I haven’t been getting along with him nor my father for the past six months or so. As many of you probably inferred, I didn’t see my biological father this Christmas. I’m very happy things panned out that way, though I did send him a card and a candle in the mail. As long as I keep my physical distance, I don’t have a problem with sending him a Christmas card and a gift.

Christmas Day was also very wonderful. It was a cozy, quiet day, and I spent the morning hanging out in the living room with my mom and my stepdad. We had this amazing french toast casserole for breakfast, and opened our gifts together on the couch. I genuinely love everything my mother bought me for Christmas- she got me some really thoughtful, beautiful things, and I’m excited to post about that next week! My mom loved the things I got her, too: a 2020 planner, swarovski bracelet, lavender shower gel, and a vanilla candle. Duke and Cooper also loved their dog biscuits 🙂


My mom had to work on Christmas Day, so in the afternoon, Mark and I took Cooper to the beach to run around. I don’t think I’ve announced this yet, but Cooper has terminal cancer and we’re trying to make his last few months as happy and comfortable as possible. He had a fantastic time running around on the beach, and he even waddled into the water a couple times. Crazy boy, it’s freezing out there! 

Anyway, today I’m going to try to get some writing done, for both my personal blog and Analog. Besides that, I don’t really have an agenda. I’m looking forward to spending the rest of break with Eli and my other friends, so maybe I’ll do something with him today! I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week as well. Talk soon!

Saturday, December 28

Okay, so I’m about to go to bed, but I just wanted to hop on here to tell you guys that I saw Cats the movie today. And yes, it was just as bizarre and terrifying as critics are making it out to be. Now, let me say that I actually love Cats the musical and the 1998 filmed version is one of my favorite musicals to date. I’m not bothered by the costumes, the storyline (not that it really has one), and of course, the music. I love it all and I think both T.S. Eliot and Andrew Lloyd Webber are geniuses. My problem with the movie was the CGI and the weird embellishments the director tried to add to the story. I don’t want to say too much of my thoughts, because Eli and I are planning on writing a review for Analog. But yes, I did just want to let you guys know that I saw the movie, and I laughed so hard at the weirdness of it all, I even cried at one point. 10/10 recommend for comedic purposes!


Anyway, I’m about to take my melatonin and tea and get into bed, so I hope y’all enjoy reading this tomorrow. And please see Cats for the laughs.

Monday, December 2

I’m back at school after a wonderful Thanksgiving break, but I won’t be here much longer! I’m technically on winter break December 14th, but I have to come back four days later to take ONE EXAM. I’m not really counting that as part of school, however, because I’ll already be moved out by then and the exam will only take about twenty-five minutes. Still, I’m a little annoyed to have to drive all the way back to school just to take one exam. 

I’m feeling pretty tired right now, even though I had my regular morning coffee. I might go ahead and make myself a tea, because I’m going to have a long day and I need to keep my energy levels up. Today is my first meeting for Analog, and even though half of the team can’t be there, I’m excited to lay down the groundwork for this organization!

It’s also snowing right now, which is beautiful to look at from my window (but less fun to walk in). Two of my classes were cancelled due to the snow, so I’m taking this opportunity to tackle some school work due next week. It seems surreal I have less than two weeks left in the semester!


Friday, December 6

So, I’ve definitely slacked a bit on my catch-up this week, but in my defense, I have been very busy. I’ve been essentially glued to my computer trying to get work done, so thankfully, I’ve reached the end of a very productive week! Between working on Analog, securing my capstone, chatting with potential employers, and knocking out tons of presentations, it’s definitely been chaotic around here. I’m looking forward to simply relaxing and playing The Sims 4 this weekend.

Next week is my final week of classes, and I’m looking forward to coming home and sleeping in my own bed next Friday. I’ve also made plans to see some of my high school friends over winter break, so I’m really excited about that. Per usual, it will be a pleasure to see Eli as well.

I’m going to try to get some blogging done this week, because I’m falling a bit behind on that, but it’s important to me that I don’t overwork myself. Especially since I have such severe sleep problems, making time for relaxation is very important to me. Tonight I’m going to go watch a talent show with one of my classmates, then I might swing over to my friend’s resident hall to keep her company while she’s on RA duty.

At the time of writing this, we’re in the odd transitional period of daylight saving time and my mood is feeling a bit…off. I occasionally go through periods where I’m just in a bit of a funk, and this is just one of those times. And no, the sky getting dark at 4pm is not helping!

Anywho, with that being said, I wanted to write something cheerful today in an effort to lift my spirits. This isn’t my typical how-to post or informational piece, but I thought it would be nice to do something a little light-hearted, especially in the season of being thankful! I hope you guys enjoy.

Image result for happiness quotes"

Throughout my entire life, I’ve always felt an extremely strong connection to animals. I do consider myself to be an empathetic person, and my warm feelings towards others extent to (almost) every living thing. I say “almost” because I’m not the biggest fan of creepy-crawly bugs. Besides that, though, I’ve always felt an extremely strong sense of respect towards animals. I am fortunate enough to have my sweet family dog, Duke, and I’m looking forward to adopting my own animals once I graduate college and get my own apartment. The first animals I’d like to adopt are fancy rats, then I’d like to rescue cats and possibly birds. Once I move out of the city and (hopefully) start my own farm business, I want to rescue dogs, goats, chickens, and cows. Whenever I ponder my perfect life, I always see tons of animals in the picture. I hope someday I can live a simple life surrounded by my sweet animal friends, from teeny-tiny rats to giant bulls and cows. 

This is partially related to animals, I suppose, but I’ve also always had an extremely strong connection to nature. Being a New England girl, I’ve grown up surrounded by farms, mountains, snowy winters, beaches, you name it. There is so much diversity in New England, I’m grateful that I get to experience it all. It sounds cheesy to say, but I’ve always felt like the flowers and the trees were my friends, especially when I was growing up. I didn’t have a lot of friends, but I did have my imagination and my flowers. To this day, I’m still so fascinated by plants and animals, and I love getting out into nature to take all the beauty in. It’s a really great source of anxiety relief for me.

Like many people, music has always played an enormous part in my life. Not only do I love listening to music, I also love expressing myself through singing. I remember first getting into music in the fourth grade, when my class sang “Wide Open Spaces” by the Dixie Chicks as our elementary school graduation song. That experience alone sparked my passion for singing, and since then, I’ve sung in two a capella groups and taken voice lessons outside of school. I don’t sing much anymore, but it’s still a huge part of my creative identity. And, of course, I love listening to music as well. I love to take walks around campus with my headphones in and pretend I’m in a music video. 

I talk about my mom a lot, but I still don’t think I give her enough credit on here. I feel very fortunate to have an amazing relationship with my mom, and I love her more than anyone else in the world. She’s been through some really tough things that could have knocked her down, but instead, she became stronger than ever and built an amazing life for herself. She’s a maternity nurse, and she’s loved by so many people for the amazing work she does. She’s also very accepting of me as a person, and remains open-minded to the decisions I make for myself. Above all, she takes great care of me. Whenever I’m sick, anxious, sad, or something in-between, I can always count on my amazing mom to comfort me and help me through adversity.

Lastly (but certainly not least), writing is a substantial form of happiness and peace for me. I write when I’m feeling down, when I’m flying high, when I’m bored, or really anything in-between. I would say I spend between 2-4 hours of my day writing, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Being an introvert who has always struggled to express myself, I cherish having my writing skill as an outlet to communicate with the outside world. It’s a very freeing experience to know I have a talent, and it gives me comfort to know I can always rely on my voice to get me through the hard times. 

Anyway, those are the top five things that make me happy, but there are so many more things I’ve left out. I’m planning on publishing the “50 Things That Make Me Happy” tag sometime later in January, so be on the lookout for that! I’ve had a really lovely time writing this, and fills me with gratitude to reflect on all of these beautiful gifts in my life, especially my family.


I’m the first to admit that my general taste in everything is all over the place. And as you’ll soon discover, none of these channels really have anything in common, but I love them all so much, I can’t just keep their glory to myself. I’m sure you yourself have a handful of channels you watch that not many other people have heard of, so this is me, sharing my collection. Also, I know 700,000 subscribers may seem like a lot (and it is!), but that’s certainly not considered “acclaimed” by YouTube’s standards. In fact, there are over 2,400 channels with 1,00,000 subscribers, and more than 24,000 channels with 100,00+ subscribers. You’d be surprised how many people haven’t heard of John Maclean, and he’s one of the biggest rising stars on my list.

It’s also noteworthy to add that the subscriber counts I included next to the channels are rounded up, and of course, they are subject to go up as time progresses. So just keep in mind that these are the estimates as of August 2019, and they may not be accurate anymore in a few month’s time!

Lou Lou & Friends | Pets & Animals | 38,000 Subscribers

Related image

I had to include Lou Lou & Friends first because it’s possibly the most wholesome, relaxing, adorable thing I have ever come across in my life. There isn’t a lot of talking in the videos- it’s just high-quality footage of Lou Lou the dachshund going on adventures and hanging out with her other animal friends. The woman who owns Lou Lou also has sugar gliders, geese, chickens, bunnies, ducks, and hedgehogs, and if I’m correct, she rescues a large majority of them. It’s obvious to the viewers that she takes fantastic care of her pets- feeding them gourmet, healthy dishes, taking Lou Lou for strolls in the countryside, and giving all of her little friends so much care and appreciation! If I’m having a hard time sleeping and I need to put on something soothing, Lou Lou & Friends is one of the first channels I turn to. Because seriously, what’s cuter than a dachshund meeting a baby duck?

Buddhist Society of Western Australia | Nonprofits & Activism | 127,000 Subscribers

Image result for ajahn brahm

I discovered this channel about seven years ago, when YouTube and the internet was actually still relatively new to me. I was going through a difficult time when I was thirteen wrestling with the guilt of being attracted to women (obviously I’ve gotten over that now, I’m a proud useless lesbian), but at that age, I was so distraught over my feelings that I decided to google “How to let go.” And thus, I found the Buddhist Society of Western Australia- but specifically a monk named Ajahn Brahm. Ajahn Brahm is well-known in Australia for giving casual, friendly, hour-long talks about life’s biggest lessons to those who visit his monastery, and many (if not all) of the talks are filmed and uploaded to YouTube. This might sound relatively boring to you, an old man talking about the meaning of life, but it actually holds a lot of ASMR properties for me. This is another one of those channels I like to listen to to help me fall asleep, because Ajahn Brahm’s voice is so soothing and nice (and I genuinely learn a LOT from his videos). He has accumulated an incredible amount of wisdom throughout his years as a monk, and after a rough day of feeling destroyed by anxiety and confusion, I always feel better after listening to one of his talks. It almost feels like going to a therapist, but for free. 

English Heritage | Entertainment | 700,000 Subscribers

Image result for english heritage

If you enjoy history, theatrics, and cooking, I guarantee you will love English Heritage. The organization itself is a charity that cares for over 400 historic buildings in England, and the videos are often period short films about what life would be like in the good old English days. My personal favorites are the videos featuring “Mrs. Crocombe”, who is the cook at Audley End House and prepares a number of dishes “the Victorian way.” Like, for real. Do you want to learn how to churn your own butter by hand? Whip up some authentic Marmalade Water Ice? Mrs. Crocombe has you covered. The channel also includes makeup tutorials about how makeup was applied in the 1800s (without the toxins, of course), along with instructions for making crafts and games popular in that time period as well. It’s so easy to go down the rabbit hole of watching these videos, and while you find yourself being entertained, you’re also learning quite a bit about English history!

Novympia | Entertainment | 155,000 Subscribers

Image result for novympia parody

You might recognize Novympia as the drag-queen duo who created that impeccable My Strange Addiction parody- “I’m Addicted to Being Furniture.” Well, I have good news for you. They also make incredibly funny and realistic parodies of other YouTubers (including John Maclean, who’s coming up). Nova and Olympia have wickedly funny senses of humor, and the amount of effort they put into their parodies is actually really impressive. Some of my personal favorites are the Jenna Marbles parody, and the Poppen Atelier one, who is also on my list, by the way. I truly feel like their channel is underrated, considering how talented this duo is and the amount of work they put into their videos. If you ever need a good laugh, pop over to their channel and immerse yourself in the fabulous world of drag. 

John Maclean | Howto & Style | 640,000 Subscribers

Image result for john maclean

John Maclean is a makeup consultant, makeup artist, makeup connoisseur, dark immortal lord, and apparently…also a furniture designer? He’s extremely complex and hard to describe unless you have actually watched his videos, which I highly recommend you do. Even if you don’t wear makeup and have no interest in it, John Maclean is a fascinating person who can entertain me for hours on end. His voice and manner of speaking is elegant beyond words; it’s like he speaks in cursive when going through a makeup routine. John Maclean is not only extremely talented at makeup, he also knows a great deal about the industry and loves to keep his audience informed about new products, makeup tricks he’s learned over the years, and advice for making your makeup look seamless. To me, he truly is a perfect example of a hidden gem, and I’m looking forward to watching his channel/following continue to grow.

Karolina Żebrowska | Education | 410,000 Subscribers

Image result for karolina zebrowska

If you like history, vintage fashion, memes, and appreciate a clever sense of humor, you will immediately fall in love with Karolina. Karolina is a period dresser with an immense amount of knowledge about both European and American fashion throughout the decades- even going back to the early 1800s. She clearly puts a lot of care and research into her garments, and I appreciate that she also takes the time to properly inform her audience about historical fashion. She’s also a renowned meme queen, appreciated for videos such as “Jenna Marbles but She’s an Edwardian Lady”, “Thug Edwardian Lady”, and one of my favorites, “Recreating Iconic Vines in Mid-Victorian Attire.” Truly, there is nobody else on this platform like Karolina, and I have so much love and appreciation for her amazing, innovative videos. Similarly to English Heritage, you can keep yourself entertained while still picking up so many interesting historical Easter eggs! Keep it up, Meme Mom!

Poppen Atelier | Howto & Style | 414,000 Subscribers

Image result for poppen atelier

Maryna, the woman behind this channel, is a doll-repaint artist who posts a new video every Friday. She doesn’t just take an old doll and make it “pretty” again, she literally transforms it into someone new. In the past, she has done repaints of Moana, Ariana Grande, Merida, Marilyn Monroe, Daenerys Targaryen, and even Olympia from our favorite drag queen duo, Novympia! (Seriously, it’s the crossover we never knew we needed before). There’s no way for me to adequately explain how talented she is, you’ll just have to check out her channel for yourself! I personally am the kind of person who loves watching doll makeovers and painting videos, so I was absolutely thrilled when I came across this channel. Once again, it’s easy to go down a rabbit hole and watch 4-5 of her videos in a row. She also has an instagram, @poppenatelier, if you’re interested in checking out more of her work.


Lou Lou & Friends –

Buddhist Society of Western Australia –

English Heritage –

Novympia –

John Maclean –

Karolina Żebrowska –

Poppen Atelier –

All pictures are taken directly from the respective YouTube channels

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I was so excited by the prospect of making this list, I literally started writing down ideas in late December. Seriously. I tried my best to avoid politics and social issues, and focus more on media and societal customs, so you’re probably not gonna find a lot of controversial drama here. That being said, I certainly have compiled some very, very unpopular opinions, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I got some angry comments! 

-First and foremost, I am extremely against ever watching deleted scenes from a movie/tv show I love. I don’t really know how to explain why. I think it has something to do with the fact that I don’t like seeing things that didn’t “really happen” on a show I follow closely, if that makes sense. Thinking about watching deleted scenes actually kind of stresses me out.

-I think pasta tastes better when it’s slightly undercooked, rather than being fully cooked.

Image result for undercooked pasta
Mmm. al dente.

-I don’t think I could ever justify buying a large candle, or wanting one for myself. They take SO LONG to burn, and I would absolutely get sick of the same smell after six months. I really think giant candles that take years to burn make absolutely no sense.

-Watching soap cutting videos on youtube gives me stress, rather than relaxation. I mean, they’re sliding the knife around so close to their hands! I always cringe when I see someone cutting soap.

Image result for soap cutting

-I think musical theater is kind of boring. If someone asked me to see a Broadway musical, I would probably say no. I also think movie theaters are boring. That being said, I think this has to do with my ADHD, because I hate sitting in one place for a while and just focusing on one thing.

-I’m an animal lover all the way, and I do think all dogs are cute, but I don’t think long-haired dogs are as cute as short-haired dogs. To me, a poodle or a yorkshire terrier just looks like a grungy old man with a giant beard. That being said, if a long-haired dog came up to me, I wouldn’t spit on it or anything like that. I just wouldn’t think it’s as cute as, say, a corgi.

Image result for yorkshire terrier
Sorry, it’s a no from me.

-I think John Krasinski looks better without his beard. Sue me.

Image result for john krasinski transformation

-Speaking of The Office, while I’m so happy that Michael and Holly ended up together, I felt like Holly was super annoying in seasons six and seven. Like, we’re supposed to believe that their love is so strong and magical, but for about twenty episodes, she wanted nothing to do with him and tried to downplay all Michael’s advances. It didn’t really feel like she wanted to be with him, until the ending of season seven, when she randomly changes her mind and decides she does want to be with Michael.

-Summertime is my LEAST FAVORITE season. I don’t hate many things, but I absolutely despise the summer with a burning, flaming passion. I cry every year on the first day of summer. Heat makes me super itchy and rashy, I feel super lazy and don’t want to do anything, or go anywhere, or walk, or, run, or EVEN BREATHE. SUMMER IS MISERABLE. And don’t even get me started on the beach. I would rather slam my head in a car door than go to the beach and fry in the sun all day.

-I don’t think Disney World is the most magical place on Earth. In fact, I think it’s one of the least magical places on Earth. Obviously, the intense spanking heat is a nightmare for me, but I also don’t like crowds at all. Also, too many screaming kids. And I could never justify waiting in a two hour line for about TWO MINUTES of mediocre thrills. If you want some free thrills, lean back in a chair.

Image result for didney worl

-I’m not sure how well this will translate, but it kind of drives me up a fucking wall when people above the age of sixteen are obsessed with Disney. I’m talking about the people who love Disney World, take all the Disney Buzzfeed quizzes, have Disney tattoos, have Disney quotes in their social media bios, and generally just never shut up about how much they love Disney. Like, you do you, but I just can’t wrap my head around this weird millennial Disney obsession. And Buzzfeed, you need to calm down with the Disney content before I punch my computer screen to pieces.

-I don’t understand how I’m supposed to feel about James Charles. Is he supposed to be funny? Sexy? Smart? I don’t know what he’s trying to put out, but frankly, I don’t think he’s any of those things.

Image result for james charles runway

-I totally agree that “Thank U, Next” is a catchy song, but I don’t understand the entire freaking monopoly it has on the music industry. We get it, you had a three-word tweet that everyone loved. Then decided to turn it into a song and a music video, and everyone literally lost their shit. I don’t know guys, I don’t get it. It’s a good song, but I don’t think it’s groundbreaking musical genius content. Maybe it’s partly because I don’t like it when artists extensively lionize themselves, and I feel like that’s what Ariana Grande was kind of doing.

-I don’t think concerts are all that fun. Concerts are loud, hot, sweaty, and, for my ADHD fatass self, BOOOORING. Maybe I would consider going to a concert if it was for a band I’m obsessed with, but I could never make a hobby out of it. They really just seem like a hassle to me.

-I think pineapple definitely does belong on pizza. Come @ me.

Image result for pineapple pizza
Perfect 😉

-I would much, much rather take a longer-routed backroad than sit in traffic. I don’t care if sitting in traffic makes the trip a smidge shorter, I don’t want to be stuck going nowhere.

-I don’t like it when pregnancy websites compile lists of names but call them “baby” names. Yeah, maybe you get your name when you’re a baby, but you’re not a baby forever. It’s still going to be your name after you’re a baby. Can we stop calling them “baby names” and start calling them “people” names? Thank you.

-I don’t like The Red Hot Chili Peppers or The Black Eyed Peas. I just don’t think their melodies, voices, or lyrics are very interesting.

Image result for robert california black eyed peas

-Why does missionary position get so much flack? Missionary is great. It’s fun for everyone, and if you’re the girl, you get to be lazy and not even move.


-I don’t think Liza Koshy is that funny. I also don’t think David Dobrik is that attractive. That being said, I think he would look somewhat more attractive with a mullet.

Image result for liza and david

-Why does everyone hate M. Night Shyamalan’s The Village? I actually thought it was a really fascinating, beautifully executed movie. That being said, I haven’t seen any of Shyamalan’s other movies, so I don’t have anything to compare The Village to.

-What is the appeal of skiing? Why do people find skiing enjoyable? I like to minimize my time out in the grueling snow, first of all, and then you go ahead and add some obnoxious heavy rods to hang off my feet and wear me down. I just don’t see how skiing can be fun, guys.

-Alligators are so cute, and I want to give them all pats on the head.

Related image
Pat pat pat.

-I don’t like to chew gum. It’s fun for the first five minutes, until you loose all the flavor and then it just feels like you’re chewing on a piece of rubber.

-I didn’t think Robert California was all that bad. Yeah, he was kinda creepy and eccentric, but the man was also a genius.

-On the flippity flip, I didn’t really get the character of Erin. I know she was supposed to be the ditzy character, but she was so downright dumb it actually started to annoy me after a couple of seasons. By season 9, I couldn’t even take her character seriously.

Image result for erin the office

-Although I do not identify with any religion or spiritual group, I do think that Satanism really isn’t that bad. Of course, there are things I don’t agree with in Satanism (like the attitude of vengeance), but I really identify with the idea that you should be your own higher power. I also love that Satanism puts a heavy emphasis on equal rights, sexual freedom, feminism, and a strong relationship with nature.

Image result for satanism
Anton LaVey was honestly a pretty chill dude.

-I don’t like sweet potatoes.

-I am going to be shunned by the vintage makeup gods for saying this, and I’m really sad to report this, but here it goes…I really wasn’t wowed by the Besame makeup products. In the defense of Besame, I do think that there products are good for people with a certain makeup taste, but Besame is personally not my favorite. I found that the lipsticks do slip around a lot, because they are so creamy, and that’s just not personally something I like. I also liked the cake mascara in theory, but found it difficult to apply and very time-consuming. With that being said, there are a lot of Besame products I haven’t tried, like the eye shadow, so maybe I need to give those a whirl.

Image result for besame

Anyway, that’s everything I’ve compiled so far. If I think of some more unpopular opinions, I’ll be sure to publish another one of these articles! What do you think? Do we share any unpopular opinions? Let me know below!

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Image result for catch you on the flippity flip


Yorkshire Terrier

Heroes of muscle: John Krasinski

David and Liza: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The secret history of Jayne Mansfield’s bizarre connection to the Church of Satan


As of today, summer break is here, and I’m so excited to be home with my friends and family. The only thing I don’t like about the summertime is the weather, ironically. I have annoyingly sensitive skin, and even being outside for ten minutes can make me break out in an itchy rash.

With that being said, I plan on spending a lot of time inside my air-conditioned apartment, working out at the gym and preparing delicious vegan food. I’m also going to be spending a lot of time with my dog, who’s going to make some adorable appearances in this blog!

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, Duke is a bit on the chunky side. It’s normal for labs to become overweight easily, because they are very food-driven, so I try to combat this by feeding him the healthiest snacks possible. Duke’s walnut-sized brain can’t tell the difference between a biscuit and a carrot, so it’s a win-win situation.

Carrots are actually my all-time favorite snack to feed Duke. There are many nights where we cuddle together in my twin-sized bed and munch on carrots together, and even though he makes quite a mess, it’s still adorable to watch. For all fruits and veggies you feed your dog, I recommend cutting them into small pieces so your fur baby doesn’t choke. Duke especially likes raw baby carrots, and I usually give them to him to reward him for good behavior. In regards to health benefits, carrots can improve your dog’s dental health, and they’re also an excellent source of vitamin A and fiber!


Blueberries, blackberries, strawberries are also a sweet, healthy snack that you can feed your dog in moderate amounts. Personally, I’ve found that Duke has a slight sensitivity to berries (i.e, colorful diarrhea), so I only really give it to him as a special occasional treat. For his birthday, I sometimes make Duke a little “pupcake” with blueberries in it, and he always licks the plate clean. Aww! Berries are full of antioxidants and fiber, but be careful not to feed your dog too many berries, because the natural sugar count is very high!

Mmm, sour.

If you have a dog with stinky breath, then apples are your new best friend. They’re a cheap treat, they’re very healthy, and they too can help improve your dog’s dental health! Typically, it’s best to cut up slices for your dog, but I sometimes like to just let him take bites of it. I mean, look how freaking cute he is. Along with being a good source of fiber, apples are also a great way to give your dog some vitamin A and C. Just make sure to keep the seeds and core away from your dog, because they can be choking hazards.


Peanut butter isn’t a fruit or a veggie, obviously, but in small amounts, it can be a nice treat for your puppo (especially with fruits or veggies). Duke can sometimes give me a hard time when I’m trying to get out the door, so to distract him, I like to fill a toy with some veggies and a bit of peanut butter. It keeps him busy for a while, and also, it’s a lot healthier than tossing some sugary biscuits to him. Just like for humans, peanut butter is an excellent source of protein for dogs, and it contains heart-healthy fats, too! Side note: make sure you DON’T feed your dog sugar free or “lite” peanut butter, because the chemical sweeteners can be toxic for your dog.


Last but not least, green beans are a healthy veggie alternative that you can feed your dogs as a snack. Green beans are very low in calories, while still remaining filling, to keep your dog satisfied for hours. As with any other treat, make sure you feed them to your dog in small amounts. Duke was certainly pampered today with this taste test, and I’m sure he’s going to snuggle up on my bed and take a nap after we’re finished. Thank you for checking out our article today, and we hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed putting it together!


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