7:40am: Most weekdays, I wake up sometime between 7am and 7:40am. Today, I was able to sleep in until the latter time because it’s Thursday and my internship doesn’t start until 10am. The first thing I do when I wake up is shut my window, because I usually prefer to sleep with it open (until I wake up freezing!). Then, I get up, wash my face, brush my teeth, and do all those general hygiene things. Because I shower at night, I don’t have to spend time on that in the morning.

That early-morning train life.

Surprisingly, I am able to get up relatively quickly without feeling groggy or tired. This is probably because I used to suffer from severe insomnia, and now that I’m getting 7-8 hours of sleep per night, my body is SO happy to get up in the morning feeling rested and grateful. Anyway, after I get dressed and do all my bathroom stuff, I will usually put on a quick face of makeup. I love making time to put on a full face of makeup in the morning, because it really feels like “me time” and it helps me to relax. This morning, I listened to “The Vanished” podcast while I got ready.

8:40am: A little before 9am, I walk to my college’s closest shuttle stop so I can get to the train station for work. The train isn’t too far from my dorm, but while the weather is still cold and slushy, I definitely prefer to take the shuttle instead of taking the walk. I haven’t eaten breakfast yet because I’m not really hungry when I first wake up, so I had some orange juice instead while I waited for the train. My train commute is about 30 minutes or so, and then I walk an additional 15 minutes to get to my work.

9:45am: I usually get to work about fifteen minutes before my shift starts so I can make myself a cup of coffee and wake up slowly for the day. As many of you probably know, I prefer to drink my coffee hot and black, and I also had a CLIF bar for breakfast. Now that I’m settled into work, I’m ready for all of the meetings, marketing projects, and writing assignments coming my way!


1:00pm: I have my lunch break at 1pm. Because I work in a building that is also a school, we get free lunch every day at the cafeteria! Today I’m eating sesame tofu, mixed grilled veggies, and raw broccoli for lunch. Raw broccoli is my favorite vegetable, so I tend to eat it A LOT throughout the week. I had a great conversation with my co-workers about queer theory as well, so that was really awesome. 

4:00pm: I wrap up my work for the day at 4:00pm on the dot, so that I can book it back to my university before the sun goes down. I always love my commute home for some reason; obviously leaving work is a nice weight off one’s shoulders, but for me, I also find the walk at sunset extremely calming and reflective. I definitely associate this walk with good energy.

6:30pm: Depending on the day, I’ll eat dinner between 5:30 and 6:30. Today, as you can see, I went a bit later than usual so that I could eat with my friend Arria. My dinner tonight was definitely not well-balanced; I had a handful of raw cauliflower and half a slice of pizza. Nonetheless, I was happy to catch up with my friends, socialize, and share gossip with each other. 

7:30pm: I don’t actually have any homework due tomorrow, so I’m able to relax and leisure for the rest of the night. Sometimes I’ll go over to my friends’ dorms to hang out for the evening, but tonight my social battery was low and all I wanted to do was watch Netflix in bed. I also take my nightly shower sometime between 7pm-9pm, so that my hair can air dry while I’m sleeping.

11:30pm: I take all of my medications and supplements around 11pm or so, including my melatonin and unisom, so that I can fall asleep instantly by around 11:30 or so. I’m definitely a night owl, but my rest is very important to me. I like to have audio on while I’m falling asleep, and lately, I’ve been listening to Poppen Atelier doll repaint videos. Goodnight, everybody!


Wednesday, October 2

10am: I am #blessed with having mid-day classes, so it’s very rare that I have to wake up before 10 on a weekday. This is obviously awesome, because I love to sleep, but it also means I end up going to bed ridiculously late at night. Like, 2am-3am late. Anywho, I’m not a morning shower person, so the first thing I do when I wake up is wash my face, brush my teeth, and put in my contacts. Some days I put on makeup, but 75% of the time, it’s just a little concealer and eyebrow pencil for me. Today is no different.

11am: My first class today is at 11am, so I grabbed a coffee beforehand. I usually am not super hungry when I first wake up, so I’ll probably eat something small around noon. My first class today is Communication Research, which is very discussion heavy and requires a lot of focus. Nonetheless, I do make a bit of time to check my email, social media, and messages while class is taking place. I’ll also publish an article during the first half of the day, if one is scheduled to be released. 

Noon: My first class actually got out early today, so my next stop is to get lunch. Ninety percent of the time, I’ll have a sandwich and a bag of chips. Today I used a meal swipe to get an uncrustable (my crack, tbh), some kettle corn chips, and a bottle of apple juice. Now, I’m planting myself down in an empty classroom to get some writing work done. I have to schedule an interview for a magazine spread, work on my Nevin’s Farm media press story, blog (duh), and then tie up some schoolwork. I actually don’t have anything that needs to be immediately worked on, academic-wise. My next homework assignments are due next Monday, so I’m certainly not in a rush to tackle any of that. In general, Sunday is usually my buckle-down-and-do-homework day. 

2pm: My second class today, Writing for Public Relations, is 2:00-3:15. I’m currently working on two spot news stories- one is about Nevin’s Farm MSPCA, and the other is about Morale Support Animals on college campuses. This class usually goes by much faster for me than others, because I have my laptop right in front of me and I’m getting a ton of writing work done. 


3:15pm: Before my last class, I stopped by the Starbucks on campus and grabbed a snack from the fridge. Our Starbucks very rarely has this vegan chicken sandwich, so I always grab it when I see it (to be totally honest, it’s actually not that great). My microeconomics class is from 3:30-4:45, and it requires a lot of hard work for me to comprehend, so this is the energy-protein boost I need right now.

5pm: Now that I’m out of class and dying to get back to my room to lay down (I spend a lot of time walking, and I’m in the middle of PMS cramps), I’m going to hit the dining hall one more time before I stay in for the night. Tonight I’m having broccoli, roasted squash, and a bowl of cereal. As I’ve mentioned before, the vegan/vegetarian options on my campus are NOT super prime most of the time. I won’t stay at the dining hall long, and while I eat my veggies, I enjoy scrolling through my news feed and seeing what’s happening in the world. I usually don’t eat with other people, unless I make specific plans to.

We love microeconomics! (not)

5:30pm: Like I said, I don’t have any homework that needs to get done immediately, so I can cross that off my mental list of tasks. Now that I’m back in my room, the first thing I do is take out my contact lenses and wipe off any makeup I may have been wearing that day. Like I said, I got a fat load of writing work done before my PR class, so now I’m going to take a mental break and play The Sims 4 for a couple hours. The Sims is the only video game I play, and to date, I’ve locked in thousands of hours. I’m also currently in the middle of an article about The Sims, and I’m really looking forward to revealing that to you all. After I play some video games, I’ll usually just law low for the rest of the evening. I did lie down for an hour or so because like I said, my uterus is being strangled by cramps as we speak.

8pm: Some evenings, if the weather isn’t awful, I like to pop in my headphones and take a short walk around campus. I think it’s really important to take some time away from my friends, my text messages, my internet, etc., and just go for a walk to clear my mind and think about things. Lately I’ve been jamming to Taylor Swift’s newest album (I LOVE “London Boy” and “The Man”, and I also love to listen to “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran and daydream about getting married while I walk. Dorky, I know). I’m not really a big exercise-oriented person anymore, because I just don’t have the resources for it, so I make up for that by taking a nightly walk around the neighborhood. 

8:30pm: I’m a night showerer when I’m at school, so that’s my next objective. Sometimes I take super late showers (like, 11pm), but tonight I’m getting it done early so I can watch Rugrats in Paris with one of my friends. Yes, if you’re watching this in October of 2019, Rugrats in Paris is on Netflix!! Because my friend lives a few towns away, the way we watch things “together” is by pressing play in our respective homes at the same time. Then, we text about it while it’s happening, so it’s almost like we’re reacting at the same time. We’ve been doing this a lot of nights lately, but it’s usually with Cold Case Files, not animated movies.

That’s more or less my average day in a nutshell! Obviously it changes on a daily basis, but this is a pretty standard example of what my life is like. I’ll usually go to bed reaaally late, because my brain gets super active and full of ideas at night. It’s that flaming ADHD in me. Every night to fall asleep, I have to have some sort of audio playing in the background. Otherwise, my brain will be racing at 100 miles an hour and I’ll start thinking about stupid things I did five, ten years ago. Having something (or someone) to listen to distracts my mind from wandering into anxiety, and ultimately helps me focus on getting sleepy. Tonight I fell asleep listening to VSauce videos, and I was out within fifteen minutes. Goodnight, everyone! I’ll see you next week. 

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