I actually bought this palette quite a few weeks ago (if not a month or two ago), but I had so many other reviews to punch out first, this is my first chance to cover this palette! Honestly, though, I think it was almost better for me to wait so that I could have ample time to try out as many of the colors as possible. Today, I’m going to guide you through all of my thoughts about this palette, from the performance of the pigments to the longevity of wear. 

Image result for jeffree star artistry palette
Photo: Ulta.com

First of all, it’s important to establish that this is not really a Jeffree Star palette; it’s a Morphe palette in collaboration with Jeffree. Morphe is usually not as pricey or luxury as the Jeffree Star brand, but the quality of the products is still really impressive and high-grade. The only thing I’m not a fan of regarding Morphe is their recent formula change- their Jaclyn Hill palette recently became NON vegan after being vegan for about three years, and they didn’t think to notify their customers about the change in formula. So I definitely thought that was a little shady.

Anyway, let’s talk about the palette. I bought mine at Ulta for $35, along with the new pink Morphe setting spray for $18. It’s definitely not cheap makeup, but like I said, the quality is consistently amazing and I also really loved the color range. I like that you can create plenty of neutral looks using shimmers and browns, but you also have the ability to create some more creative, colorful eye looks, such as the one I’m wearing below.


For the eyeshadow look I’m wearing in the picture, I actually used a combination of the Jawbreaker palette and the Artistry palette. The formulas were definitely a tad different (Jawbreaker is a bit dustier,) but altogether, all the shades were highly pigmented, easily blendable, and absolutely gorgeous on the eyes. Purples are especially hard to work with, but I didn’t have any problems using these two palettes. There was quite a bit of fallout in the pan, but honestly, that doesn’t bother me as much as it bothers other people. I would rather my eyeshadow be pigmented and have fallout than not have an fallout and barely any color payoff, if that makes sense.

The only other negative I feel about this palette pertains to the lighter, shimmery shades. I have to say, even though the mattes were very brightly pigmented, these light shimmers were NOT cutting it for me. In fact, I even have drugstore shimmer shades that perform better than these Morphe shimmers. I was a bit shocked that they were so lackluster, considering Jeffree Star is all about the glitz and the shine, but I don’t know if that’s so much his fault as much as it is Morphe’s. I will also say that the shades that didn’t perform very well were pressed MUCH harder into the pans than the other shades, so maybe it was just a manufacturing error that made them perform so poorly. Nonetheless, I probably won’t be reaching for those lighter, glittery shades too much, unless I want to wear a really subtle highlight. 

I liked the setting spray as well; I’ve used Morphe setting sprays before in the past and I’ve always loved them. I wasn’t crazy about the strawberry scent, it was a bit too artificial for me, but I think the pink packaging is absolutely adorable. 

Anyway, my final thoughts about this palette is that it’s pretty good, but it’s not the most amazing thing I’ve ever reached for in my life. That being said, I am very happy I decided to buy it, and I’m really looking forward to playing around with it more in the future. What do you guys think about these colors? Have you tried the palette yourself? Let me know in the comments!

It’s no secret by now that I’m a makeup hoarder. And in case you didn’t know, Hi, my name is Sarah, and I’m obsessed with buying makeup!

Now, my makeup consumption has been much more frugal lately, because I don’t have an income at the moment and I can barely even afford to buy toothpaste. The last makeup purchase I made was over winter break, and as you may have guessed, it was the Juvia’s Place I Am Magic Foundation and the Magic Mini palette. I have been consistently blown away by Juvia’s Place in the past, so I was super excited to get my hands on these two items. Additionally, they were both relatively affordable. The foundation is only $20, and the palette was only $25. Considering the amazing quality, I consider $20-25 to be a pretty fair price range.

I’d been meaning to try this foundation for forever now, because I’d heard that it’s extremely high-coverage and great for evening out the skin. As someone who deals with sensitivity, occasional cystic acne, and redness all over my face, I knew this could definitely become my new holy grail. Some other important info to know about Juvia’s Place is that they are 100% cruelty-free and most of their products are vegan as well.

Now, I know this bottle may look small, but trust me when I say a little bit of product goes a long way. Because the product is so thick and full-coverage, you really only need a couple drops to cover your entire face seamlessly. The shade I am wearing is “Maricao,” which is for very light skin with peachy undertones. I’d say this shade is a pretty close match to my skin tone, if not just a little bit too warm, but I still think it’s a fairly good match. There are 42 shades in this foundation collection, so trust me when I say you are guaranteed to find the perfect color for you!


Overall, I’m pretty happy with this foundation. Like I said, it’s very thick, but that’s something I appreciate and look for in my face products. It’s definitely very matte, so if you deal with dry skin, you may want to pair this foundation with a very moisturizing primer. Because my skin tends to be on the oily side (I start to get shiny after the four hour mark), I paired it with my mattifying Dermablend sticky primer. I definitely still have to powder my face throughout the day, but at least there isn’t any creasing or patches of red skin poking through. Overall, I’d give this foundation an 8/10, and I think I’ll definitely purchase it again.

Now, let’s talk about the Magic Mini eyeshadow palette, which retails for $25. I first came across this palette after watching a NikkieTutorials review a few years ago, and I absolutely fell in love with the colors (especially that gorgeous orangey-brown shade, Nana). As you can see, the color range in this palette is extremely colorful and diverse, but it’s still possible to create “normal,” neutral eye looks. My personal favorite colors to wear on my eyes are copper-toned warm smokey oranges and browns, usually with a shimmer in the inner corner. With that being said, I’ve definitely been reaching for this palette 2-3 times per week. Not only do I love that medium brown shade, Nana, I’m also obsessed with the light pink shimmer shade, Osun. Together, they look absolutely stunning on the eyes.

IMG_8306 (1).jpg

Just like any other Juvia’s Place palette, these colors are extremely creamy and highly pigmented. Because the colors contain so much rich pigment, it’s not uncommon for the red-toned shades to stain the eyelids after wearing them. Personally, it doesn’t bother me, but I like to put that out there for people who aren’t super familiar with pressed pigments and how the dyes react with the skin. Nonetheless, it’s totally harmless, and it’s fairly common to notice some staining on the lids. 

Ultimately, I’m really happy with these two purchases. The foundation especially has been a lifesaver for me these past few weeks, because it covers everything from blemishes to dark circles. And, although the bottle is quite small, it’s fairly inexpensive and a little goes a long way. I’m also really enjoying the eyeshadow palette, and I can’t wait to make even more fun looks with it in the future. Maybe I’ll even branch out into the greens and blues, if I’m really feeling crazy! 

I’m a little tight on money at the moment, but I’m sure I’ll get around to buying more makeup closer to summertime. What would you like me to review next? Let me know in the comments!

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, then you’ll know that I absolutely love makeup. Drugstore, mid-range, high-end; it doesn’t matter to me. I just love to collect makeup products, and I have a particular attraction to eyeshadow palettes. The more colorful, the better!

This is only a fraction of them. I definitely don’t have a problem.

Ironically, even though I love to buy colorful eyeshadow palettes from brands like Juvia’s Place and Jeffree Star, I usually do very normal, copper-toned warm smokey eyes. I used to love going all out with neons and brights, and creating super crazy looks, but now I prefer a neutral eye with a pop of color, at most. If that sounds like you, or if you’re afraid to branch out into Jeffree Star territory because you don’t think the colors are “wearable,” this is the blog for you.

*Disclaimer: I’m not a professional makeup artist and I’m also not sponsored by any of these brands.*

IMG_7662 (1).jpg

Look 1 | Blue Blood Palette | Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Of course, we have to start with Jeffree Star’s Blue Blood palette. This was the first Jeffree Star palette I ever bought, and I immediately fell in love with the brand after trying out these gorgeous colors. Yes, there are obviously a lot of intense blues and shimmering greens, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put together a practical eye look. For this look, I wanted to fully embrace the winter scene and go for something shimmery and classic, while still adding in that pop of color. I used the shades “Priceless” and “Celebrity Skin” on my outer crease, then added a touch of the sky-blue shade, “I’m Cold”, to my tear duct. Alternatively, you could use a shimmery shade like “Entitled” to create an even more dramatic effect. 


Look 2 | Jawbreaker Palette | Jeffree Star Cosmetics

I also had to include the Jawbreaker palette in this article, because of course, this palette is the definition of drama and color. I will say, this palette is largely a collection of several different bright, rainbow shades, so there aren’t many “transition shade” options to create something basic and neutral. However, I managed to create this copper-toned look using the shades “Cone” and “Tasty” in my crease and “Snack” in my inner corner. You guys, I am OBSESSED with the metallic shimmers in this palette. You could create so many shimmery, elegant looks with these shades, regardless of if you choose to go neutral or colorful. This palette is truly a makeup lover’s dream.


Look 3 | Stacey Marie Carnival Palette | BPerfect Cosmetics

This palette was actually a gift from my mom for Christmas, so of course I was excited to give these colors a spin. My favorite thing about this palette so far is the pigmentation and the blendability- it’s so easy to blend the transition shades into the crease, and it’s truly a joy to use. My favorite color combo in this palette is “Shuffle”, “Guilty”, and “Liquor.” It’s a classic warm-toned sunset eye, and even though it may sound too colorful for some, it actually looks really flattering and classic. I finished off this eye look with a bit of glitter from a Colourpop palette, because you can never go wrong with glitter. 


Look 4 | The Jeffree Star Artistry Palette | Morphe 

I just picked this goodie up at Ulta today, so of course, I had to try it out immediately. This is very similar to the Blue Blood look I created: neutral browns in the outer corner with a bright pop in the tear duct. For this eye look, though, I was mostly inspired by Kylie Jenner’s YouTube vlog of her doing her makeup on Travis’ tour. If you watch her video, she does a very similar look with bright pink in the tear duct, and I think it looks absolutely gorgeous. Yes, it’s a bit brave and colorful, but I still think it’s a relatively tame look when you take into consideration the other colors in this palette. Morphe, you never disappoint! Can’t wait to do a full review of this palette down the line.


Look 5 | The Zulu | Juvia’s Place

Look, I’m sorry, but I had to do another sunset eye. If you’ve never tried the Juvia’s Place formula, I promise you will be blown away by their palettes. These pressed pigments are creamy, pigmented, and easy to blend, and I also love the large pan size. Even though these colors may look wild, you can actually pull together several cohesive, classy looks using this palette. I’m looking forward to purchasing more Juvia’s Place palettes in the future, particularly, the Magic Mini and the Warrior II. By the way, most Juvia’s Place products are 60% off right now, so go treat yourself!

It’s no secret that I’m absolutely a makeup hoarder. I love collecting makeup, and I even struggle to part with makeup that I’ve had for years (and almost certainly has expired). This includes the 15+ eyeshadow palettes I currently have sitting at my desk.

Today, I’m going to guide you through all of my eyeshadow palettes, how much I use them, and how much I’d recommend them to others. You might even get a few gift idea inspirations for your makeup-loving friends!

I’ll start with my oldest palettes, and work my way up to the newest additions:

Naked3 | Urban Decay | $54

Image result for naked3"

In every makeup fanatic’s drawer, there’s bound to be at least one Naked palette! Naked3 is one of the first real palettes I bought myself, if not the first. I must have been fourteen or so when I bought this palette, because I remember looking up YouTube tutorials of how to do makeup for my 8th grade graduation. I’ve still kept the palette to this day, because Urban Decay makes pretty solid makeup and I think it’s a great collection of basics to have. I don’t wear it as often as I used to, but I reach for it every once in a while.

Sweet Peach | Too Faced | $49

Image result for sweet peach palette"

The Sweet Peach palette is another early-on makeup staple I added to my collection, and I actually still use it quite frequently. The pigmentation of many of the shadows is amazing, especially the warmer-toned colors. It doesn’t blend as well as some of my other palettes, but that may simply be because I’ve had the palette for 6+ years. I’m not sure when eyeshadow expires, but it’s probably some time before then. I actually just used this palette recently, because I absolutely love the shade “Candied Peach” and I haven’t found another palette with a similar color! I would totally recommend this palette to a beginner in makeup who loves sweet, pink things. It’s a great staple in my collection.

Carli Bybel | BH Cosmetics | $25

Image result for carli bybel palette"

The Carli Bybel palette by BH Cosmetics is one of my most-used items, and I’ve already hit pan on many of the shades. The highlighters in this palette are also amazing and absolutely blinding, especially the gorgeous pink-toned one. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure this palette was a limited collection and isn’t being sold anymore, but it was another great collection of neutrals and shimmers. It reminds me a lot of the Naked3 palette in regards to the color scheme and performance, and it’s a fraction of the price. 

Emerald City | Cargo Cosmetics | $9

Image result for emerald city palette"

This is actually a palette I bought at Marshalls, so you may assume that the quality isn’t as great as some of the more expensive options. Surprisingly, this is actually a really impressive palette! I have no trouble blending out the colors, and the color payoff of most of the shades is extremely high quality. This palette is great for creating holiday-themed looks, especially with the vibrant greens and golds. If you come across this palette at Marshalls or TJ Maxx, don’t pass it up!

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales | Lorac | $30

Image result for pirates of the caribbean lorac palette"

Funnily enough, this palette went on sale at Marshalls for significantly cheaper after I dropped all my money at Ulta. I’ve never actually watched Pirates of the Caribbean, but the colors in this palette were too gorgeous for me to resist. I’m especially in love with the royal blue shade, Starry Night. As you’ll hear me say from here on out, Lorac makes some of the creamiest, brightest eyeshadows I’ve ever used in my life. Although this palette doesn’t really have a color scheme, there are a number of creative, colorful looks you can make, especially for the holiday season.

Mega Pro 4 | Lorac | $25

Image result for mega pro 4"

I’m pretty sure I bought the Mega Pro 4 palette almost immediately after the Pirates of the Caribbean one, due to instantly falling in love with Lorac. This palette has a gorgeous collection of neutrals, peaches, and warm-toned browns, making it ideal for all skin tones. If you’re not someone who likes to go all out with crazy makeup looks, this is probably the perfect palette for you. Similarly to the Sweet Peach palette by Too Faced, this product would be a great gift for a beginner in the world of makeup. And the pink packaging is so adorable!

The Jaclyn Hill Palette | Morphe | $38

Image result for jaclyn hill palette"

It’s no secret that the Jaclyn Hill palette is one of my all-time favorite purchases in general- not just makeup. It’s an absolutely gorgeous product, and a staple in so many makeup artists’s collections. I love the versatility in colors, and the performance of these shades is super pigmented and long-lasting. My personal favorite shades are the warm-toned reds: Hunts, Roxanne, and Hillster. Additionally, Creamsicle is the perfect mustard yellow shade for blending out the crease. I probably reach for this palette 2-3 times per week, and I’ll definitely be reaching for it this Christmas!

Luna | Bad Habit | $7-10

Image result for bad habit luna palette"

If any of you remember the online makeup store Hush, that’s where I bought these Bad Habit palettes. I actually wrote a review of these palettes in the past, and since then, I’m still very happy with the products. Obviously, the price of these palettes is insanely cheap, and Luna and Retro Love are dupes for Norvina and Subculture, respectively. Even though Luna is inexpensive, I’m still very impressed with the performance and the color payoff. I also love the gorgeous shades, even if they are a ripoff of the Norvina palette. Unfortunately, now that Hush is out of business, I’m not sure where you can buy this palette. If you really wanted it, I’m sure you could find it secondhand on eBay. 

Retro Love | Bad Habit | $7-10

Image result for retro love bad habit"

Like I said, Retro Love is another super-cheap palette by Bad Habit. This palette is designed to dupe the ABH Subculture palette, and for only $7, I am completely blown away by this product. I honestly cannot find any discrepancies between Bad Habit and a high-end brand, because the shadows are genuinely so pigmented and smooth. They do feel a bit dusty, but that may just be because I’ve had the palette for more than two years now. Again, I know Bad Habit didn’t invent this color scheme, but this dark, winter-themed palette is perfect for a sultry holiday makeup look.

The Zulu | Juvia’s Place | $20

Image result for the zulu juvia's place"

I first learned about Juvia’s Place through watching NikkieTutorials, who raved about the amazing quality of these eyeshadows. As someone who loves bright colors and creating avant-garde looks, I knew I’d have to try out the brand for myself. Nikkie wasn’t lying when she said these are the best eyeshadows she’s ever tried! I was absolutely blown away when I swatched these colors on my arm. Especially for only $20, and such large pan sizes, these eyeshadows are an amazing deal. If I’m correct, some of the shades are actually pressed pigments, which explains why the color payoff is so powerful. This can cause staining on the eyelids, but don’t worry, it’s nothing to be concerned about. This palette is perfect for creating looks in every season, but I definitely use it the most in the summertime. 

Jaclyn Hill: Dark Magic (The Vault) | Morphe | $15

Image result for jaclyn hill palette"

I’m sure a lot of you are familiar with the Jaclyn Hill Vault Collection, and probably not for the best reasons. Although the Jaclyn Hill palette itself is amazing quality, her vault shadows aren’t quite as impressive. Don’t get me wrong, I love the shades and I think you could put together an amazing holiday-themed look with this color scheme, but the patchiness is a huge issue. I don’t reach for this palette as much as the others, but I do really like the medium brown shade “Shhh”, and the rich black shade “Temptress” has great pigmentation. 

Brights Ultimate Palette | NYX | $13

Image result for brights ultimate shadow palette"

I bought this palette around the time I was getting into super bright, creative, avant-garde makeup looks. It’s not the most pigmented palette I’ve ever used in my life, but for $13, it’s also not the worst thing in the world. As long as you have the patience to spend 5-10 extra minutes packing on the color, I think you’ll be happy with the results you see from this palette. 

The Tribe | Juvia’s Place | $20

Image result for the tribe juvias place"

“The Tribe” is a beautiful collection of oranges and greens, and just like “The Zulu”, the pigmentation is absolutely breathtaking. I also love this huge pan sizes! I think the green looks great on all eye colors, especially if you’re trying to go for something Christmas-themed. Additionally, there’s enough neutral shades in this palette to create something much more lowkey and ideal for year-round makeup looks. If you’re trying to decide on your first Juvia’s Place purchase, I would definitely say go with this palette first!

Blue Blood | Jeffree Star Cosmetics | $54

Image result for blue blood palette"

Blue Blood was the first JSC purchase I have ever made in my life, and although I partly bought it for the novelty purposes, I also use it pretty frequently. I mean, look at that packaging. She’s stunning. In true Jeffree Star fashion, these eyeshadow shades feel extremely luxurious and packed with color payoff. You can create so many colorful, icy-themed looks with these blues and peaches, and every shade performs like a dream. The price tag on this palette is a little up there, but I personally think this palette was a great investment.

Jawbreaker | Jeffree Star Cosmetics | $58


Just a few months after I purchased Blue Blood, I knew I had to add Jawbreaker to my collection as well. I’m in love with the reds and oranges in this palette, especially that metallic bright orange shade, “Orange Juice.” Just like Juvia’s Place, JSC has pretty large pan sizes, so you really feel like you’re getting a decent amount of product for the cost. These shadows stay on all day, and will continue to look amazing and fresh even hours after you’ve applied. 

Desert Oasis | BH Cosmetics | $24

Image result for desert oasis palette"

This palette is another one of my all-time favorite staples, and I always make sure I have it with me at school. I love this palette because it’s multi-purposeful; you can use it for shadow, contour, highlight, bronzer, and blush! Considering the price point is already quite low, it’s even more impressive that you can use the palette for so many different things. I especially love the metallic shimmers- those blues and greens are absolutely stunning and so full of pigment. This is a perfect collection of neutrals with a hint of color, and I think it would truly complement all skin tones. 

Aurora Lights | BH Cosmetics | $21

Image result for aurora lights palette"

I bought this palette because I love adding a metallic pop to all of my inner corner eye looks, and this collection has the perfect color for every look! These baked metallics can be worn on their own, or added as a topcoat over any other shadow. I especially love the shades “Sparkling” and “Ombré”, because they’re super bright and they really make my tiny eyes look bigger. If you also have hooded eyes, try popping a light golden or white shade into the inner corner of your eyelid, and gradually blending out into darker colors in your outer corner. 

Strawberry Sprinkles & Raspberry Icing | Revolution Beauty | $7

Image result for revolution beauty eyeshadow donuts"Image result for revolution beauty eyeshadow donuts"

Aren’t these little donut eyeshadow palettes absolutely adorable? For only seven dollars per palette, they’ll make a great gift or stocking stuffer for the makeup lover in your family. I chose these two warmer-toned palettes because I love wearing pinks and oranges on my eyes to warm up my face. Just like other Revolution palettes, these shadows are extremely creamy and perform beautifully on the eyes. You can even pick these palettes up at some Ulta locations, so don’t pass them up if you see them!

I’ve purchased twice before from Jeffree Star Cosmetics, and both times have been very positive experiences. It’s fairly common knowledge that Jeffree Star puts out incredible cosmetics, despite the fact that he’s kind of rude and has a problematic, racist past. I’ll never deny that Jeffree Star isn’t a sterling citizen, but hey, his makeup is great. 

I can’t afford to buy everything he comes out with, but if I see something that I think I will genuinely use on a daily/weekly basis, I consider the splurge. That’s exactly how I felt when I first saw the Jawbreaker palette; like, damn, THIS is an array of colors I can utilize.

Related image

In the past, I have ordered directly from the Jeffree Star website, but this time I ordered from Beautylish. Beautylish is one of Jeffree’s official retailers, so I knew it would be a safe place to purchase from, and I also got free express shipping with my order. I had a few minor problems with FedEx for my delivery, but it wasn’t Beautylish’s fault and it certainly wasn’t Jeffree Star’s fault. On top of the Jawbreaker palette, I also ordered a velour liquid lipstick in the shade “Strawberry Crush” and a velour lip scrub in the flavor “Pineapple Juice.”

I received my package last Thursday, three days after I ordered. Everything I ordered was neatly wrapped up and in perfect condition, and I also found a small bottle of Bioderma micellar water in my package. I’m not sure if that was a free gift or a mistake, but either way, I didn’t order it and I wasn’t charged for it.

Image result for jeffree star pineapple lip scrub

Before I talk about the long-awaited Jawbreaker palette, I’ll give you the run-down about the lip scrub and the liquid lipstick. The lip scrub cost $12, making it one of the cheapest items sold by Jeffree Star Cosmetics. I was pleasantly surprised by how much product comes in the container, and on top of that, a little certainly goes a long way. Like I expected, the product smells (and tastes) absolutely delicious, and it really did wonders on my lips. It almost felt a little bit spicy on my lips- like a subtle burning, almost- but not in a painful or concerning way. The lip scrub did a great job taking the dead skin off my lips, and I think it even made them appear plumper after I washed it off. Overall, I’m extremely happy with this product, and I will definitely keep using it. 

Image result for jeffree star strawberry crush

The velour liquid lipstick also really impressed me. I was afraid from the swatch online that this was going to be a neon pink shade, but it actually is a beautiful, bright coral. This liquid lipstick retails for $18, which I consider to be on the pricier side of things. I like Jeffree’s formula because it dries down matte without feeling stiff, and you only need one swipe to get a lot of coverage. It also looks stunning with a gloss on top, which I’ve done twice already. The formula is also very long-lasting, and survived two meals without smudging off. Even if it is expensive, I can see this lipstick lasting me for a very long time, and it works fabulously. If you ask me, it’s definitely worth the price.


Now, onto the real showstopper: the Jawbreaker palette. This is the biggest palette Jeffree Star has produced to date, with 24 bright and diverse shades. Even though this palette is substantially bigger than the other ones Jeffree has produced, it’s only $58, which is $6 more dollars than the Blue Blood palette. I’ve only used the palette about three times so far, but I’ve already fallen in love with it. As someone who loves to work with bright colors, it’s convenient to have all the colors I love together in one place. There are so many unique combinations to try, and per usual, all of the colors are extremely pigmented and bright. The colors also blend like a dream, and you don’t need to use a lot of product. One swipe packs a vibrant punch of color, so it’s very easy to use.


I’m not going to do any swatches today because I didn’t have time, but I will insert some pictures of me wearing the colors. I absolutely love the newfound freedom that has come with this palette, and I know I’m going to have a ton of fun putting together some fresh looks. I love that this palette has both metallic and matte shades, because I’ve been meaning to expand my makeup horizons and try out some more glittery eye looks. What do you guys think about this palette? Would you buy it? Let me know in the comments!


Coming up next: My Favorite “Accidentally Vegan” Snacks

I have a relatively extensive collection of eyeshadow palettes, so there aren’t many colors I don’t already own. That being said, sometimes I’ll come across a palette I just have to have, and that’s exactly what happened when I saw the Alyssa Edwards palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills. I mean, come on, LOOK AT THE COLORS.


I have been consistently impressed by ABH, especially with their eye products. The Modern Renaissance palette is a staple in almost everyone’s makeup bag, and at this point, who isn’t familiar with the amazing creamy brow pomade? I didn’t have any reservations with this purchase, and even though ABH is a bit on the pricier side, I knew it would be worth it.

For a bit of background, Alyssa Edwards is actually a very famous drag queen performer, and is the inspiration behind this palette. I’m not familiar with Alyssa myself, but it’s undeniable she did an incredible job putting together these colors. Yaaas, queen!

I order most of my makeup online because I don’t have a car, but in this case I was actually close to an Ulta when this palette launched. Despite the fact that I literally picked it up on the launch day (or maybe the day after), there was actually only one palette left. So of course, I had to bring it home with me right then and there. The palette retails for $45, and is both vegan and cruelty-free. There are both matte and metallic shades, and like I said before, the colors are just gorgeous. 

I’m not sure if this is something ABH has done before in the past, or if this is a new formula, but some of the shadows were actually pressed pigments instead of normal eyeshadows. If you’re not sure what the difference is, allow me to explain it briefly to you. Essentially, traditional eyeshadows are a blend of pigments, micas, binders, and preservatives, while pressed pigments are exactly what they sound like: pure pigment pressed directly into the pan. You may see on palettes containing pressed pigments a warning that states the colors are “not safe for immediate eye area”, i.e, on the Alyssa Edwards packaging, but don’t be alarmed by this. The reason this is printed is because the red dyes used in these pressed pigments can actually stain your eyelids, but they are really nothing to worry about. It’s not dangerous- just annoying, at most. And after a day or two, the staining has usually worn off.

The staining was actually the only problem I had with the palette, but like I said, it’s pretty unavoidable and not really something to be concerned about. I’ll go ahead and insert a picture of what my eyes looked like about a day after wiping off my makeup, so you can have an idea of the severity of the staining.


Considering these colors are so incredibly pigmented, I was pleasantly surprised to not experience very much fallout. Usually with bright pressed pigments, especially from Jeffree Star Cosmetics, I have noticed a lot of fallout under my eyes when using pigmented shadows. This palette hardly had any fallout, and the colors were extremely blendable. Even if the colors may not look wearable to some, I actually love putting crazy colors on my eyes for day-to-day looks. For example, this is a look I wore to go grocery shopping, wearing the Alyssa Edwards palette, of course. Since purchasing this palette, I’ve taken it out and used it many times, including right now while I’m actually typing up this article. These eyeshadows pack the color, blendability, and longevity that I love, so it was definitely worth the money. On a scale of 1-10, I would give this palette a solid 9. I am going to take 1 point of for the staining because it makes me look like I have a terrible eye disease, but like I said, it’s not really dangerous or damaging to the skin. 

IMG_0401 (1).JPG

Anyhow, I’m really happy with this purchase, and I’m glad I bought it while it was still available at my local Ulta. What about you guys? Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried this palette, and if it worked for you as well!

Side note: I recently ordered some more makeup (yes, I clearly have a makeup shopping problem), and I’m so excited to write some more reviews for you! What do you want to see first, Jeffree Star’s Jawbreaker palette, or Beauty Bakerie lipsticks? Let me know!

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You guys, I am so excited to finally have my hands on this palette. I’ve had my eye on the Blue Blood palette from the first launch, which is around the same time I started to get really interested in bright, avant-garde makeup. Today I’m going to walk you through my entire experience and thoughts about the palette, from the moment I ordered it to the performance of the colors.

I ordered the palette on the third launch, which was on Friday, May 31st. I placed my order within minutes of the restock, because I wasn’t sure how quickly it would sell out. I also ordered the Magic Star concealer in the shade C0, which is a pure white shade. Of course, I’ll be telling you my thoughts on the concealer as well!

The palette retails for $52, and the concealer is $22. I also paid $10 for standard shipping, so altogether, my online order was $84.

Because I ordered on a Friday, my order didn’t start processing until the following Monday morning. I believe the order shipped between Tuesday and Wednesday, and I received it in the mail on Saturday, June 8th. The confirmation email kept me up to date on the location of my package, and honestly, I’m happy with how quickly it shipped. I’ve read other folks’ reviews, and it seems like shipping can take up to two weeks for some orders (and even higher shipping costs).

My order came in a bright pink box, so I immediately knew that it was for me! The palette and the concealer were packaged nicely in tissue paper and cardboard containers, and I also received an invoice with my order details. I also received this lovely little card, to which my dog enjoyed ripping off a poor guy’s head on the left.


The palette was exactly the size and color I expected it to be, but much more lightweight than I anticipated. For whatever reason, I assumed that the palette would be made of a hard plastic, but it’s actually a very firm cardboard. Nonetheless, it feels very sturdy and expensive, although the cardboard arrived slightly dented on the bottom. The concealer, as I expected, comes in a hard plastic tube. I absolutely LOVE the design of the tube- it looks so expensive and royal! I will say, the concealer is a tad smaller than I expected it to be. As you can see, it’s very similar in size to Shape Tape concealer, but the Magic Star concealer is thinner in diameter. In regards to size, it feels more like a lip gloss than a $22 concealer, but that’s my only criticism.


First off, let’s talk about the formula of the Blue Blood palette. Like all of Jeffree’s products, this palette is vegan and cruelty-free. As I expected, the colors are extremely pigmented and bright, and most of them blended beautifully on my eyes. I swatched the first row of colors with my fingers, so you can have an idea of what the color payoff looks like. Some of the lighter mattes felt a little chalky, but all the metallic pigments are fantastic, and the darker mattes were great for the most part. The metallics did have quite a bit of fallout, especially the shades Crystal Flesh and Ocean Ice, but this is normal with super-pigmented powders. As long as you can tolerate a little bit of fallout, you will love this palette. The colors were also super blendable and creamy on the eyes, so I had a great time working with them.


On a scale of 1-10, I would give this palette a solid 8. As I said, there were a few minor issues, like the chalkiness on some of the lighter mattes, and the fallout. I couldn’t help but compare this palette to my Juvia’s Place Zulu palette, which has even more pigment, and no fallout at all. If the Zulu palette is a 10, then I am comfortable giving Blue Blood an 8. It’s definitely a palette I will be reaching for many times, and probably one of my top 3 favorite palettes that I own to date.


Now, let me touch on the Magic Star concealer. I was much more forgiving about the size of the tube after I swatched it on my hand- it’s very pigmented, almost like acrylic paint, so I won’t need to use very much of it. Although a pure white concealer may seem too pale, it actually is a perfect tone when I blend it on top of my foundation. I also used it as a base on my eyelid, and to cut the crease after I applied my shadow. When I applied the concealer on my face, it blended fantastically, but it didn’t blend as well on my eyelid. I could definitely see the creases in my hooded eyelid after I applied it, which usually doesn’t happen when I use my Shape Tape concealer. When I tried to blend it out on my eyes, it looked a bit patchy, so I had to go in with another layer of product to get it to my desired smoothness. Besides that, I’m really happy with how the concealer performed, and I’m definitely going to keep using it.


Ultimately, I am really happy with the quality of the products. This was my first time trying anything by Jeffree Star, and I was so satisfied, I decided to go back on the site and order the Equality mini lipstick bundle, too. I’ll be sure to write a detailed review about those as well when they arrive!

Like I said, there were a few minor things that I didn’t like, but these are certainly high-quality products that I would recommend to anybody. I’d love to hear about your experiences shopping Jeffree Star Cosmetics, so leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Jeffree Star Cosmetics website: https://jeffreestarcosmetics.com/

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It’s been a HOT MINUTE since I’ve given you guys an update on the makeup I ordered from Hush. I did give you guys my initial thoughts, but now that three months have gone by…I have some new thoughts and opinions for you. Basically, I’m going to go through every product I’ve purchased, how I originally rated the product, and how I feel about it now that I’ve really been able to give all the products a chance.


Also noteworthy to add, especially if you’re interested in any of these products: the Hush app has been out of service for at least two months now. They claim to be doing maintenance work on the site, but that still seems fishy to me, especially since they aren’t answering customer questions and concerns. They’ve been super MIA about the entire situation, which is annoying (and in my opinion), disrespectful to the people who support the site and spend money on the products. I don’t know when (or if) the site will be back, so I just wanted to give you guys a heads up about that situation. Anyhow, moving onto the makeup!


Product: HD Pro Corrector Highlighter

Brand: LA Girl

Original price: $4.00

What I paid: $0.00

My thoughts then: If you spend more than $35 on Hush, you are graciously awarded with a  randomized free gift. I was expecting the consistency of this product to be thick and opaque, because it’s branded as a concealer, but it’s actually very similar to a liquid highlighter. I actually prefer this liquid formula to a powder one, because it goes on much less cakey and offers more of a glowy sheen. Like I said, I also got it for free, so there isn’t much to complain about!

My thoughts now: Like I said, this was a freebie product I got with my initial order, so I didn’t get to pick it out. Had I been able to choose, I probably would have not gone with this product. Like I said, it’s not thick or opaque enough to be used as an actual concealer, but you can use it to add some general shimmer to your face. I re-gifted this to my mom pretty much immediately after trying it, and as far as I’m concerned, she’s still happy with it. If you did want to try it for yourself, I imagine this product is available at other retail stores where LA girl is regularly sold, like a typical drugstore or possibly Ulta.

Product: Illuminating Face Powder (Amber Nectar)

Brand: Milani

Original price: $9.00

What I paid: $4.86

My thoughts then: Most of the time, I’m just a pinky blush kind of gal. I don’t use browns and contours on my face, because it usually looks too dark and muddy, but I decided to try this powder to chisel out my cheekbones. It’s pigmented, but not too dark, and it gave my cheeks a warm, rosy glow. I think this powder might actually end up replacing my blush altogether!

My thoughts now: I still love this powder, because it feels like three products rolled into one. The powder has some golden brown tones, which serves as a nice bronzer, and the pink tones work fabulously as a subtle blush. You could also in theory use it as a general powder to mattify your foundation, but I still prefer to use my e.l.f translucent white powder. For less than five dollars, I am still extremely satisfied with this this powder. You can pick it up at both Ulta and the drugstore, as well!

Product: Cleansing Water: Be Clean, Be Moist

Brand: Huxley

Original price: $25.00

What I paid: $15.00

My thoughts then: Out of all the products I ordered, this was actually the first one I tried! I used it to remove my makeup, right before my usual nightly shower, and followed it up directly with the rose water cleansing foam I’ll mention in a bit. Some of the products I ordered are Korean beauty, including this one, but I’m pretty sure everything I purchased is cruelty-free (albeit, some of the bottles I ordered are printed in Korean, so I’m not positive). Upon first impressions, I actually really like this product. It removed my makeup cleanly in just a few swipes, and it carries a light, clean scent. I haven’t noticed any irritation with my skin either, so I’m going to continue using it. The only thing it caused on my face was a little bit of redness, but that could just be due to rubbing it quite a bit on my face.

My thoughts now: This is another product I have continued to use after my initial thoughts, though admittedly, I have been using it less. The cleanser feels very-oil based, which isn’t great if you already have oily skin, like me! I’ve also noticed that the scent also lingers on my face for quite a while after applying it, so if heavily scented products irritate you, I wouldn’t recommend this cleansing water. That being said, it does take off my makeup pretty quickly and easily, hence why I still continue to use it from time to time.

Product: Cherry Lava Purify Mask

Brand: Pacifica

Original price: $14.00

What I paid: $8.40

My thoughts then: There are quite a few things I really like about this mask. First of all, the smell is sweet and fruity without being overwhelming- Pacifica is very eco-friendly and natural in that regard. I also really like the consistency of this mask- it’s smooth, covers nicely, and was extremely easy to wash off. It didn’t feel uncomfortable or thick on my skin, and surprisingly didn’t leave a lot of redness behind when I washed it off. I really love the brand Pacifica, for both their ethics and the quality of their products. This will definitely be a mask I reach for again!

My thoughts now: Pacifica is still one of my favorite brands, and this mask is no exception. I’ll probably be using it more now that I’m home from college, because I absolutely love to put on a face mask while I’m in the bath. If you’re looking for a facial mask that’s ethically-sourced, vegan, and smells amazing, I would definitely recommend this one! Pacifica is available online, and additionally, you can find quite a few of their products at Ulta.

Product: Face Primer (Poreless)

Brand: E.L.F

Original price: $6.00

What I paid: $3.60

My thoughts then: I’ve used E.L.F primers in the past, and I haven’t been disappointed yet. The last primer I used was the tone-adjusting one (the green one), and while I liked what it did for my face, it started to develop a funny smell very quickly. Luckily, this poreless primer has been working flawlessly so far, and I haven’t detected any odd smells. My skin is very oily, as I’ve said, so I definitely prefer using these cream primers over oil-based ones. I would recommend any and all of the E.L.F primers to anyone!

My thoughts now: I used this primer right up until the last drop, and can happily report that it never developed a funky smell over time. I wish E.LF would make larger-sized primer bottles, because I seriously went through this one in about a month and a half. I have notoriously oily skin, so any time I find a primer that works for me, I cling onto it immediately. Right now I’m using the E.L.F brightening primer, because I’m on a mission to try all of their cream primers before I pick a favorite. As of right now, it’s a tie between poreless and brightening, but I probably wouldn’t purchase the tone-adjusting one again.

Product: Primer Oil

Brand: City Color

Original price: $9.00

What I paid: $5.40

My thoughts then: I liked this primer in theory, because it looked like it would be very nourishing on the skin. That being said, the skin on my face is constantly very oily, so counteracting it with another oil probably wasn’t the smartest move on my part. If you have dry skin, or even normal skin, this probably would work extremely well on you. Unfortunately, us oily folks will have to carry on without. The primer itself did feel very smooth and fresh on my skin, but it added quite a bit of shine to my already shiny face.

My thoughts now: Just like the concealer, I re-gifted this product to my mom after I opened it and inspected the consistency. I’m happy to report that she absolutely loves this stuff, so if you struggle with dry (or even normal) skin, I’d recommend this primer on her behalf. But I think for now, I’m going to stick with my trusted E.L.F primers to keep my own skin supple and oil-free.

Product: Cleansing Foam + Makeup Remover (Rose Water + Pearl Essence)

Brand: Joss+Lyn

Original price: $10.00

What I paid: $6.00

My thoughts then: Similarly to the cleansing water, this product is also Korean beauty. I used it as a facial cleanser in the shower immediately after removing my makeup, just to make sure all the leftover oil and gunk was out of my face. I really like the foamy, softly fragrant formula of this product- it feels extremely luxurious and thick on the skin. I needed to use a little bit more of the product than I thought I would,  because the bubbles dispersed and thinned quite quickly, but I’m still happy with what it did for my skin.

My thoughts now: My usage of this product, like the cleansing water, has also dwindled over the past few weeks. Like I mentioned before, the actual foaming properties disappear almost immediately after dispersing onto the face, and at that point, there isn’t much product left to actually cleanse your face with. You’ll definitely need to use 3-4 pumps of this if you actually want to wash your face with it! As for the pros, however, it has a beautiful rosy fragrance, it’s cruelty-free (like everything I bought), and it leaves my skin feeling really soft.


Product: Step By Step Renewing Foot Balm

Brand: Formula 10.0.6

Original price: $6.00

What I paid: $3.60

My thoughts then: Like you’ll hear me say numerous times, I really like the brand Formula 10.0.6. I haven’t been disappointed by one of their products yet, and this one is no exception. I love to pamper myself after a long day, and this balm is perfect to use after a hot shower. Slather it on your feet, slip into a pair of fuzzy socks, and treat yourself to a good night’s sleep.

My thoughts now: As someone who has been spending more and more time on their feet (exercising and dog walking), this is definitely a product I have continued to use after my initial thoughts. Because I wear a lot of platform heels. the skin around my ankles can become especially raw and dry on almost a daily basis. If I rub some of this balm on my ankles before bed, and then slip into a pair of socks, I wake up with ultra-soft feet that last all day. If you also find your feet getting a little beat up from high heels, I definitely suggest buying some sort of balm to help rejuvenate your skin.

Product: Butter Up Moisturizing Body Stick

Brand: Formula 10.0.6

Original price: $10.00

What I paid: $6.00

My thoughts then: Not only does this body stick work really well, but it’s also quite fun to use. There’s something about sliding a buttery stick across your arm that I find very satisfying, especially when it smells like coconut and vanilla. It’s skincare luxury. I really like the brand Formula 10.0.06; their sweet-smelling creams and lotions remind me a lot of Pacifica Beauty. One thing it’s already helped me with is a dry patch on my ankle, where my heels usually rub at the skin. I rubbed some of the lotion on that spot before I went to bed last night, and now, my feet are as soft as ever. This product is essentially just a gigantic chapstick for your arms and legs, and I’m looking forward to using it more.

My thoughts now: No surprise here, I still really like this lotion, and utilize it just as much as the foot balm to pamper my legs. Formula 10.0.6 is cruelty-free, which I love, and you can find a lot of their products at Ulta, if you’re interested.


Product: Sinfully Angelic Felt-tip Eyeliner

Brand: LA Splash

Original price: $14.00

What I paid: $8.40

My thoughts then: This is not a bad eyeliner by any means, but I do prefer my Stila felt tip liner more than this one. The LA Splash eyeliner is great for creating a sharp line, but the black is not very opaque, and requires more than one coat to make the line dark enough. Like I said, however, the liner is very easy to use, and would be great for a beginner who is just learning to wing their eyeliner.

My thoughts now: I know I really gave this eyeshadow a bad rep at the beginning, but as I used it more, I actually discovered I really like it. The pigment did get darker after I started using it a few times, and after the liner ran out of color, I just pulled out the tip with some tweezers, flipped it around, and put it back in (by the way, I was so excited when I figured out you can do this). The liner has lasted me all three months- I actually just tossed it out today, and I take back most of the complaints I immediately issued.

Product: Retro Love Eyeshadow Palette

Brand: Bad Habit

Original price: $12.00

What I paid: $7.20

My thoughts then: This palette, of course, is designed to be a dupe for the Subculture palette by ABH. I’ve never actually used the Subculture palette, but for $42, I’ve heard its dusty, messy, and not really worth the price. So far, I actually really like this dupe, and the fact that I got it for seven dollars is even more mind-boggling. I did notice a little bit of kickback in the pan, but it was nothing serious, and there wasn’t any fallout when I applied the eye shadow. The colors are also extremely pigmented, and similar to ABH in that regard. Overall, this is a win for me.

My thoughts now: This palette, although inexpensive, genuinely does feel like a higher-end product. I would compare the quality to a Lorac or Nyx eyeshadow palette- very pigmented, with a little bit of fallout (but not too much that it’s a problem). I like that there is a wide variety of colors in this palette, even though they did directly take them from the Subculture palette. If you tried the ABH palette and had problems with it, I would recommend giving this one a try. It’s really cheap, made in the USA, but also delivers really incredible quality. I believe Bad Habit has a website, but that might also be down while Hush is out of service. I sure hope not, because I would like to purchase more of their products in the future.

Product: Tinted Brow Mascara (Chocolate)

Brand: NYX

Original price: $7.00

What I paid: $4.20

My thoughts then: You really can’t go wrong with a tinted mascara for the brows. Mine especially are extremely sparse after so much plucking, so I really need to add some extra volume before I leave the house (otherwise, I look like a hard-boiled egg). I especially love the brand NYX because their brand is vegan-friendly, and all of their products are cruelty free.

My thoughts now: As I’m sure most of you know, I’ve been shaving off my eyebrows pretty regularly for a while now. I don’t have a use for this product anymore, because there aren’t any hairs for me to tint, so I did indeed re-gift this product. I love NYX and trust all of their product’s quality, so if I did have eyebrows, I would probably be using this on the daily.

Product: Elf Eye Brushes (Blending Brush)

Brand: E.L.F

Original price: $3.00

What I paid: $1.80

My thoughts then: I’m always on the hunt for a new blending brush. Right now, my favorite brushes are the ones I got in a Bad Habit bundle, but I do enjoy E.L.F brushes as well. I probably should have thought it through about ordering in the mail, though- the packaging of the product slightly flattened the brush. Nonetheless, it still works fine, and blended my eye shadow to a dream. And, of course, it’s insanely cheap.

My thoughts now: I love using this brush to pack on eyeshadow and pressed pigment, because the product takes to the brush very well and the residue washes off quickly with just a dry towel. It’s not fluffy enough to be used as a blending brush, but I do love using it to apply deeper, richer colors into my crease. For only three dollars, I am happy with how it performs, and still continue to use it every time I do my eyeshadow.

Product: Brow Kit (Dark)

Brand: LA Girl

Original price: $8.00

What I paid: $4.80

My thoughts then: I’ve been using the ABH brow pomade since high school, and I think that will always be my #1 go-to for brows. That being said, it’s not exactly designed for smoldering hot summer weather and sweaty foreheads. I wanted to try out a powder formula as a backup plan for the summer, with the hopes of avoiding having shiny eyebrows. I really do enjoy this product so far- it’s opaque, smooth, and easy to use. I also really love that the kit includes a tiny brush and some wax for your eyebrows- mine certainly do like to fly out all over the place if I don’t wax them down.

My thoughts now: This brow kit has absolutely become a staple in my eyebrow routine. The first thing I do is create a rough shape with the medium brown powder, then go over the powder with my ABH brow pomade, leaving out the inner part to create a fade effect. Then, to set it, I go back in with the darker brown to make sure it doesn’t move around during the day.

Product: False Lashes Pack of 5 (#601)

Brand: J Lash

Original price: $9.00

What I paid: $5.40

My thoughts then: I’ve been wearing fake eyelashes pretty much on the daily for about six months. I still struggle with the application, so if that also sounds like you, these could be the eyelashes for you. They’re soft, wispy, and easy to apply, making my morning routine much faster. They’re almost a little too natural for my taste; I like to go full-out with dramatic, pinup eyelashes, but I’m enjoying using them nonetheless.

My thoughts now: I figured out pretty quickly that these eyelashes are too wispy for my liking. There’s nothing actually wrong with them- they’re pretty decent quality- but I personally just prefer for my eyelashes to be dramatic and powerful!

Product: Vice Eyeshadow Palette

Brand: Face Candy

Original price: $12.00

What I paid: $5.04

My thoughts then: I haven’t been disappointed by a Hush eyeshadow palette yet, and this Face Candy palette is no exception. It’s amazing to me that their products are so affordable, because the palettes to perform amazingly. This particular palette is an array of purples, silvers, and a stunning gold, as you can see. The formula is buttery and pigmented, with extremely minimal fallout. I’m excited to pick this palette up again for some 1930s-40s themed looks.

My thoughts now: As I’ve started to really explore playing around with bright, shimmery colors, this is a palette that I simply love using for purple eyeshadow looks. This palette, along with the Zulu palette by Juvia’s Place, both pack a ton of pigment with very fallout. Because Face Candy is a smaller, indie brand, I unfortunately don’t know where to get more of their products now that the Hush app is down. Let me know if you find another site that their palettes are available on!

The purples in the Vice palette are absolutely stunning.

Product: Pin-Up Tease Boudoir Mascara

Brand: NYX

Original price: $6.00

What I paid: $3.60

My thoughts then: Despite the fact that I’ve been wearing mascara since middle school, I still struggle with getting huge globs of product all over my eyelids. That being said, this product is really easy to use, and the wand is light and delicate. Good news: I have somehow managed to not to stab myself in the eye yet using this mascara! And, of course, I had to purchase it because it’s called the pin up tease. Could this be my new favorite mascara ever?

My thoughts now: I started out really liking this product, and I do like the way it looks on my eyelashes, but there is one problem I have with it that really prevents me from using it. Even with makeup wipes and oil, this mascara is a total bitch to get off my face. I ended up having to rub so hard, my actual eyelashes were starting to get sparse and fall off. I haven’t picked it up in a while, because nobody’s eyes deserve that much scrubbing!


Product: Plush Bow Headband (Pink)

Brand: Spa Solutions

Original price: $5.00

What I paid: $3.00

My thoughts then: This is just a cute ‘lil headband, so there’s not much negative I can say about it. Anything pink,  fluffy, and girly will catch my eye, so this is no exception. I’m not planning on rocking it out on a Friday night, but I have been using it to keep my hair out of my face when I do my makeup.

My thoughts now: Nothing has changed! It’s still cute, pink, fluffy, and very much my style.

That is everything! As you can see, some of my thoughts have changed now that I’ve given all the products a chance, but ultimately, I think I got a great batch of makeup that was well worth the money. Like I said, I don’t know if Hush is coming back, but a lot of these products can also be found at drugstores and Ulta if you are interested.

IMG_8941 (1).JPG
I used some of the warmer tones in the Retro Love Palette to create this look.

2/13/19 Thoughts

GREAT: Illuminating Face Powder, Cherry Lava Purify Mask, E.L.F Face Primer, Moisturizing Body Stick, Retro Love Eyeshadow Palette, Dark Brow Kit, Vice Eyeshadow Palette

GOOD: HD Pro Corrector Highlighter, Cleansing Water, Cleansing Foam + Makeup Remover, Tinted Brow Mascara, Blending Brush, False Eyelashes, Pin Up Tease Mascara, Plush Headband

NOT QUITE GOOD FOR ME: Primer Oil, Felt Tip Eyeliner

5/22/19 Thoughts

GREAT: Illuminating Face Powder, Cherry Lava Purify Mask, E.L.F Face Primer, Moisturizing Body Stick, Retro Love Eyeshadow Palette, Dark Brow Kit, Vice Eyeshadow Palette, Blending Brush

GOOD: HD Pro Corrector Highlighter, Cleansing Water, Cleansing Foam + Makeup Remover, Plush Headband, Felt Tip Eyeliner

NOT QUITE GOOD FOR ME: Primer Oil, Pin Up Tease Mascara, Tinted Brow Mascara, False Eyelashes

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