The Fall Tag

I was planning on publishing  “Giving My Friend a Vintage Makeover” today (as I have been trying to do for weeks), but I still can’t find anyone to use for the challenge! Or maybe, I just don’t have any friends? It’s hard to say. Instead, I’m going to be doing a ♡fall tag♡ today. With […]


My Fall-Themed Makeup Look

Since I’ve been at school, I haven’t really prioritized buying new makeup or wearing super complicated makeup looks to class. Partly it’s because I don’t have much time or money, but it’s also because my tastes are changing constantly. I used to love shaving off my eyebrows and doing bright, avant-garde makeup looks, but I […]


My Holiday Weekend: Sarah’s Weekly Catch-up

Monday, October 7  Today has been a super chaotic, albeit fun, day for writing. I’m really excited about the articles I’m currently working on, because they branch out quite a bit from my usual subject matter. I’m somewhat more interested in “harder” news stories and controversial topics, like the early start time of school and […]