It’s officially fall, which means it’s now my favorite season! This particular fall already feels so much different than past ones, as this is essentially the first October I’m spending not being in school. It’s very surreal to see the leaves changing and feeling the weather getting colder, but knowing that I’m not going back to school because…there’s no school left to go back to.

Anyhow, this fall also feels a bit different because I’m focused more on buying clothes that are comfortable and appropriate for work, rather than outfits that I think are cute for class. I’ve certainly been buying a lot of cozy sweaters, and I noticed they all fall into a similar color story, so you’ll probably notice a similar theme in this lookbook. 

Let’s start off with the color palette I’ve been loving so far. I’ve always been really drawn to pastels, particularly pinks and yellows, no matter what the season. I can also pretty much only wear neutral tones to work, so that’s why several of the tops I pick out are either white or gray. I like colors that can pair easily with denim or yoga pants, so shades of white, cream, and beige are usually a pretty safe bet. I also tend to stick mostly with cottons rather than wools, as I find wearing wool to be extremely repulsive and uncomfortable.

As you can tell, I’ve been OBSESSED with my overalls and I try to wear them at least three times a week. For one thing, they’re extremely comfortable and perfect for working in a coffee shop. I love that I don’t have to constantly hike up my pants while wearing these! I also love that they serve as a perfect transitional piece for a fall in New England- you can wear them with a short-sleeved top in the summer, and then, as the weather starts to cool down, you can transition to overalls and sweaters (as I’ve been doing frequently.) I truly believe everyone, regardless of gender, needs a pair of overalls in their closet.

Like I said, I’ve been really loving sweet, feminine pastels, such as with my color gradient sweater I picked up a couple of years ago, and the super-soft tie dye hoodie I found for 40% off at Aerie last month. I’ve been wearing both of those items constantly this fall, particularly the hoodie down at the cape last weekend. As you can probably guess, I like to purchase things that are versatile and have a multi-purposeful use. This hoodie doubles as both my pajamas and my lazy-day slip-on, and additionally, as something for my boyfriend to occasionally sneak from my closet. If you don’t have a good, everyday hoodie yet, fall 2020 is the time to invest in one. I think we could all use a big, cozy hug from a soft hoodie right now. 

Going back to neutrals and clothing items that can be easily mixed and matched, I’ve been enjoying layering my outfits this month. New England especially is known for its rapidly-changing weather; it could be 30 degrees in the morning and up to 75 by the time I’m leaving work at 3pm. With that being said, I’ve been wearing a lot of neutral cardigans that can easily dress up or dress down an outfit, depending on how the weather evolves throughout the day. 

I’ve never been huge on prints, but horizontal stripes have always vibed really well with me. If you peep some of my older lookbooks you’ll notice horizontal stripes make quite a few appearances! I think it’s just a classy, universally flattering pattern for everyone, and particularly in the fall, I’ve noticed that stripes in general seem to be very trendy.

That’s pretty much where my style has been going these past couple of months! It honestly hasn’t been a very far departure from my summer style- perhaps just a bit more bundled up and cozy. The spark notes of this lookbook are basically bulky, cotton knits in a variety of pastel and neutral colors, and lots of denim to match. What have you guys been loving so far this fall? Do you keep up with popular trends, or do you travel to the beat of your own drum? Let me know down below!

Summer 2020 is officially here, and although it’s not looking as bright and cheery as many of us were expecting, I still have hope that this can be a fun summer. I’m personally not a huge summer person because I dislike the heat, so summertime to me is more about staying comfortable than it is about staying stylish.

With that being said, a lot of the clothes I’ve picked up for summer 2020 are exactly that: durable, comfortable, and safe to get messy. Buck and I are taking a trip up to Maine in a couple of weeks, so these are the staples I’m bringing up with me for a week of dirt, lake water, and campfires.


As y’all know, I am HUGE into thrifting, so it probably comes as no surprise that almost everything here is either secondhand or consignment. Starting from the top left, the peach beaded top is a gorgeous chiffon little piece that my housemate got at The Garment District. She didn’t realize it had sleeves (and yeah, it’s hard to tell,) so she decided to let me have it instead of returning it to the store. I probably would have never picked it out for myself, but I actually really love it. It has that 70s vibe I’ve been really loving lately, and it looks so cute with a pair of bell-bottom jeans and some chunky wedges. This top will be perfect for going to sit-down restaurants and other events that may require more formality than a tye-dye shirt.

Speaking of, I’ve been SO into tye-dye lately. I was bored at home a couple of weeks ago, so I decided to bleach tye-dye some dark t-shirts I’ve had sitting in my closet. The first one I bleached was the Led Zeppelin shirt, which was a hand-me-down from my brother. I think I might have bleached it a bit too intensely, but I still really like it and I’ve been wearing it around the house frequently. I really love the way the top right one came out- I think the pattern is very interesting, and the shirt is baggy and perfect for humid summer days. Moving onto real tye-dye, get a load of that Wisconsin Tye Dyes shirt I picked up at The Garment District. It’s kind of hard to see, but it says “Grateful I’m Not Dead” with a picture of a skull in the top right corner. I freaked out when Erin spotted this on the tye dye rack, and honestly, it’s possibly my favorite purchase to date. Buck has also been loving it, and since I’ve let him borrow it, he’s hardly taken it off. So that was a great steal, and I don’t see myself ever getting rid of that t-shirt. 

For something a bit more formal and feminine, I was so thrilled to come across this thrifted Modcloth dress, also from The Garment District. What I love most about this dress is that it has the same colors as The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds album- white, yellow, and green. I can already see myself going for strolls around North Conway and picnicking with Buck in this little number. It’s so cute and lightweight, making it perfect for the summertime, and I also think it’s just such a unique piece. It really symbolizes a lot of joy for me. 

As for other staples, I’m still on my scrunchie kick, and I’ve also been wearing this beanie a lot on the days that I don’t feel like fussing with my hair. The humidity really makes my hair get dry and puffy, so most days, I’ll either throw on the hat or toss my hair up into a scrunchie. The pink shoes are not thrifted; they were actually a gift from my mother. However, they are Rothy’s, which is an extremely ethical shoe brand that manufactures their products from recycled plastic bottles. The shoes are really durable and comfortable, and if you do get them dirty, you can just machine wash them with the rest of your clothes. I have another pair of Rothy’s in the color red, and I wear them constantly around the house. If you’re looking for a really durable flat, I highly recommend this brand.

Lastly but certainly not least, I have been LIVING in my thrifted Bugle Boy Co. shorts. I mean, come on, look at them. They’re fabulous. They’re so strong and perfect for day-to-day life, and they pair great with every single shirt in this picture. They do make my ass look about eight miles wide, so I try to get some of my waist back by pairing it with this thrifted Lucky Brand belt. Honestly, though, I have no complaints about how baggy they are. They certainly reduce the amount of times I get catcalled in the city, so thanks, Bugle Boy!

Anyway, those are all of the new additions to my closet that I’ve been loving this summer. I’ve been feeling so comfortable and groovy in these lovely items, and I’m really looking forward to wearing them out all summer. And as always, shoutout to The Garment District in Cambridge for always having an amazing selection of thrifted items!

Do I have anywhere to go right now? Nope. Am I going to put together a spring lookbook anyway to pass my time in quarantine? Hell yeah.

So, it’s been a weird year so far, hasn’t it? I certainly haven’t been leaving my house to go shopping, partly because I have no income, and also because I’m not really supposed to leave unless it’s to get groceries or medication. With that being said, a lot of my items today are things I already owned or purchased a while ago, or things that I received in my spring Fab Fit Fun box (gracefully paid for as a gift by my mother.) I hope you find this article enjoyable, and it adds a bit of brightness into your day!


If you read my review of the spring Fab Fit Fun box, you probably remember me sharing all about this cozy, loose cardigan. I was shocked to see that it normally retails for $99, but it is nice. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve worn it every single day since I received the box! I love this ribbed cardigan because it’s very light and neutral, making it ideal to dress up or down a wide variety of outfits. One of my favorite things to pair with the cardigan is this white lace dress, which I wore to my high school graduation years ago. I definitely can’t afford anything else from this brand, but I’m really loving this item I received and I’m looking forward to wearing it into the warmer months! 


I’ve also been getting really into florals lately, and one of my absolute favorite dresses is this gorgeous flowery gown from Marshalls. I bought it about three years ago, but I still love wearing it every year and finding new ways to dress it up and down. One pairing I’m particularly enjoying is the dress with my favorite wedges, which I also picked up at Marshalls a while ago. If I had any sort of reason to leave my house or go to a formal event, this is exactly the outfit I would wear. Especially since my boyfriend is 6’3”, I have to rely on high heels to catch up to him!


For the days when the weather is still a bit chilly, or I just feel like being cozy, I’ve been absolutely loving this colorblocked sweater from the Salvation Army. On trend with spring, I’ve been loving pastels and soft aesthetics lately, and this sweater is perfect for the occasion. I’ve even been enjoying modeling my makeup after the color scheme of this sweater, particularly the mints and the purples. It’s really a cute, funky piece, so I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of this awesome sweater.

Peep that hand sanitizer.

For holding essentials, I’m really loving this book-themed canvas bag my mom gave me for Christmas. As you can see, it has the names of several classic novels on the side- several of which I love myself! I’ve been using this bag a lot lately, because my 1984-themed tote is literally falling apart at the seams. Maybe down the road I’ll make a What’s-In-My-Bag article; what do you guys think?


Lastly but certainly not least, this mint Grace Karin dress is the perfect combination of sweet vintage and pastel springy goodness. Considering I bought this dress on Amazon, I’m really impressed with the quality and how well it has held up over the last couple of years. I really love the Grace Karin brand, and I think they consistently put out well-made, gorgeous dresses.

Anyway, that’s my spring lookbook for 2020! I hope you found this interesting and informative. Remember to keep safe and stay inside as often as you can!

It feels like a hot minute since I’ve posted anything fashion related, let alone a lookbook. Part of the reason for that is because my style didn’t really change much from April 2018 to about March 2019. Then, I started to get interested in the psychobilly aesthetic, which blended very well with the vintage theme I had going on at the time. Alas, ever the chameleon, my style is still changing. As I’ve continued to develop my creativity and passion for art, my personal style is changing as well. I also believe that the emergence of my homosexuality has impacted my fashion- artists such as k.d. lang have strengthened my appreciation for touches of “butch.” On the flip side, more feminine lesbian artists such as King Princess and Zheani have played into my more girlish, pastel inspiration.


The clothes that I am showcasing today are from Shein- an online shop which I have purchased from before. The quality is comparative to Forever 21 (not terrible, but not the best), and in general, I’d say shopping here is pretty hit or miss. I’m actually really happy with the size and quality of all the things I bought, with the exception of a pair of light-wash jeans I’m not pictured wearing. You have to remember that you’re shopping from an Asian size chart, so it’s always ideal to go one or two sizes up. So, with the exception of the super-tight jeans, I am actually really impressed with everything else!


Like I said, my style is mostly soft and feminine with a few touches of lesbian “butch” energy. I love to have these touches of butch, because in regards to my romantic relationships and sexuality, I do enjoy taking on a more dominant, loud personality. When I think of lesbian icons like k.d. lang, I especially get a sense of this dominance that speaks to me in her music. The feminine touches are a bit more edgy than usual, which fits my chaotic energy nicely. As I said, I am also inspired by Zheani’s music, who has a similar edgy, “thotty” feminine style. 

Rather than going over every item piece-by-piece, I am going to instead lay out this lookbook as a gallery of portraits I took. I remember the day I took these as being extremely humid and stuffy, so although I look cool and collected, I was actually a sweaty mess. I’m really happy with how these pictures came out after I edited them to have a retro filter, and I hope you enjoy looking at them! As I said, all of these clothes are from Shein, but I am not sponsored by them, nor did I get any of these clothes for free. 









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I’ve been looking forward to writing this article for weeks now, especially since my style has evolved into something much more extravagant, colorful, and even a little campy. Summer in New England can be a little unpredictable, so I like to buy things that can be layered/removed easily if needed. Considering I’m going to be spending quite a bit of time volunteering in a barn, my go-to outfit this summer is mostly going to be shorts, a t-shirt, and a pair of boots adequate for walking in the mud.

Oh, speaking of boots, I bought these shoes from Dolls Kill recently, and I will DEFINITELY not be wearing these in the mud! If you’ve heard of Dolls Kill, you know that their shoes and clothes are on the pricier side, but I actually got these fabulous shoes on sale. They were originally over $100, but I got them for less than $60 over Memorial Day weekend. They may look impractical to you, but I’ve already worn them to the grocery store, an ice cream stand, and outside by building to walk my dog. They’re surprisingly comfortable, because despite the giant platform, the heel actually isn’t that high. I’ve been super into cool-tones lately, as you may have noticed from my hair and makeup. I’m looking forward to shopping at Dolls Kill in the future and adding to my ridiculous shoe collection!


I actually haven’t gotten this in the mail yet, but I ordered the Blue Blood palette from Jeffree Star Cosmetics and I am SO EXCITED to put this on my face. Picture this: it’s a breezy day, my teal hair is in two pigtails, I’m wearing my holographic platform boots, and Blue Blood is blended to the gods on my eyes. I think it’s a look, and I’m here to own it. I do intend on making a review for this palette, so if that’s something you’d like to see, let me know!

Image result for blue blood

Like I said, this summer is going to consist of a lot of shorts and t-shirts, so when I saw this Rocketman shirt at Kohl’s, I freaked out. Elton John, the KING of camp, has been one of my favorite musicians and style icons since I was in elementary school. If there was ever a shirt to pair my platform boots with, it’s this one.


The last couple things I bought are probably more stylish, albeit, less functional for casual wear. You all know that I hate the heat, so on humid summer days, I want to wear as little clothing as possible. This rainbow halter top is going to be perfect for Pride festival, which I’m going to be attending later in the month. I also found this black mini-skirt with SHORTS under it, so I don’t have to worry about flashing anyone while I bask in the pain and agony of summer.


The summer is still young, so I’m sure I will be adding a few additional pieces to my collection. I’d love to do a Dolls Kill haul, but like I said, there clothes and shoes can be pricey unless a sale is going on. I’m so excited to spend the summer adventuring and (hopefully) partying at my favorite gay club, and you already know I’m going to be up on that stripper pole with my platform heels on, screaming along to “Born This Way”.

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Hi everybody! I hope you’re all well and enjoying the newfound summertime. I, for one, am not the biggest fan of the warm weather. I don’t mind the sunshine so much, but as soon as the sun starts to heat my skin, I get awfully rashy and blotchy. Per usual, it looks like I’ll be spending a lot of time inside!

I posted my last moodboard about two months ago, and now that it’s summertime, it’s time for another one. My style hasn’t changed much since then, but I am trying to incorporate more colors into my wardrobe, like red and denim. Red, black, and white are all very classically rockabilly colors, so I’m very excited to do some summer shopping and pick up some new garments for the season!

may moodboard

In regards to clothing, I’ve still been finding some great things on Amazon, like those high-waisted fifties style pants you see in the middle. I think they would be a great investment, because they can be paired with a variety of different tops and accessories, and remain historically accurate to the decade I love. I’ve also been very interested in slightly more vampiric, old-school designs, like the two black and white collared dresses. It’s very Wednesday Addams, and because those dresses are short, they would be appropriate for summer wear. You could also, of course, pair the dresses with tights, and make them fabulous for the colder months as well. I’m not sure where the dress on the left is from, but I know the dress on the right with certainty is from the Dollskill website. Another piece I’d like to incorporate into my closet is a red faux-leather jacket, but I unfortunately did not include a picture. Leather jackets, of course, were also an iconic component of the 1950s, and I’d love to add that as a staple to my wardrobe.

In regards to shoes, I definitely need an upgrade. Since my old black pinup heels broke on one of the platforms, I’ve been wearing the same black skechers flat every day. I’d love to get some super gothic platform heels from Dollskill or Killjoy, but they’re so expensive, I might have to settle for these Fashion Nova heels you see pictured instead. I’ve never purchased from Fashion Nova, but I love those shoes, and they actually appear quite comfortable to me. That, of course, is just based on the picture, so if I do buy them, I’ll be sure to update you on the wearability.

Other accessories I will be continuing to wear are red lipstick and over-the-top bumper bangs. I’ve been wearing bumper bangs in my hair for more than a year, because it’s a very comfortable hairstyle, and also quite easy to do once you get the knack of it down. If you’re interested in reading my vintage hair tutorials, I’ll include that link below.

I’m almost out of my Kylie Jenner red lip kit, so it’s time to find a new red lip. The Kylie Jenner formula actually worked really well on me, and I probably will purchase it again in the future, but I do want to try a matte liquid lipstick from Lime Crime. I have one of their metallic red lipsticks, and the color payoff is smooth and pigmented. The lipsticks also smell like cupcakes, so what’s there to complain about?

I think the overall look I am trying to achieve is spooky, high-femme, and ultimate psychobilly. I love the idea that women can be strong and powerful while still being girly, because that is a personal style I really identify with. I also really enjoy looking a little bit edgy, and standing out from what the fashion norms are. If you know of any other ethical shops that I might enjoy shopping on, let me know in the comments! I’m always looking for new style inspiration and ideas.

Vintage hair tutorials:

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IMG_3867.jpgHappy Spring, everybody!

It is indeed officially spring here in New England, and I couldn’t be happier. I do appreciate all the changing seasons, but spring will always hold a special place for me. I am a spring baby, after all, and I’ve always felt a very strong connection to nature. There’s something so sweet and humbling about the bursting of life around me- it inspires me to be the brightest version of myself that I can be.

Ironically, I’m sliding into spring with a quite darker tone. I’m still going to be rocking my vintage style, but I’ve amped it up from retro to rockabilly. I recently got my hair colored bright teal at a local hair salon, and since then, I’ve just been having so much fun playing around with this gothic-psychobilly aesthetic.


The first look I’m wearing is this lovely collared button-up dress by Gowntown. I love how stretchy and comfortable it is, and it looks gorgeous with and without a petticoat. Not that the weather is getting warmer, I probably won’t want to be wearing too many layers. I paired this dress with a black elastic headband, also from Amazon. Actually, now that I think about it, most of this stuff is from Amazon. The only downside that comes with constantly wearing black is the outrageous amount of lint my clothes gather, but luckily, I keep a lint roller in my purse at all times.


I also ordered this lovely off-the-shoulder scalloped dress, and I am absolutely in love with it. This dress hugs me in all the right places, the fabric is stretchy and comfortable, and the material feels thick and well-made. I’ve consistently been happy with my dresses from Belle Poque, so if you’re interested in getting into the vintage look, they are a great company to start with. As with any black garment, of course, this dress picks up dust and hair quite easily, so keep a lint roller nearby!


The third and final dress I’m adding to my spring wardrobe is this tight-fitting black polka-dot dress, and I have to say, I think this is my favorite dress at the moment. I’m not used to wearing bodycon dresses, as you may have noticed, so it’s definitely a new change for me. But hey, I’ve got a snatched body, so why not show off my curves proudly and work them? I’m also wearing a body shaper underneath this dress, which isn’t really doing much, but I’m still kind of obsessed with the concept of a body shaper. Is it a bra? Is it underwear? Is it just undercover lingerie? We may never know.


If you checked out my spring mood board that came out a little while back, then you know that I’ve been really into gothic arts, metal music, and alternative spirituality lately. I knew I had to add Ghost merchandise to my ever-growing collection of black t-shirts, and honestly, it was well worth the $23. I also went ahead and bought myself a copy of The Satanic Bible, because hey, why the heck not?

I feel like my approach to spirituality is much different than what people would assume, especially when it comes to green witchcraft and LaVeyan Satanism. To be honest, most people who are interested in satanism don’t even believe in the devil or remotely worship him, including myself. To me and many others, LaVeyan Satanism is appealing because it’s actually not about worshipping another being or a higher power- it’s about finding a higher power within yourself. I’m also attracted to the satanic ideologies of sexual freedom, creative rebellion, and connection to nature. That’s pretty much the extent of why I like satanism. I’m not going out into the woods wearing a mask and a cloak to sacrifice woodland animals or anything, so mom- you can relax!

Anyway, that was a bit of a tangent, but I like to make my views on religion/spirituality as clear as possible, and clarify that I don’t condemn violence or animal sacrifices, or anything fucked up like that. Moving on!


That’s pretty much the bulk of what I ordered this season, but I also brought some goodies from home, like my itsy-bitsy black pencil skirt, a hot topic dress with chemistry symbols on it (ADORABLE) and a pair of high-waisted mom jeans. I like my style to be flowy and interchangeable, and lately, I’ve also enjoyed drawing a lot of attention to my hips (it’s not like I have giant rack to show off anyway). The statement piece, of course, is my hair, and I am so thrilled with how it came out. Some people have actually asked me if it was a wig, which 1) I do take as a compliment, and 2) I totally agree with. I think that any time you dye directly all over your head, including the roots, you do tend to give your hair that wig-like appearance.


I hope you guys have enjoyed seeing all my spring outfits, as much as I have enjoyed showing them off to you! I’m happy to leave links to where I bought everything as well, if that’s something you’d like for me to add in. Happy Spring, everybody!


Gowntown Black and White Dress:

Scalloped Dress:

Bodycon Dress:


Ghost Shirt:

*Unfortunately, I don’t have a link for the chemistry dress; I don’t think Hot Topic makes it anymore*

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