With all of the turbulent changes happening to many of us during this time, it’s no surprise that our routines from morning to night are changing as well. I’ve actually planned on posting this article for a while now- it just so happened that the date lined up with a global pandemic. Because I am living at home currently, my schedule is quite a bit different than it was when I was living on campus. For one thing, I’m able to sleep in a little bit later! I also have more time for other things, such as workouts and doing my makeup. From start to finish, this is how a usual weekday morning goes for me.

Like many people, the first thing I do in the morning after shutting off my alarm is take a few minutes to scroll through my phone. I’m a member of several group chats that I keep muted, so the first thing I’ll usually do is flip through my messages and make sure I’m not missing any important information. I’ll also check my many emails: my regular email, my school email, and my work email, to see if there is anything crucial I need to add into my daily workload. Additionally, I like to read through theSkimm newsletter sent to my email to stay up-to-date on current events.


After catching up on socials and messages, the next thing to start my morning is a big cup of black coffee. My caffeine intake has been slowly increasing over time, and as of right now, I’m averaging about 16oz of coffee per day. The less coffee I have, the less productive and awake I’m likely to be. I also prefer a light breakfast over a super substantial one, unless it’s a weekend and I’m feeling a bit fancier. Lately, I’ve been enjoying either the soft-baked Belvita breakfast bars, or a bowl of vanilla yogurt with blueberry granola. 

I’ll either put in my contacts before my morning shower, or immediately after; either way, it’s one of the first things I do when I wake up. Putting in my contacts can also really wake me up if I’m feeling groggy- there’s nothing like sticking your fingers into your eyeballs to make you feel awake. 

At least twice a week, I like to do a quick workout to help me jump into the day and make me feel pumped and ready to get things done. I don’t like going to the gym (and even if I did, I wouldn’t leave my house right now,) so I follow exercises from a workout book called Body Boss. The workouts usually take me between 15-25 minutes, depending on how long I decide to warm up, and encompass everything from cardio to weight training.


By this time, it’s usually around 11am or so, and that’s right around when I take my morning shower. I also do my morning skincare routine, which includes cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Right now, everything I’m using for skincare is by the brand Soap & Glory, and I’m absolutely in love with their design and packaging. I haven’t been using the brand long enough to know if the products really work, but I do really love everything this brand is about and how cute everything is!

Immediately after my shower and while my hair is still wet, I always go ahead and apply the same two products: a damage repair leave-in treatment by Aveda, and a few spritzes of the Prep Rally spray by Drybar. Bleach really takes a toll on the quality of one’s hair, and even though mine is in fairly good condition, I still like to keep it as healthy as possible. Because my hair is naturally curly, it gets quite frizzy if I brush it while it’s still wet. Using a couple of high-quality products on the daily helps me to keep my hair and check and maintain a salon-smooth silkiness.


Lastly, depending on what my agenda for the day is, I’ll either go completely bare-faced or put on a full face of makeup (there is no in-between.) I don’t put on makeup with the intention of going anywhere; I just genuinely love the relaxing process of putting on makeup, and I feel really good about myself when I have it on. Even though it’s just a little thing, it really brightens up my day and even boosts my productivity and my creativity.

By this time, it’s usually around noon and the morning is over! The next line of action is just for me to start my work for the day! Like I said, my routine would be very different if I was still at school and going to physical classes every day. I can assure you that I definitely would not be working out twice a week, or spending so much time doing my makeup. However, even though the times are strange right now, I am making do with my circumstances and trying to live my best life. I hope you found this article entertaining, and I’m looking forward to posting my updated night routine on Thursday! Stay safe, everyone.

I’m not a health or lifestyle guru by any means, but through trial and error, I’ve finally found a summer morning routine that resonates well with me. This routine is going to be much different than my college morning routine, so if you’re interested in that, I’ll leave the link to that article at the bottom of the page!


Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are the mornings I start off by going to the gym. I usually try to head there about twenty minutes after waking up, which can be kind of late, considering I’m out of school now. I don’t make breakfast until after my morning workout, but to hold me over until then, I’ll bring a nut bar with me. If you’re looking for a super organic, minimal-ingredient morning nut bar, I highly recommend any and all products by Larabar. The one I’m eating this morning has only two ingredients- cashews and dates.

I’m lucky enough to have a gym in my apartment building, so rain or shine, I make it a priority to go. I think of exercising as a way of pampering your body, and afterwards, I feel pretty amazing, energized, and ready to be productive (or not) for the rest of my day. If you, like me, are also a beginner at exercising, I recommend just running on the treadmill for an hour a few days a week. That’s what I’m doing- I’m not drastically trying to lose weight, but I would like to feel confident in a crop top this summer. So cardio is my go-to at the moment, and I try not to push myself too hard.


I’m grateful to be home from college because it means I have access to adequate, healthy food again- and breakfast is my favorite meal of the day to cook. My mom recently bought a plethora of avocados, so in my attempts to eat them all before they go bad, I’ve been making a shitload of avocado toast. I also like to make a smoothie and throw in all of the produce I wouldn’t normally just grab and eat straight- like spinach, pineapple, and apples. If you also find that you don’t usually reach for fruit and veggies when you want a snack, I recommend tossing it into a morning smoothie. It’s a great way to get those pesky leafy greens out of the way, and trust me, I will not eat spinach unless it’s in a smoothie. I also have my black coffee, of course, because I’ll effectively turn into a monster without it.



I think hopping into the shower after a workout is one of the nicest feelings in the world. My shower routine isn’t very exciting (does anyone have an exciting shower routine?), but I do have a couple of products to mention that I’ve been loving lately. First of all, as a curly-haired girl, this shampoo by Biolace changed my damn life. Seriously. I don’t think my hair has ever been this soft. In fact, my hair is so soft, it slips out of a ponytail every time I try to wear one. Because my hair is bleached and color-treated, it’s really important to me that my hair looks (and feels) as healthy as possible. This shampoo and and the conditioner have been doing that job so flawlessly, I actually look forward to washing my hair on Sunday nights. (I only get my hair wet and wash it once a week, which sounds nasty, but trust me, my hair feels incredible). Additionally, I’ve been using the CeraVe foaming facial cleanser for literal years now, so that’s another staple in my routine that I like to mention. I also use it to shave my eyebrows, which, if you didn’t know, I do quite regularly.

Putting on my makeup may very well be one of my favorite parts of the day. I don’t think I’m incredible at makeup, but I’ve been doing it since middle school, so I think I’m at least okay at this point. Now that I’ve been wearing more black, I’ve been extra-into extremely bright eyeshadow looks. The makeup look I did today is very colorful and gay, which is exactly what I wanted.


It’s not really morning anymore by this point, so I can’t always predict what the rest of the day will look like. A normal afternoon will entail me writing articles, editing particles, posting articles, checking my email…usually productive, blog-y things like that. Sometimes I put on a full face of makeup and just dedicate the rest of my day to playing The Sims. Whatever it is I’m doing, I always try to give it everything I’ve got and totally pour all my attention into it. I leave my house too, of course, but considering I don’t have a car…there aren’t many places I can go. The good news is, I just applied to volunteer in the barn at an animal shelter with my mom, so I’ll hopefully have a lot of new blogging/vlogging material to share once I get started with that!

My COLLEGE Morning Routine: 

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Roughly, I would say I spend about sixty percent of my time living on my college campus. The other forty percent is a compilation of school breaks, summer vacation, and occasional weekends I spend at home. While I do enjoy the freedom and independence that comes along with going to college, I kind of f*cked up in choosing a good school for me. I don’t like my particular college, I don’t like the people I go to school with, and I don’t love the quality of my housing.

Nonetheless, we have to make do with what we have. The things I don’t like about my housing are pretty typical college things: no AC, disgusting bathrooms, a washer and dryer that neither wash nor dry your clothes, and of course, dealing with obnoxious housemates. I feel lucky enough to say that I don’t have a roommate, which has certainly made my housing experience better than average.

With that out of the way, I want to share with you my everyday college morning routine, more specifically, on Monday through Thursday. I don’t have work or classes on Friday, so the long weekend for me usually doesn’t have a consistent routine (except for LOTS of sleep)! So let’s get into it.

Depending on the day, and what time my first class is, I wake up at different times. Most of the time it’s between 8:00-9:30, which gives me quite a bit of time before I need to leave. The first thing I do every morning is write down all the dreams/nightmares I had the night before, in a designated dream journal. There’s no rhyme or reason for why I do that- I just think it’s a fun collection of scribbles to have recorded. The interesting thing about dreams is that they’re uncontrollable and strange, so writing down your dreams is a great way to find story prompts if you’re a writer.

After I write down my dreams (assuming I have any), I like to start the day with a ten-minute meditation. I think meditation is a great way to slowly wake up and energize yourself, especially if you’re not really a morning person. I usually will put on a YouTube video for my meditation, especially from the channel Great Meditation, close my eyes, and just focus on breathing deeply and stretching. I’m not athletic or even flexible, but it feels so good to stretch your muscles and crack your back after laying in bed all night. It’s probably my favorite part of every morning, and helps me look forward to waking up.

After those two lovely morning exercises, I get my basic morning hygiene things out of the way, like washing my face and brushing my teeth. Right now, I’m using the Joss+lyn foaming cleanser in the morning, which is something I mentioned in my last Hush Beauty haul. I’m a night-showerer at school, because I love showers and it gives me something to look forward to after a long day, especially a long, hot, muscle-melting shower. Some people look at showering as a chore, but for me, it’s nothing short of a luxury.

The last thing I do before I head out for the day is pick an outfit for the day and put on a full face of makeup. A full face of glam every weekday might sound extreme, but I genuinely do love putting on my makeup every morning. It’s therapeutic, it’s creative, and more than anything, it’s “me time”. I think it’s extremely important for us to have positive relationships with ourselves and practice self-love, no matter how unimportant that may seem. If it makes you feel good to curl your hair every morning, do your makeup, exercise, etc., then go ahead and take that time for yourself. We all deserve to feel beautiful, inside and out.

That’s pretty much it for my everyday morning routine. I obviously have to pack my school bag with all the books I’ll need for the day, but at that point, I don’t have time to do much else besides run out the door. I’m happy with the routine I have down- I sleep in relatively late for someone my age, and I still have time to practice self-care and some morning relaxation. My nighttime routine is a lot less consistent than my morning one, but if you’re still interested in seeing that, let me know!

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