My Favorite Directors

I may not be a huge movie buff, but there are a solid handful of movies and directors that I absolutely love. Today I want to share with you guys some of my favorite directors of all time, and which movies they’ve created that I’m currently loving. Let me know if we share any favorites! […]


Monthly Obsessions: March

March has been a weird month. Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve probably been hearing a lot of hubbub about the coronavirus and how it is affecting the everyday life of people around the world, including students such as myself.  With that being said, I am spending a lot of time cozied up indoors. […]


The Twelve Days of Blogmas: Blogmas 2019

Happy December, everybody! In celebration of Christmastime, I’ve decided to start an annual Blogmas tradition. For the entire month, every article I post will be holiday-related in some capacity. Per usual, I will still be posting my weekly catch-ups, but those won’t count towards the twelve days of Blogmas. While most of these posts are […]