Sunday, October 18

I’m happy to say I’ve had a super productive weekend, and lots of time to unwind and de-stress after working forty hours last week! I normally only work 32 hours per week, but my boss asked me to cover a Friday shift and I can always use the extra money. On Friday, Buck came over and spent the night (as he usually does on a weekend night) and we ordered delivery and watched cartoons (as we also usually do.) My back was so sore after spending so much time running around at Starbucks, I had no problem falling asleep in the blink of an eye on Friday. The last thing I remember is Buck watching tik toks and turning his phone to show me them as I fell asleep, lol.

Check out the fabulous lighting in my room! This mirror is magical.

Yesterday was catch-up-on-things-around-the-house day, so I did tons of laundry, cleaned up my room, and went grocery shopping at Target. The Target I went to was definitely not the closest grocery store to me, but I like to go there because it’s the single ONLY location I know that carries the Gardein Chick’n Florentino. I also bought a bigger reusable water bottle, because I definitely don’t drink enough water throughout the day and I’d like to make a bit more of an effort. I also started watching Coven last night, the third season of American Horror Story, despite Buck’s warnings that it’s going to be too spooky for me. I will admit, I’m four episodes in and it is quite disturbing, but I’m definitely too deep into it now and I HAVE to see how it ends. I actually don’t watch a lot of Netflix nowadays, but hey, it’s spooky season, and what better way to spend October than binging spooky television?

To be honest, it’s been really nice to focus all my attention on something besides work. I have definitely felt like Starbucks is consuming my life lately, particularly since it’s so intensive and there’s even some internal store drama going on. I’m trying to transfer pretty badly, both for my own well being and to cut my commute in half, but I’m also not opposed to finding a new job altogether. Even if I just cut back on my hours and spend more time doing freelance/remote work, that would be a step in the right direction.

On that note, today has been all about applying for jobs and getting some writing done. I’m going to start publishing two articles a week instead of three for the foreseeable future, because with my current busy schedule it’s just too easy for me to get behind. I’m looking forward to the week ahead, including weekly dinner with my friends and taking Nathaniel on a surprise date some day next weekend, and *maybe* even a response from a new job? Stay tuned!

Had a lovely little picnic in Brighton yesterday. I love these overalls.

Wednesday, October 7

I’ve had pretty much exclusively early shifts this week, which is difficult when I’m scrambling out of bed at 5:30am but totally worth it when I’m clocking out at 3:30 in the afternoon. I think having four straight days of waking up madly early has been taking a toll on me, as I usually have one 8 or 9am start time thrown in somewhere in the middle to help me recharge. I think feeling consumed by work this week has made me a bit more irritable and sensitive than usual, which isn’t really surprising.

I’ve also been stressed because the expenses of living completely independently are more present than ever. Because I have to switch subways four times a day just to get to and from work, my train fare bills are so expensive. I did the math and it looks like I spend $115 a month just taking the subway! On top of that, I essentially ran out of food yesterday and my SNAP benefits don’t land until Saturday, so that was really stressing me out. I decided to get my dinner from Starbucks because I get free food for working there, and then I went to another Starbucks that was closer to Buck’s school so I could eat with him and spend some time getting work done with him. He bought me dinner on the spot when he learned that I’m broke, which made me cry like a baby in the cafe. And then, afterwards, he paid my train fare to get home! I also received a few venmo donations from my other friends who learned about the situation I’m in currently. It is so sweet and generous of them, and I don’t think I can accurately put into words how much it truly helped me this week. I have an amazing support system.

I think my takeaway from this week has been that I (eventually) need a better paying job. I have enough to barely scrape by every month, but not much more than that. At the rate I’m going, I’ll never be able to put away savings, get off welfare, or even dream about getting a car. And particularly since I have a college degree and I could easily cut my commute in half (cost and time wise) by finding a new job, there’s no reason for me not to. And I mean, for what? To brew coffee? I love my job and the people I work with, but now that I’m settled into my new life in Boston, I think it’s time to aim higher.

So that’s what I’ve been doing these past few days: thinking about what sort of jobs I’d like to have. There is a really great website for hiring in Boston called HireCulture, and because it specializes in creative jobs for artistic folk like me, I’ve been really excited about checking that out. I’m also trying to be easy on myself and remind myself that I’m doing the best I can with my current circumstances. I know I’m a hard worker, and I will continue to work hard to build a better life for myself. 

Sunday, October 11

It’s about eleven in the morning right now, and for the second time ever, Nathaniel and I are actually successfully sitting side-by-side and getting work done in silence! We always say that we want to hang out and do work together, but we usually end up getting distracted and putting on a movie instead or something. Today, however, we both have our headphones in, we’re fully caffeinated, and we’re both click-clacking away at our keyboards together.

It’s so nice to have reached the weekend after such a taxing week. It wasn’t a bad week or anything like that, but it was certainly overwhelming at times and I’m glad to have a chance to catch my breath now and focus on other things. For one thing, I’d really like to do some more poking around for jobs that are both closer and higher in salary. I’m also going to get some articles done today, of course, and then I want to make some plant terrariums for my friends who very kindly sent me money, as a thank-you gift. And then, after that, it’s just going to be video games until bedtime! Playing The Sims is hands-down my favorite way to unwind and forget about the world for a while in my free time. What do you guys use as escapism? Do you have a favorite video game too?

Anyway, I’m hopefully going to get today’s newsletter up in a few minutes, then I’m going to finish my fall lookbook, which was supposed to come out last Thursday. And then, I suppose I’ll move onto the job hunt. If I could find a closer Starbucks to my house that gave me more hours, that would probably be the most optimal outcome. I’ll keep you guys updated on how my ongoing job hunt is going.

It’s officially fall, which means it’s now my favorite season! This particular fall already feels so much different than past ones, as this is essentially the first October I’m spending not being in school. It’s very surreal to see the leaves changing and feeling the weather getting colder, but knowing that I’m not going back to school because…there’s no school left to go back to.

Anyhow, this fall also feels a bit different because I’m focused more on buying clothes that are comfortable and appropriate for work, rather than outfits that I think are cute for class. I’ve certainly been buying a lot of cozy sweaters, and I noticed they all fall into a similar color story, so you’ll probably notice a similar theme in this lookbook. 

Let’s start off with the color palette I’ve been loving so far. I’ve always been really drawn to pastels, particularly pinks and yellows, no matter what the season. I can also pretty much only wear neutral tones to work, so that’s why several of the tops I pick out are either white or gray. I like colors that can pair easily with denim or yoga pants, so shades of white, cream, and beige are usually a pretty safe bet. I also tend to stick mostly with cottons rather than wools, as I find wearing wool to be extremely repulsive and uncomfortable.

As you can tell, I’ve been OBSESSED with my overalls and I try to wear them at least three times a week. For one thing, they’re extremely comfortable and perfect for working in a coffee shop. I love that I don’t have to constantly hike up my pants while wearing these! I also love that they serve as a perfect transitional piece for a fall in New England- you can wear them with a short-sleeved top in the summer, and then, as the weather starts to cool down, you can transition to overalls and sweaters (as I’ve been doing frequently.) I truly believe everyone, regardless of gender, needs a pair of overalls in their closet.

Like I said, I’ve been really loving sweet, feminine pastels, such as with my color gradient sweater I picked up a couple of years ago, and the super-soft tie dye hoodie I found for 40% off at Aerie last month. I’ve been wearing both of those items constantly this fall, particularly the hoodie down at the cape last weekend. As you can probably guess, I like to purchase things that are versatile and have a multi-purposeful use. This hoodie doubles as both my pajamas and my lazy-day slip-on, and additionally, as something for my boyfriend to occasionally sneak from my closet. If you don’t have a good, everyday hoodie yet, fall 2020 is the time to invest in one. I think we could all use a big, cozy hug from a soft hoodie right now. 

Going back to neutrals and clothing items that can be easily mixed and matched, I’ve been enjoying layering my outfits this month. New England especially is known for its rapidly-changing weather; it could be 30 degrees in the morning and up to 75 by the time I’m leaving work at 3pm. With that being said, I’ve been wearing a lot of neutral cardigans that can easily dress up or dress down an outfit, depending on how the weather evolves throughout the day. 

I’ve never been huge on prints, but horizontal stripes have always vibed really well with me. If you peep some of my older lookbooks you’ll notice horizontal stripes make quite a few appearances! I think it’s just a classy, universally flattering pattern for everyone, and particularly in the fall, I’ve noticed that stripes in general seem to be very trendy.

That’s pretty much where my style has been going these past couple of months! It honestly hasn’t been a very far departure from my summer style- perhaps just a bit more bundled up and cozy. The spark notes of this lookbook are basically bulky, cotton knits in a variety of pastel and neutral colors, and lots of denim to match. What have you guys been loving so far this fall? Do you keep up with popular trends, or do you travel to the beat of your own drum? Let me know down below!

Now that I am making tips at work and my income is steady, I’m happy that I’ve been able to make a few fall purchases here and there. If I am going to make any sort of purchase, especially if it’s something on myself, I try to stick with things that I know I will keep and take care of for as long as possible. With that being said, let’s hope I’ll get a good, long use out of all of these new purchases! 

Quilted Bedding | Target

I’ve been using white bedding for a while now, and while I like it in theory, it’s not as nice anymore when you realize it looks SO dirty so fast. Literally two days after I washed my white bedding, it would already be covered in lint and dirt and look just as unkempt as it did before. A lot of the bedding/bedroom setups I’m drawn to on Pinterest are yellows and burnt oranges, so when I decided to purchase some new bedding, that’s the color scheme I opted for. I would have ideally wanted a set that came with pillowcases as well, but I couldn’t find a set in my size, so I just opted for the quilt instead. I like it because it’s not too heavy, it’s extremely easy to wash, and so far, it’s been holding up nicely! Definitely a pricey purchase, but also worth it. 

Plaid Scarf | Target

I saw this scarf during the same shopping trip as the bedding, and seeing how it was only 5 bucks, it didn’t take long for me to decide to buy it. I like this style of scarf because it can be worn as both a shawl or a regular neck scarf, and since I’m living on a budget, there’s nothing I love more than a two-in-one! I’m looking forward to keeping warm with this all season long (and for many seasons to come,) even if I already have a mask to cover the lower half of my face.

Denim Overalls | Gap

This was actually purchased for me by my lovely mother (who has a matching pair, might I add,) but I’m still going to add it to my list of new fall additions. As far as I know, I’ve never owned a pair of overalls before now, and I am totally in love with them. Even better, I’m allowed to wear them to work at Starbucks because they fit the dress code! I’m so excited to wear these out as long as I can- hopefully for many years to come. I love clothing that is functional, comfortable, and of course, very cute. 

Pastel Tie Dye Hoodie | Aerie

Fall is the ultimate hoodie season, so I’m making sure I’m well-stocked in that department this October. Aerie was having a 40% sale on all their hoodies, and since this one looked extremely soft and pretty, I ultimately decided to buy it as a little treat for myself at the mall. Nathaniel has also been loving this hoodie, and according to my friends at college, he’s even been seen sporting it around campus. I can’t say I blame him- it really is a great hoodie!

Grateful Dead Hoodie | Urban Outfitters

Speaking of hoodies I’ve been sharing with Nathaniel, we’ve both been loving this super huge, cozy, Grateful Dead sweater I bought with my tip money last week. I normally don’t really shop at Urban because it’s so expensive, but they do have a great selection of Grateful Dead merch, and I knew I would get a great use out of this hoodie. It also now holds sentimental memories for me, as I brought it with me to a family wedding last weekend and wore it while we all sat around the fire. I think cozy, big hoodies are always a good purchase, so I can’t say I regret purchasing it. 

That’s pretty much everything I’ve been loving this fall, from my wardrobe to my bedding! I love everything, but I think I’m especially living for the overalls and the Grateful Dead hoodie. Let me know what you guys are excited about this fall in the comments below!

Saturday, September 19

Hi folks! How are we all doing? I’ve had a pretty solid week, albeit busy with work, and now I’m relieved to have reached the weekend for some peace and quiet. I’ve been trying to hold myself to going to bed early and getting up at a reasonable time, even on weekends, so I’m happy to report I was up and walking around before 9am today. I’d ideally like to be up at 8am every day, but if I don’t have much to do, then what am I even getting up that early for?

Normally I go to the Starbucks down the street from my apartment for coffee, but this morning, I decided to take the journey outbound on the train to visit Nathaniel at his Starbucks. It was a pretty long train ride, and then I had to walk quite a bit, but it was worth it to see his smiling face and get a coffee from him. 

Now I’m back at my place and I’m currently eating lunch- a bowl of macaroni and goat cheese (surprisingly delicious) and some steamed broccoli. Nathaniel might come over for a sleepover tonight, depending on what time he finishes up his homework, which would be lovely (even though I saw him literally yesterday and this morning.) 

Sorry for only talking about my boyfriend this week; anyway, here’s a picture of me in my new favorite overalls.

My goals for the rest of the day are to get some laundry done, cook dinner (I’m thinking spaghetti and meatballs,) and schedule a blog post for Tuesday. It’s funny how much my personality and my goals/values have shifted since graduating and moving out of my house, in a way that I have a difficult time describing. Even though my life is objectively harder now, I still feel like this is the most simple and happy life I have ever felt. COVID obviously makes things a bit confusing, but in general, I feel like I have a lot of clarity and confidence in my life right now. I’m looking forward to this upcoming fall and all the subtle changes that it brings: colder weather, pumpkin lattes, and the hintings of Christmastime ahead. 

Sunday, September 20

It’s Sunday afternoon now, which means tomorrow I have to resume getting up obscenely early for work (honestly, I don’t mind that much anymore now that I’m used to it.) And besides, I’d rather go in early and get out early than get home at 8 or 9 o’clock at night. At least when I get home between 4 and 6, I have time to unwind for a bit, cook dinner, and enjoy what’s left of my day before it gets dark outside.

Buck left a little while ago; he slept over last night and went to brunch with me this morning. It’s such a nice change to see him more often now that he’s so close by for school, and it’s comforting to know I can always go to him if I need anything. Since living in Boston, I’ve felt so far away and disconnected from most of my friends and family; it’s nice to know that someone is nearby for me.

I don’t have anything particularly exciting planned for this week- just working, writing, and probably baking more delicious bread. I’m thinking either banana bread or cheesy loaf may be next- what do you guys think? I hope you all stay safe and healthy this week, and enjoy the weather as it begins to cool down (depending on what hemisphere you’re on, I suppose!)

It’s no secret that fall is my favorite season, so I’m ∼super excited∼ to be putting together a fall mood board. For context, these aren’t items that I actually own, but they are totally fitting my vibe and my aesthetic for the fall season! And maybe once I have some disposable income this fall, I can treat myself to a few new sweaters and neutral staple pieces.

First off, I’ve never owned a pair of dark-wash jeans, but my boyfriend wears them quite often and I think they look so vintage and stylish. Particularly with the cuffs rolled up like in the picture, I think some high-waisted dark jeans would be super flattering and essential for the fall. They’re also a great transition piece into the winter, and would pair well with an ugly holiday sweater or a leather jacket. 

I found a couple of pairs of shoes that I liked while I was browsing Pinterest, particularly these chunky, super-high mini boots. I love a good heel with a funky twist, and these shoes look absolutely perfect for fall. They also look pretty comfortable to me; I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve always found booties with a thick platform to be easy to wear, compared to something like a stiletto or a pump. And of course, black is a great universal neutral color, particularly for the colder months, too.

I’ve mentioned in my “least favorite trends” article that I’m not crazy about hats, but I do think they can be pulled off with the right styling and hat shape. I really love this hat and I’ve seen a lot of indie girls wearing it on Instagram with fall sweaters- particularly gothic girls in the darker subcultures. I could see myself wearing a hat like this with a chunky sweater and some knee-high boots, sipping my pumpkin spice latte as I listen to The Smiths. Again, I think choosing a neutral color like black or beige would be the way to go with a statement piece like this. 

So, do these super-high boots scream Ariana Grande or what? I would have never gone for something like these in the past, but I just think they would look so sexy and cozy with a loose, baggy sweater dress (like the one in the middle row on the far right.) Particularly for curvier girls like myself, I think this shape of boot is a great way to extend my figure and make my legs look longer and slinkier than they actually are. I’m not sure how well these boots actually stay up in practical application, but I’d be willing to give it a try. Unfortunately, every pair of boots I’ve found online in this style have been really expensive. 

I LOVE a good baggy sweater, particularly one that’s a warm shade of beige, yellow, or brown. I like to stay within a particular color scheme when I am making mood boards, and I felt like these two burnt orange/yellow sweaters really complimented the neutral accessories nicely. Also, can we talk about this star-patterned sweater on the bottom left? I was drawn to it immediately because it makes me think of Coraline– one of my favorite movies to watch around Halloween. I also think stars are a safe way to incorporate patterns into a stylish outfit, particularly if you’re someone like me who’s generally afraid of prints or how to use them. 

Those are all of the clothing elements that stood out to me this season. As you can see, the clothes I’m interested in are very heavy on neutrals and warm-toned shades, such as burnt oranges, mustard yellows, and browns. I’m excited to corporate some of these elements into my closet on my next clothing excursion, which will probably be via TJ Maxx or ThredUp, and combine these new pieces with clothes I already have in my closet, too! You guys know I’m the queen of burnt oranges and yellows, so that shouldn’t be too hard. Keep an eye out for my fall lookbook, which should be coming out some time in early October!

Tuesday, August 18

It’s now day two of my two-week self-isolation from work, and I have to say, I’m feeling a lot better than I was yesterday. Like I said, I feel totally fine and healthy, and I’m going to get tested for COVID on Thursday or Friday anyway to give myself some piece of mind. I’m fully expecting a negative result, so once that (hopefully) comes through, I’m going to feel safe enough to go to the grocery store and such. Until then, however, it’s just going to be sleeping in and hanging out at home!

Although I do plan on sleeping in a little bit later than usual, I’m still going to set a goal to get up by 8:30 every day. I want to maintain some sense of normalcy and productivity while I’m home, and getting up at a decent time helps to keep my mood high. I’d like to get back into doing workouts since I literally have nothing else to do, and I should be able to catch up on blogging as well. Really, the most important thing for me this week is to just practice self care and look at the positives. I’m safe, healthy, and I have a great support system. Might as well look at it as a two-week paid vacation. 

Saturday, August 22

Hi everybody! How are you guys doing? Hopefully staying safe and happy during these times we are sharing together. Even though it feels like the end is nowhere in sight, I do think it’s important to remind ourselves that good things are still happening. For example, COVID cases in the US are actually steadily declining now, which is a great indication that our collective efforts may be working! And while I don’t think life is going to go back to normal any time soon, maybe, maybe we can start looking forward to things again. Maybe I’ll be able to have a semi-normal Thanksgiving or a semi-normal Christmas with my family and Nathaniel’s family. Maybe next year I’ll finally be able to celebrate my graduation from college. Who knows what will happen?

My little week of self-isolation is still going fine; I’ve been playing a LOT of the Sims 4 and working on my Etsy shop. Today I planned my grocery list for the week and decided on a recipe I’d like to make for dinner: one pot pasta with tomato & mascarpone sauce. What I’ve been doing lately is making a large, family-sized meal at the beginning of the week, usually on a Monday, and then slowing going through it for the rest of the week as leftovers. Last week I had burritos, and this week I’m going to try my hand at this recipe. I’d also like to bake a loaf of bread; getting into baking bread has been on my list of hobbies I’d like to explore in 2020. No better time to do it than now!

So nothing too exciting is going on, just gaming and sleeping and catching up on hobbies. Today I had some fun doing ∼fall crafts∼, such as making a pretty mason jar filled with fall-themed date ideas for me and Nathaniel. I also made a ∼fall scrapbook∼, so that Nathaniel and I can then document our ∼fall dates.∼ So cheesy, I know. 

I’m feeling really good emotionally, and I didn’t have a PMDD episode this month, which is amazing! I wonder if it has to do with skipping my placebo pills, as my doctor recommended I do to combat PMDD. Let’s hope that keeps up on a positive note.

In other good news, Nathaniel is going back to school in a couple of weeks for his last stretch of school, and since our school is so close to my apartment, he’ll be able to come see me all the time! I probably won’t be able to go out there to his dorm as much, seeing how schools are going to be very strict with social distancing and having guests. Nonetheless, I’m really looking forward to hosting him here and getting to see him more often. God, I can’t wait to marry that man and have babies someday. He really is my rock.

That’s it for now! Enjoy the week ahead, everybody!

I give myself a budget of about $40 a month to use as disposable income, and so far, about 99% of it has been going to Marshalls and TJ Maxx. I mean, come on. Fall candles and sweaters with outstanding prices? DisCOUNT me in.

The other day, I went to TJ Maxx with the intention of just browsing, and instead I left with five things. So it goes.

Borrego Springs T-Shirt

I actually usually don’t buy a lot of clothes at department stores, because I’ve gotten into the habit of thrifting almost everything. However, I fell in love with everything about this t-shirt when I saw it. It reminds me of the Grateful Dead for some reason, with its Tex-Mex imagery, so that was already enough to make me fall in love with it. I also really like the colors- green and yellow happen to be a couple of my favorite colors. I am fully anticipating Nathaniel robbing this from my closet- I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

Heritage Pumpkin Candle

You KNOW I couldn’t step into a TJ Maxx in late August without buying a fall candle. You know that’s out of my control. I’ve been looking for a new candle anyway, and this one claims to have a whopping 56 hours of burn time! I’m a huge fan of anything apple or pumpkin scented, and this candle smells like a perfect fall day in New England. It reminds me a lot of the autumns I used to spend back in my hometown, going for walks and picking pumpkins at the local farm. Does anybody else like to buy fall candles year-round, or is this just a me thing? Let me know in the comments.

Pink Agenda

I love anything and everything stationary, particularly beautiful planners and agendas that come with lots of organizational bonuses and note pages. I had actually seen this agenda once before at TJ Maxx but managed to restrain myself from purchasing it the first time. This time, however, I just said F it and went ahead and bought it, feeding into my never-ending collection of journals and notebooks. I’ve actually really needed an agenda since starting a new job and making medical appointments again, so at least this was a somewhat practical purchase.

Insulated Water Bottle

Another semi-reasonable purchase I made at TJ Maxx was this lovely, insulated water bottle. I found it in the clearance department for $4.50, and I really love the neutral beige color, so this purchase was a no brainer. If you ever need a new water bottle or travel mug, TJ Maxx or Marshalls is definitely the place to go. As you can see from my purchase, you can find tons of great, high-quality bottles for under 5 bucks! I’m looking forward to customizing this water bottle with stickers as time goes on. 

“I Love Autumn” Sign

Last but not least, and clearly the biggest impulse buy, I picked up this “I Love Autumn” sign in the queue line. Yes, I now effectively have a shrine to fall in my bedroom, and I have no regrets. I haven’t really done much decorating since I moved, so I’m thinking of this as the first step towards customizing my space and making it my own. 

Anyway, those are the things I picked up at TJ Maxx recently! Clearly didn’t get anything essential, but hey, I get that shopping bug from time to time. What have you guys been up to in preparation for fall? Let me know down below. 

Saturday, July 11

Hi guys! It feels like it’s been forever since I sat down to write my newsletter, and that’s because I didn’t bring my laptop with me on vacation. I purposefully did so to have a bit of a technology detox, but I also wouldn’t have had much service in Maine anyway. I went with my lovely man, Nathaniel, and we stopped in various places along the way.

What a sporty, athletic little guy.

Because we had to drive through Massachusetts and New Hampshire first, and I had a doctor’s appointment in my hometown, we decided to stay in Massachusetts at my father’s house for the first night. Then, we officially started our road trip! First we stopped in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, which is an adorable little ocean-side city. It’s a huge tourist attraction in the area, and there are lots of little record shops and cafes to explore. Nathaniel and I spent a long while in one of my favorite record shops, Bull Moose, and we both found some great things there! Then we drove up to Portland, Maine, where we went to another Bull Moose, and Nathaniel found even more Grateful Dead CD’s! (Including one that he had been looking for everywhere. He was so excited, and it was adorable.) We reached my mom and stepfather’s little house in Maine on Tuesday afternoon, which was our final destination for the road trip. It was so lovely to see my family and my dog, and they were very eager to see Nathaniel as well.


We slept in a tent for the first two nights to get a feel for that good ole camping vibe, but on the third and last night, we slept on the couch inside. The air mattress had deflated quite a bit, and now we had bugs, so that was when we broke down and decided to sleep outside. I’m honestly amazed I lasted even two nights out there to begin with. I was also on my period (sorry for the TMI,) so sleeping in a tiny, bug-infested tent while I was sweating and bleeding didn’t really come together in a lovely manner. 


While we were up there, we did all kinds of fun things! Like I said, Nathaniel and I really enjoyed going to the record shops and finding unique little things. We also went for a hike with my mom and stepdad, which was exhausting for me because I’m so out of shape, but fun! The view of the fuzzy mountains fading into the distance is just absolutely incredible up there. On Thursday, we visited North Conway and the White Mountains, and on a whim, we decided to take the car up Mount Washington. Holy shit, that was so beautiful. I never knew Nathaniel was such a nature lover, but gosh, he was so thrilled to be up on the top of Mount Washington. It’s so bizarre to see the car driving through the clouds- I did not expect that to happen, and I was amazed. The views were breathtaking, and the temperature was actually really nice up there. In the distance, we could still see snow on some of the mountain tips. Afterwards, we walked around the village a bit (Nathaniel bought a cowboy hat,) and then we headed back to the house. We got to take a little ferry trip with my mom around the lakes, so we picked up on a lot of Maine history, and then we finished up the evening by swimming at the local lake. It was an action-packed trip filled with lots of exercise, gorgeous views, and plenty of family bonding time. We headed out pretty early on Friday morning, and believe me when I say I was so happy to sleep on my clean sheets in my own bedroom. And I’m sure Nathaniel was excited to get home so he could pop in his new CDs and vinyls. 

So anyway, that basically sums up the last week of my life. Now I’m home and back to crafting/running errands, which I’m enjoying a lot more now that I have a job lined up and I can actually spend a bit of disposable income. I’m really excited to start working next week, and I can’t wait to tell you guys how it goes. Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great week! 


Monday, April 13

Hi folks, hope you’re all hanging in there and gearing up for another week of quarantine. I’m having a pretty good day thus far, and I had a lovely birthday yesterday as well. I’ve already had my only online class today, so now I’m going to designate the rest of my day to get homework done, write content, job hunt, continue packing, and then probably just watch movies. I also need to call the electric company and arrange for our power to be set up in preparation for moving in a couple of weeks, so I guess you could say adulting is going strong.

Now that I’m into the groove of online work and feeling much more motivated and upbeat than I was in the last couple of weeks, I don’t really have too much to update you all on! My life for the next couple of weeks is mostly just going to consist of homework, blogging, hanging out with my mom, and hopefully seeing my boyfriend soon. I’m also going to start getting into the groove of junk journaling, because I’d really like to start some sort of an online shop to make extra money. More updates to come on that!

Thursday, April 16

It’s about 7pm right now, and admittedly, I’ve had a pretty lazy day. I tend to be pretty easy on myself around the time of my period, because I can get really irritable and tired if not. Nonetheless, I’m in very good spirits, and I’m happy to be sitting down with my computer to get writing done.

IMG_2193 (1).JPG

Tuesday and Wednesday were perfectly lovely. Nathaniel drove up to see me on a whim, and we went for a drive along the coast of Massachusetts and New Hampshire. We also found a little quiet, desolate beach across from a shipyard, so we settled down there for an hour or so and skimmed stones in the water. Afterwards, we got some beach pizza (a favorite of his,) and watched There’s Something About Mary with my mom. So overall, it was a really wonderful couple of days, and I already miss him so much and can’t wait to see him again. I’m so fortunate to have him by my side, especially during these crazy times. 

Anyway, I think I’m going to start re-watching Stranger Things tonight, have a margarita, and go to bed a bit earlier than usual. Like I said earlier, I’m feeling much more tired than usual, so I’m trying to be gentle with myself. I’m also going to be posting a guide to self-care and mental health awareness later this week, so keep your eyes out for that!

Friday, April 17

After my very relaxing ‘weekend’ day on a Thursday, I’m back to keeping up with my productivity. I’m currently having a salad and working on some marketing materials for my internship, which is especially pressing with the coronavirus. Right now I’m working on our social media posts, or resource lists, our response fund, etc. It’s interesting and eye opening to work for a non-profit during a pandemic. 

I was feeling a bit antisocial yesterday, but tonight I’m looking forward to hanging out with my mom and watching YouTube videos on the TV together (we’ve been really into Jenna Marbles lately.) I’m really trying to appreciate these last few weeks with her, because we’re both moving away in May and I’m probably not going to get to see her as much as I’m used to! That being said, I’m really looking forward to her coming to visit me at my apartment in Boston, and I can’t wait to cook meals for her and show her around my place. It’s going to be so exciting!