What I’m Eating Right Now

I’ve been away for a few months now; life was just getting a little too crazy in the midst of a breakup while struggling to pay for grad school and working at a mental hospital. I am now happily single, and no longer working at a mental hospital, which are both positive changes. Alas, grad […]


What I’m Eating These Days

December will mark four years for me as a vegetarian, but honestly, it has felt so much longer than that. I really don’t remember a life before tofurkey and beans, and although it can be challenging to eat at restaurants sometimes, becoming vegetarian is a personal decision I am very happy with. It has enabled […]


What’s in Season in July?

There are only twelve months in a year, of course, so it’s an unfortunate reality that I’m going to eventually run out of posts for “What’s in Season?”. For the time being, however, I’m happy to report that I still have a couple months left of produce content to cover. Maybe once “What’s in Season” […]