With December marking my two-year anniversary as a vegetarian, I felt it was time for me to summarize some of my all-time favorite planty snacks. Now, does “planty” equal tasteless, bland, and “too healthy?” Absolutely not! I promise all of these snacks are filling, easy, and delicious to snack on. Especially being a college student on the go, it’s important to me that I can whip up healthy snacks when I’m short on time or in a rush. You’ll notice that many of these snacks are high in protein. Trust me, that’s no accident!

Peanut butter banana toast | Protein, Potassium, Fiber

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This is probably the thousandth time I’ve mentioned peanut butter banana toast on my blog, but trust me when I say I cannot get enough of it. It’s so delicious, so filling, and so quick to make. It also uses a lot of staples from my dining hall, so I can conveniently make it at school as well. Peanut butter may not be the healthiest thing out there, but it is a great source of vegan protein. This makes for a great breakfast, midday snack, or even a dessert if you’re feeling fancy. Also, it takes tops ten minutes to prepare and seconds to eat. 

Overnight oats | Energy, Magnesium, Protein

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My mom and I started getting into overnight oats about six months ago, after we stumbled upon the recipe in a Body Boss cookbook. There are countless ways to prepare overnight oats with a variety of different fruits and nuts, but the ones we make have rolled oats, chia seeds, almond milk, and frozen berries. That’s it. It really is that easy. I like to prepare 4-5 mason jars of overnight oats on Sunday evenings (because, you know, they’re overnight oats), and then I have ready-made breakfast for every day of the week! Also, none of those ingredients are even remotely expensive. Quaker rolled oats? Frozen berries? Milk? It’s such a poor man’s feast. Five stars from me.

“Banilla” yogurt with banana granola | Calcium & Antioxidants

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Yogurt isn’t the most healthy option for breakfast or snacking, but hey, it’s a lot better than  ice cream or a plate of nachos. Aaand, when you sprinkle granola onto the bowl and mix it in? Big nut. (No pun intended.) My favorite brand and flavor of yogurt is the Stoneyfield “Banilla,” which, as you may have guessed, is vanilla and banana. I like to make it feel a bit healthier by adding in fresh bananas as well, if I’m really feeling crazy. Nonetheless, it’s a small yet satisfying meal, and takes basically no time to whip up.

Huel shakes | Nutritionally Complete

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I’ve mentioned Huel before on my blog, because I think it’s a genuinely great product that comes from a great company. Huel shakes contain all of the essential nutrients and minerals you need to stay healthy, so it’s essentially equal to a meal (so I guess you could theoretically live off of these, though I don’t recommend trying that). I also love Huel because they’re a relatively low-waste option; rather than drinking your coffee or eating your food from a plastic container, you can whip up a huel shake in your blender and drink it from a to-go cup. I love the variety of flavorings I can add to the shakes, and I always feel full for hours after drinking one. As a woman on the go, this is a win for me!

Avocado egg toast | Protein & Fiber

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Avocado egg toast is like the sassy, savory sister of peanut butter banana toast. They’re both delicious and simple to make, but in different ways. Avocado, as you’ve heard twelve thousand times, is a highly nutritious fruit with a subtle, creamy flavor. I personally don’t really like avocado on its own, but it’s absolutely divine when combined with a yellow, gooey egg. If you’re feeling really fancy, you can even sprinkle some “everything bagel” seasoning on top. Or, if you want to substitute the eggs, try avocado toast with strawberries on top!

Clif protein bars | Quick Energy

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Okay, this one is a little bit lazy because you don’t have to actually make anything, but I still consider Clif bars to be a great snack on the go. Sometimes, I don’t have ten minutes to spare for breakfast, especially on the days when I have three morning classes back-to-back. Clif bars are compact, clean (no annoying crumbs!), and they have a variety of delicious flavors to choose from. My personal favorite flavors are chocolate mint bars and banana chocolate peanut butter, so those are the ones I’ve been packing in my school bag this week.

Being a vegetarian/vegan at college can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. Some schools will offer a wide variety of plant-based options for students, but other times, you’ll likely have to do some of your own grocery shopping. I personally like to do my own shopping because I’m much more of a snacker than a “meal person”- I tend to snack throughout the day and have small meals, rather than 3 large meals. Or, I’ll have 2-3 small meals throughout the day, and then something larger and protein-heavy for dinner. I’ve never been someone who likes a big breakfast, but I do try to always eat something, even if I’m not hungry. I also tend to get very snacky around 8:00 or 9:00pm, as I usually go to dinner around 5:00. Whatever your situation is, I’m sure you’ll love the list of snacks I’ve compiled in this article. They’re simple, delicious, and of course, plant based!

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Tofu Scramble Breakfast Wrap | Amy’s Kitchen | about $2.99 ea.

Like I said, I’m usually not a huge fan of breakfast, so I like to eat something on-the-go that packs a lot of protein. Amy’s Kitchen is one of the best companies for plant-based eaters, hands down. It’s also ideal for picky eaters, as they offer frozen homestyle options of your favorite meals (like vegan cheezy mac and meatloaf). I personally love the tofu scramble wraps because they’re easy to make, vegan, and filled with delicious, healthy ingredients. I’m picky about things like spinach, but I absolutely love it in this breakfast wrap! Leafy greens are an ideal source of iron for vegans, so it’s a great way for me to sneak that in. This wrap also has 11g of protein, which is about 16% of my daily value! All in all, it’s incredibly easy to make, and I never get tired of eating them. All I have to do is microwave it for a few minutes, and boom, breakfast on the go is ready.


⌧Dairy free

⌧Gluten Free

⌧Nut free

⌧Egg free

☐Soy free

Nutritionally Complete Shake | Huel | about $60.00 per package


I may have mentioned Huel before on here, as I’ve been using the product for about three months. Ideally, you could live mostly off these shakes and still be healthy, as they are nutritionally complete. I don’t drink them every single day, but I aim to make about 3-5 of them per week. One shake is equal to a full meal, and contains nearly all of the vitamins and nutrients you need on a daily basis. They’re often so filling, I can’t even finish one, and I subsequently stay full for up to six hours! The bags of Huel powder I buy are about $60 for two bags, which is actually a pretty stellar deal. You only need a couple of scoops of powder to make a shake, so the bags will literally last you months (they’re huge). This is also an environmentally friendly food option, because it requires minimal packaging to ship and no packaging to prepare, as you can mix the shake in a reusable bottle, or the free shaker that comes with your order. I’ve also significantly cut down on using one-use Styrofoam coffee cups, because I can mix powdered coffee into my Huel and get my caffeine that way. Breakfast and coffee all in one shake- ingenious!   


⌧Dairy free

⌧Gluten Free

☐Nut free *due to cross contamination*

⌧Egg free

⌧Soy free

The Complete Cookie | Lenny and Larry’s | about $12.99 per box


Lenny and Larry’s cookies (and their other nutritionally-complete snacks) are a perfect grab-and-go option for the days when you’re running low on energy. I don’t eat them every day, because they’re expensive and not really designed to be eaten as a casual, light snack. The company was originally aimed towards bodybuilders or athletes trying to build muscle, as they are high in both protein and fiber. I like I throw one in my bag to save for emergencies- for example, if my blood sugar drops suddenly, or I’m out in Boston doing lots of walking and I’m starting to feel peckish. This is another one of those snacks that keeps you full for a long time, so I appreciate having it in times of emergencies. Their snacks come in a variety of forms and flavors, but not all of them are vegan (some contain whey). They’re absolutely delicious and have a great mission, so I’m honestly surprised not a lot of people have heard of this company!


⌧Dairy free

☐Gluten Free

☐Nut free

⌧Egg free

⌧Soy free

Naked Noodle | about $3.50 ea.


Naked Noodle is a new item that I’ve recently added to my snack collection. My mom actually picked them up for me, so I’ll have to ask her where they’re from! These dairy-free, vegetarian ramen cups are easy to make and taste extremely fancy! Why would you go out and spend $20 on some over priced restaurant food when you could make a top-notch meal in four minutes? I’ve tried to do extensive research on this company, but I wasn’t able to come up with a lot of nutritional info. Just from looking at the ingredient list, I can tell you that this is not egg, nut, or soy free, so please keep that in mind if you have any serious food allergies. Ultimately, I’m really happy that my mom picked some of these cups for me, and I’m totally loving all the diverse flavors! It’s a college student’s dream when you can take ramen to the next level. 


⌧Dairy free

☐Gluten Free

☐Nut free

☐Egg free

☐Soy free

Nut Bars | Pure Organic | about $5-10 per box


The pure organic bars are yet another new snack I hadn’t tried previously. I’m not so much a granola bar person, because I don’t like the mess, so I appreciate soft bars like this. I’m not someone who really likes to sit down for meals at school, so these bars are a great essential for me to have in my bag when I’m starting to get peckish. Usually, the way I eat throughout the day starts with a Huel shake (gotta get those nutrients in), a nut bar or a salad, and then a fulfilling, protein-heavy dinner around 5pm or so. Some days I eat more during the day, especially if I’m on my period, but for the most part, I don’t even get hungry until noon or so. Additionally, these bars only have seven simple ingredients, so I can trust that I am only putting good foods into my body. I’m admittedly not a fan of nuts (pun intended). Like, I would never willingly reach for a handful of almonds, so these sneaky fruit and nut bars are a great way for me to make up for that distaste. If that sounds like you, I promise you’ll love these bars, too. 


⌧Dairy free

⌧Gluten Free

☐Nut free

⌧Egg free

⌧Soy free

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As someone who was a vegan for almost a year, I’m the first to admit it can be tricky to find vegan junk food. Although I have reintroduced eggs into my diet, the types of “junk food” I continue to consume are still basically the same. I’m not even really a junk food person anymore, actually. I do like an occasional sugary/salty snack, but on most days, I usually try to stick to eating whole fruits and vegetables. Since starting a bi-daily workout routine, my appetite has definitely changed for the better. I don’t get cravings as often, and I feel more full from the food I prepare. 

Like I said, however, I still do like to have an occasional processed snack. You may think it would be difficult to find “accidentally vegan” snacks, but they’re actually more common than you’d think. Oreo’s, Nutter Butters, and even some types of Pop Tarts are actually technically vegan because they don’t contain dairy, eggs, or gelatin. However- wheat, soy, and a whole lot of sugar? Yes, those are typically the ingredients you’ll find on this packages in the allergy statement. So I’m sorry to say, if you have a wheat or soy allergy, those kinds of treats are sadly still out of the question. 

Image result for pop tarts

I ate a lot of Pop Tarts at school because they’re cheap, somewhat filling, and come in a variety of flavors. I don’t eat them as much anymore, but they do make a great frozen dessert. Seriously. Buy a package of the Hot Fudge Sundae Pop Tarts (yes, they’re vegan), put them in your freezer for a few hours, and enjoy. 

This isn’t really a snack as much as it is a full-out dessert, but both the Marie Callender and Mrs. Freshley’s apple pies are vegan. Why? I honestly don’t know. My guess is because soy and maybe shortening are used in place of “real” butter- probably because it’s cheaper and preserves better. Either way, they’re delicious, and they’re safe to eat if you’re vegan. Generally, I would say the more processed something is, the less likely it is to contain ingredients like milk or eggs. I probably don’t have to remind you that these are not healthy vegan snacks by any means, but like anyone else, vegans deserve a sweet treat now and then?

Related image

But what about salty vegan junk food? There are the obvious choices, of course, like potato chips and Fritos. Obviously, something like Goldfish or classic Doritos are not vegan because they contain cheese, BUT, the Spicy Sweet Chili-flavored variety of Doritos are vegan. A lot of varieties of Skinny Pop and Cracker Jacks are also vegan, but you should always check the allergy statement just to be safe. Surprisingly, Ritz crackers are also vegan, despite their seemingly buttery taste. I LOVE Ritz crackers, and they make a great breadcrumb topping for baked dishes (like Amy’s dairy-free mac and cheese).

I’m not really a big candy person in general, but there are a few types that I like. It may surprise you that most candy is not vegan, but think about it- a lot of chewy candy contains gelatin (which comes from crushed-up horse hooves). I’m happy to report that Sour Patch Kids, Airheads, Dots, Fun Dip, Jolly Ranchers, Skittles, and Twizzlers are also delightful vegan junk food options. You may not be able to enjoy the buttery popcorn at the movies with your friends, but take solace in the fact that Sour Patch Kids are always on your side.

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Those certainly aren’t the only vegan junk food snacks out there, but they are my favorites.  Like I said, I don’t eat too much junk food anymore, but sometimes it’s nice to have a treat or a cheat day. I love a bag of potato chips as much as the next person. Or a frozen Pop Tart, for that matter. 

I’d love to hear some of your favorite vegan snacks as well. Did any of these foods surprise me? Let me know in the comments below!

Pictures: https://www.seriouseats.com/2017/08/history-of-oreos-bravetart-cookbook.html




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As of today, summer break is here, and I’m so excited to be home with my friends and family. The only thing I don’t like about the summertime is the weather, ironically. I have annoyingly sensitive skin, and even being outside for ten minutes can make me break out in an itchy rash.

With that being said, I plan on spending a lot of time inside my air-conditioned apartment, working out at the gym and preparing delicious vegan food. I’m also going to be spending a lot of time with my dog, who’s going to make some adorable appearances in this blog!

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, Duke is a bit on the chunky side. It’s normal for labs to become overweight easily, because they are very food-driven, so I try to combat this by feeding him the healthiest snacks possible. Duke’s walnut-sized brain can’t tell the difference between a biscuit and a carrot, so it’s a win-win situation.

Carrots are actually my all-time favorite snack to feed Duke. There are many nights where we cuddle together in my twin-sized bed and munch on carrots together, and even though he makes quite a mess, it’s still adorable to watch. For all fruits and veggies you feed your dog, I recommend cutting them into small pieces so your fur baby doesn’t choke. Duke especially likes raw baby carrots, and I usually give them to him to reward him for good behavior. In regards to health benefits, carrots can improve your dog’s dental health, and they’re also an excellent source of vitamin A and fiber!


Blueberries, blackberries, strawberries are also a sweet, healthy snack that you can feed your dog in moderate amounts. Personally, I’ve found that Duke has a slight sensitivity to berries (i.e, colorful diarrhea), so I only really give it to him as a special occasional treat. For his birthday, I sometimes make Duke a little “pupcake” with blueberries in it, and he always licks the plate clean. Aww! Berries are full of antioxidants and fiber, but be careful not to feed your dog too many berries, because the natural sugar count is very high!

Mmm, sour.

If you have a dog with stinky breath, then apples are your new best friend. They’re a cheap treat, they’re very healthy, and they too can help improve your dog’s dental health! Typically, it’s best to cut up slices for your dog, but I sometimes like to just let him take bites of it. I mean, look how freaking cute he is. Along with being a good source of fiber, apples are also a great way to give your dog some vitamin A and C. Just make sure to keep the seeds and core away from your dog, because they can be choking hazards.


Peanut butter isn’t a fruit or a veggie, obviously, but in small amounts, it can be a nice treat for your puppo (especially with fruits or veggies). Duke can sometimes give me a hard time when I’m trying to get out the door, so to distract him, I like to fill a toy with some veggies and a bit of peanut butter. It keeps him busy for a while, and also, it’s a lot healthier than tossing some sugary biscuits to him. Just like for humans, peanut butter is an excellent source of protein for dogs, and it contains heart-healthy fats, too! Side note: make sure you DON’T feed your dog sugar free or “lite” peanut butter, because the chemical sweeteners can be toxic for your dog.


Last but not least, green beans are a healthy veggie alternative that you can feed your dogs as a snack. Green beans are very low in calories, while still remaining filling, to keep your dog satisfied for hours. As with any other treat, make sure you feed them to your dog in small amounts. Duke was certainly pampered today with this taste test, and I’m sure he’s going to snuggle up on my bed and take a nap after we’re finished. Thank you for checking out our article today, and we hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed putting it together!


Additional reading: https://www.cesarsway.com/dog-approved-people-food/

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