This is such a great month for favorites, hands down. I’ve certainly had a lot of time on my hands and I’ve needed new things to keep me busy, and this is everything I’ve been loving so far in the month of April! I hope you guys enjoy. 🙂 

Health & Beauty | Soap & Glory


You may have remembered me trying out the Differin skincare line for a few months, and though I had high hopes, I ultimately didn’t see results fast enough. In fact, I think the intensity of these products actually made my skin worse, bumpier, and drier! So my mom very graciously gave me some new products to try, and I am having much better luck with Soap & Glory. For one thing, these products are so much gentler on the face, they hardly give me any redness or irritation after application. The packaging is also absolutely adorable, which has nothing to do with the performance of the products, but it’s still a nice touch. I honestly think the fact that the products are so cute and *aesthetic* makes me want to use them more, so I’ve become really adamant about washing my face every day. I honestly can’t figure out if this brand is cruelty-free or not, because even though they say they are, they are not leaping bunny certified. I’ll see if I can do some more research and find a more definite answer! Overall, though, such a cute line of products that make my face look fabulous. 

Apps | Think Dirty

Think Dirty – Shop Clean on the App Store

Recently, I came across this app after watching a YouTube video about hair care. Essentially, the app has a database of millions of beauty/skincare/haircare products, and rates them on a scale of 1-10 of how ‘clean’ they are. Not only does the app give each item a score, it also tells you why the ingredients may be harmful, what the long-term effects can be, and what better products you can use in place of a low-grade item. Sadly, Soap & Glory does not score very high on Think Dirty, mostly due to the excessive use of artificial coloring and fragrance, but I’m going to keep using it as long as it works for my skin. I love this app because it’s so addictive to go through all my products and see which ones are actually not great for my skin and my long-term health. I think this app is going to be extremely useful in helping me pick out clean products in the future. Also, it’s free!

Health & Beauty | Carli Bybel palette

Anastasia Beverly Hills Carli Bybel Palette at BEAUTY BAY

For my birthday, my boyfriend actually surprised me with this palette because he knew I had my eye on it (see what I did there? Eye on it?) Needless to say, he’s wonderful, and I was so grateful that he bought it for me. I’ve been really into warm-toned pastel colors for the past few months, and I’m also in love with bright. shimmery shades on my lid. Clearly, this palette has both of those things, and I’ve been totally loving using it these past few days. My favorite colors are ‘Cindy’, the coral orange color, and ‘Boli’, the light shimmer shade. I like that even though the colors are very cohesive, there are so many different looks you can create with this palette. 10/10 for me.

TV & Movies | Tiger King

Tiger King Memes Inspired by James Garretson's Jet Ski Scene ...

Yes, I finally hopped on the Tiger King bandwagon. In fact, Nathaniel and I watched it in about a two-day span, with very few interruptions in-between. God, what a bizarre journey! I honestly don’t know what to think about anybody in this show, but I think that’s kind of the point- they want you to be conflicted about the morals of the characters. Joe Exotic is, after all, a mastermind manipulator with a wicked evil streak, but he tends to mask it well with his charisma. I think my favorite characters were Saff, Rick Kirkham, and the zookeeper with the long hair, whose name I cannot remember. I absolutely hated that Doc guy with the blonde ponytail; he’s definitely running some sort of sketchy sex cult on his property. I’m super eager to see how the story continues to play out, and I have no doubt new episodes will be out in the future. 

Fashion | Scrunchies


Like many young ladies and gents, I have been on such a scrunchie kick lately, I literally cannot get enough of them. I mean, come on, they’re so functional! You can pop it in your hair, pop it on your wrist, or even use it as a decoration. I used a bit of my birthday money to buy a pack of twenty scrunchies on Amazon (for $8.99, I might add,) and I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for a purchase in my life. Particularly since my hair is at such an awkward length, throwing in a scrunchie can really make my hair look so much cuter and much more interesting. Also, here’s the link to the twenty pack of scrunchies if anyone is interested. 

Apps | Pinterest


For the longest time, I could not get into Pinterest, but that all changed about a week ago. I’m not sure why I suddenly fell in love with it, but I literally just woke up one day and…I got it. And from that point on, I have been a suburban mom. My current boards include vegetarian meal prep, indoors crafts, aesthetics, and outfit ideas. Particularly since I’m moving into my first apartment in a couple of weeks, I’ve been really into pinning decoration ideas and easy crafts I can do to make my space feel more homey. I’m also not very proficient in cooking, so Pinterest is helping me quite a bit with that as well. My Pinterest name is diplomatsdigest for anyone who wants to check out my boards! I have to say, I’m quite proud of them and their pastel, soft cohesion. 

Music | Doja Cat

Who is Doja Cat? The rise of the US singer and rapper

Last but not least, I’ve had my queen Doja Cat on repeat these past few months. Obviously she’s extremely talented as a musician, but I also adore her aesthetic, her outfits, and her personality in general. She seems so unapologetically herself, and I really respect that. ‘Tia Tamera’ was my favorite bop for a while, but now I have ‘Rules’ and ‘Say So’ on repeat nonstop. I’m also really inspired by her makeup, particularly the sharp brows and the excessive pink blush. It’s so cute and feminine, and I think it looks quite flattering on me as well. I’ve tried out some not-so flattering looks in the past, so it’s nice to find one that sticks.

Anywho, those are all my monthly favorites for April! Do you guys share any of these current obsessions? Let me know in the comments below. Stay safe and don’t forget to subscribe to my email list to have my posts directly sent to your email! 

Spring has sprung, and now that I’m gearing up and getting ready for my first apartment, I’ve been dedicating a lot of time to learning new recipes. One of my current favorite recipes at the moment is loaded enchilada pasta, and yes, it’s just as extra and fantastic as it sounds! If you’re a fan of comfort food, I promise absolutely nothing beats this cheesy, goopy concoction. It’s also relatively cheap to make, as it mostly requires kitchen staples such as beans, noodles, and canned goods. I’m not even a huge fan of Mexican food, and I absolutely LOVED this recipe. All of my close friends and family know I’m a notoriously picky eater, so the fact that I was willing to try the very elusive loaded enchilada pasta really says something about this dish.

Chicken Enchilada Pasta | The Recipe Critic
I couldn’t find an exact picture for the recipe I make, but this is more or less what it looks like!

Although hot dishes are typically not associated with the spring and summer months, I think that this is a great recipe to enjoy during the transitional months. It’s interesting, it’s creative, and it’s bound to delight your friends and family! Just like spring, it’s bursting with colors and smells, and furthermore, it’s a perfect Mexican dish to serve on Cinco de Mayo on May 5th. 

Here are the quick facts about this recipe:

-It’s super easy to make, because it only requires one pot to throw everything into. It usually only takes a half hour for us to prepare, so it’s super speedy as well! It also produces about six servings.

-Black beans are a fantastic source of plant-based protein, so if you’re trying to get away from eating meat, this is a perfect, flavorful dish to start with. Beans are also a great source of iron, calcium, and magnesium.

-Like I said before, this recipe is totally economical as well because it mostly uses pantry staples. Particularly with COVID-19 forcing people to cut down on their spending, loaded enchilada pasta is a great meal to prepare and feed your family for under $10.

I came across this recipe in the Budget Bytes cookbook by Beth Moncel, and since I can’t find a copy of the recipe online, I’ll go ahead and insert Google Books link below so you can make it yourself! The recipe is located on page 104. Let me know if you make this recipe and what you guys think about it! It’s such a hidden gem for pasta lovers such as myself.

Recipe Here

PS: Budget Bytes in general is such a great cookbook, especially for fresh college students who want to cook on a budget. I highly recommend buying the full text!

I’ve always been so fascinated in clothes, makeup, and the general idea of how style evolves over time. For that reason, today I want to review all of the fashion/beauty trends thus far in 2020. I want to cover everything from what color palettes are “in” to what textures and prints people are loving right now. Without further adieu, let’s get into it!

60s Wallpaper Prints

Your Guide to the Top Trends for Spring/Summer 2020 | Elle Canada

Of all the trends I’ve come across online, this has to be one of my favorites. I’m a huge lover of all things vintage, especially elements that are particularly feminine. Fashion in the 60s was such a time of creativity, freshness, and truly, so much joy and freedom within the newfound wave of clothing. Back when I was studying fashion in college, I remember absolutely loving learning about clothes in the 60s and how paramount this entire movement of art really was. I can’t really afford any new clothes right now, but I’d totally love to pick up some vibrantly-patterned, colorful clothes for this summer. I also love the blocky shapes of the dresses as well!

Campy, Colorful Throwbacks & E-Girl Fashion

eGirl Outfits and Aesthetic Clothing Guide | Inspirationfeed

This trend is particularly popular among the younger generations, as it draws a lot of inspiration from the early 2000s and the nostalgic, cartoonish feel of that era. I personally have been utilizing this trend myself in my own personal style: tons of blush, fake freckles, shaggy hair, and lots of pink eye makeup. I think it’s a really unique adaptation of the punk/emo movement combined with traditional Japanese fashion, and I think the elements with the look are so universally flattering as well. What do you think about this wild trend?

Bright Warm Tones and Faded Cool Tones

Looking ahead: spring 2020 fashion color trends

According to the Pantone website, top colors for the Spring/Summer 2020 are going to be bold reds, cool blues, army greens, and of course, a couple of pastels. I have to say, I actually think that this is a really gorgeous combination of colors, and totally unexpected in the best way. You normally don’t see such rich, primary colors associated with the warmer months, so I think it’s a really interesting twist on what to expect from NYFW. I’m personally loving the saffron, the coral pink, the biscay green, and the flame scarlet. In case you haven’t put two-and-two together, these colors also truly complement the 60s wallpaper trend!


9 Interesting Fashion Trends for 2020 -

To be honest, just looking at these pictures is making me itchy! I think crochet is absolutely beautiful to admire from afar, but I’m also pretty sure I’m mildly allergic to wool. Anyway, this is yet another totally unexpected trend that I didn’t see coming for 2020. I suppose it makes sense to use a warmer yet breathable fabric in the warmer transitional months, particularly since these crochet designs can be layered up or layered down easily. I also really love the intricate, boho designs of these pieces, and I see quite a bit of 60s influence as well. 

Hot Pants

hot-pants-spring-2020-fashion-trends-look6-style-details ...

You can judge me all you want, but I think this recurring hot pants trend is absolutely fabulous. For someone such as myself with a curvy profile, high-waisted shorts tend to look much more flattering than anything super low-cut. You’re definitely not going to see me sporting anything cheeky, but those black high-waisted hot pants right there? I want them on my body right now. I love these looks from 2020 runways as well, particularly since they highlight so many fun textures and intricate patterns. 2020 has really taken hot pants up a notch and transformed them from trashy to chic. 

Summer Bermuda Shorts For Women 2020 -

Bermuda Shorts

For me personally, I think Bermuda shorts are kinda hit-or-miss. Depending on the cut, fabric, and size you choose, they can either look super momish or very high-fashion. I personally love the way looser, belted Bermuda shorts look, such as in the pictures I included above. I also totally love the way the shorts look when paired with a graphic tee- it’s so sleek and casual at the same time! Just like with the crochet trend, Bermuda shorts can be a great transitional garment to incorporate into your wardrobe as the months slowly warm up. 

Two-Toned Hair

Dua Lipa Gets 'Physical' With Her 'High-Energy' Single

This style certainly isn’t for everybody, but I personally think it looks absolutely gorgeous when the right person pulls it off. For example, I could NEVER pull off Dua Lipa’s blonde and black streaks, but I think it looks absolutely stunning and so interesting on her. Definitely very 90s! I’ve also been seeing this trend pop up on my instagram feed quite a bit, particularly with colorful dye instead of traditional colors. I think it’s very youthful and creative, and I’m very curious to see how this hair trend changes over time. 

Anywho, that’s going to be it for today! What did you guys think about these trends? Would you try any of these? Let me know in the comments!

March has been a weird month. Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve probably been hearing a lot of hubbub about the coronavirus and how it is affecting the everyday life of people around the world, including students such as myself. 

With that being said, I am spending a lot of time cozied up indoors. All of my classes are online for the rest of the semester, I’ve moved out of my dorm, and my spring break is extended by an extra week. This is the ultimate list of everything I’ve been loving, using, watching, and listening to in the month of March. 

The Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground & Nico - Amazon ...

Music | The Velvet Underground

My music tastes have been really expanding lately, and one band in particular that I’m really loving is The Velvet Underground, particularly the album The Velvet Underground & Nico. I absolutely love the experimental style of the album, and the different themes that present themselves in each individual song. They’re definitely game-changers in the music scene, and I really appreciate their controversial lyrics as well. My favorite songs off the album are ‘Sunday Morning,’ ‘Venus in Furs,’ ‘I’ll Be Your Mirror,’ and ‘The Black Angel’s Death Song.’

bath and body works | 2019-20 Coronavirus Outbreak | Know Your Meme

Health and Beauty | Hand Sanitizer

Remember all those little Bath and Body Works scented hand sanitizers? I’m feeling pretty good knowing I have about seven of them in my makeup collection right now. Obviously, with the pandemic sweeping across the world, washing your hands and using hand sanitizer has never been more important. I don’t leave the house very often these days, but when I do, I always make sure to drop a little hand sanitizer bottle into my bag. I’m not sure if hand sanitizer is totally sold out by now or not, but if you can manage to find it, I highly recommend picking some up!


Health and Beauty | glow highlight & contour palette | tarte

If you read my Fab Fit Fun spring box review, you probably recognize this goodie! I’ve been super into shiny, shimmery, glowy makeup lately, and the highlights in this palette look absolutely stunning on top of my blush. The palette also has some darker, bronzier shades and a cream contour shade, which I’ve actually been using to fill into my eyebrows! I’ve also been using the darker, matte powder to paint on fake freckles. In a nutshell, I’m really getting a good use out of all the shades! I also really love the sweet, sugarly smell of the palette; it’s a nice little bonus. 

Chic & Tonic Set of 4 Silicone Straws + Brush Cleaner & Case ...

Home and Decor | Silicone Straws | Chic & Tonic

This was yet another lovely surprise I received in the Fab Fit Fun box, and I’m so happy to receive yet another sustainable, low-waste product to incorporate into my daily life. It’s hard not to love these silicone straws- they’re colorful, funky, and practical! I also appreciate that the kit comes with a brush cleaner and a carrying case, so I can hygienically bring the straws out on the go with me (like I said, it’s not like I’m really going anywhere anyway.) 

Mind Field (TV Series 2017– ) - IMDb

TV | Mindfield | Vsauce/Michael Stevens

I’ve been a huge Vsauce fan for years now, and now that I have essentially nothing to do and the hours are stretching out before me, I’ve certainly been watching a ton of Mindfield to pass time. There’s something relaxing about the episodes and the way they are presented that even helps me to nod off at night! The Mindfield series was previously a part of the YouTube Red subscription, but if I am correct, all of the episodes are actually free right now. If you’re bored out of your mind and you need some new shows to watch, consider tuning into Mindfield and join me in my obsession of knowledge. 

Movie Night at Urban Roots: Rushmore presented by Urban Roots ...

Movies | Rushmore | Wes Anderson

As some of you may know, I am on a quest to watch every single movie with Bill Murray in it by the end of 2020. Yes, it is my New Years resolution, and yes, I am 1000% serious about it. The most recent Murray movie I watched was Rushmore, directed by the fantastic and wonderful Wes Anderson. The movie is sweet, extremely quirky, sad at times, soft most of the time, and almost ethereal and unreal in the way it makes you feel. I really don’t know how to describe it. After I watched this movie, I basically just cried and cried because it was so perfectly executed and bittersweet. After you finish binge-watching Mindfield, don’t forget to put Rushmore on your list!


Because he’s always my monthly obsession 😉

Thanks for reading! Remember to subscribe to my email list if you’re interested in being notified every time I post. Stay safe and healthy, everyone!

Do I have anywhere to go right now? Nope. Am I going to put together a spring lookbook anyway to pass my time in quarantine? Hell yeah.

So, it’s been a weird year so far, hasn’t it? I certainly haven’t been leaving my house to go shopping, partly because I have no income, and also because I’m not really supposed to leave unless it’s to get groceries or medication. With that being said, a lot of my items today are things I already owned or purchased a while ago, or things that I received in my spring Fab Fit Fun box (gracefully paid for as a gift by my mother.) I hope you find this article enjoyable, and it adds a bit of brightness into your day!


If you read my review of the spring Fab Fit Fun box, you probably remember me sharing all about this cozy, loose cardigan. I was shocked to see that it normally retails for $99, but it is nice. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve worn it every single day since I received the box! I love this ribbed cardigan because it’s very light and neutral, making it ideal to dress up or down a wide variety of outfits. One of my favorite things to pair with the cardigan is this white lace dress, which I wore to my high school graduation years ago. I definitely can’t afford anything else from this brand, but I’m really loving this item I received and I’m looking forward to wearing it into the warmer months! 


I’ve also been getting really into florals lately, and one of my absolute favorite dresses is this gorgeous flowery gown from Marshalls. I bought it about three years ago, but I still love wearing it every year and finding new ways to dress it up and down. One pairing I’m particularly enjoying is the dress with my favorite wedges, which I also picked up at Marshalls a while ago. If I had any sort of reason to leave my house or go to a formal event, this is exactly the outfit I would wear. Especially since my boyfriend is 6’3”, I have to rely on high heels to catch up to him!


For the days when the weather is still a bit chilly, or I just feel like being cozy, I’ve been absolutely loving this colorblocked sweater from the Salvation Army. On trend with spring, I’ve been loving pastels and soft aesthetics lately, and this sweater is perfect for the occasion. I’ve even been enjoying modeling my makeup after the color scheme of this sweater, particularly the mints and the purples. It’s really a cute, funky piece, so I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of this awesome sweater.

Peep that hand sanitizer.

For holding essentials, I’m really loving this book-themed canvas bag my mom gave me for Christmas. As you can see, it has the names of several classic novels on the side- several of which I love myself! I’ve been using this bag a lot lately, because my 1984-themed tote is literally falling apart at the seams. Maybe down the road I’ll make a What’s-In-My-Bag article; what do you guys think?


Lastly but certainly not least, this mint Grace Karin dress is the perfect combination of sweet vintage and pastel springy goodness. Considering I bought this dress on Amazon, I’m really impressed with the quality and how well it has held up over the last couple of years. I really love the Grace Karin brand, and I think they consistently put out well-made, gorgeous dresses.

Anyway, that’s my spring lookbook for 2020! I hope you found this interesting and informative. Remember to keep safe and stay inside as often as you can!

Tuesday, March 3

It’s officially March, and it’s even starting to feel a bit like springtime. Today in particular was absolutely gorgeous; I love feeling the breeze on my back and the golden sun on my neck. I took a little walk around the neighborhood with Buck, and we had such a lovely time holding hands and hopping puddles together. These are such sweet days. 

IMG_9748 (1).jpg

Anyway, right now we’re at the library, sitting across from each other and touching shoes. I’m working on blog things, now that my homework is done for today; specifically an upcoming analysis of Regina Spektor’s 2017 album Remember Us to Life. I love analyzing her albums enormously, but they are some of the most time-consuming articles for me to write. Nonetheless, I enjoy challenging myself with content that’s both engaging and thoughtful. Tomorrow I have three back-to-back classes, so hopefully I’ll find a little bit of time to get blogging done! 

Wednesday, March 4


Hi all, I hope you’re doing well. It’s a bit past 1pm right now, and I’m sitting in the library getting some work done. I have to make some revisions to my ethics paper, then I have to start working on a business essay, and then I’m going to squeeze in some creative writing. I don’t know if anybody else also feels this way, but I can’t enjoy my recreational activities if I know I still have homework that needs to be finished. I suppose this is a good thing, because it motivates me to get all of my work done and keep my evenings free.

I’m feeling pretty good today, although I don’t have much makeup on my face, and I probably look exhausted and saggy-faced. I’m usually quite sleepy in the mornings and afternoons, and by evening time, I’m wide awake and feeling creative. I assume that’s probably what will happen tonight; I do indeed have some external writing projects that I’m really eager to work on! I’ve also been very into writing poetry lately, so hopefully I can find some time for that as well. 

Anyway, things obviously aren’t very eventful this week. I apologize for the boring newsletter (albeit, I enjoy things being boring and placid, rather than shit hitting the fan.) 

Thursday, March 5

We’re over the hump of the week, and I, for one, am really looking forward to the weekend. I don’t know why, but I’m absolutely exhausted today! I got decent sleep, between 7-7.5 hours, so I’m not sure what is making me so tired. I’ll continue to go back and forth chugging cold water and coffee to see if that helps.

Both of my classes are cancelled tomorrow, so 1) I’m definitely going to sleep in, and 2) I’m going to try to get another draft of my next Analog article done. I’m interviewing a professor at my university, so that should be interesting!

Anyway, I only have one more week until spring break starts. I’m not planning on traveling or doing anything exciting, but it should be wonderful to see my mother and stepfather. I’m also planning on visiting my father, who I haven’t seen since last August. I’m a bit apprehensive, but looking forward to it nonetheless. Also, Buck and I have been thinking about visiting the Little Women Orchard House, so I’ll be sure to take pictures of that if we end up booking a tour! Exciting things ahead. 


Tuesday, February 25

It’s about 11 in the morning right now, and I’ve been at work for about an hour and a half. I do have some internship work to get done today, but I’m here until 4pm and I can spare a bit of time to write.

I’ve been in a great place lately, socially, emotionally, and physically. I feel like my relationships with my friends are really strong and healthy, and I’m taking good care of my body. I’m still sleeping decently as well, especially now that I usually wake up next to someone I love (oops, cat’s out of the bag, I have a boyfriend now). 


So anyway, things in my life are going very well. The weather has been fantastic too, so I’ve been spending more time outside, going for walks and doing my homework in the grass. I’m especially looking forward to spring break in a couple of weeks, and then my 21st birthday on April 12, and then…I graduate in May?? Jesus, it’s sneaking up on me. Time goes by too quickly!

Anyway, I don’t have much else to report, besides the fact that I’m still making very little (hardly any) money, and I need to be able to afford the train, food, and basic toiletries every week. It’s going to be such a wonderful change of pace to have an actual salary by this fall. Sigh. 

Wednesday, February 26

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all having a great week! I’m feeling pretty good at the moment, albeit groggy. I’m usually not a big fan of naps, but today I was exhausted after my three powerpoint presentations and I decided to get a little bit of shut-eye. I don’t know what I thought would happen, but I woke up sweaty and disoriented after some stressful dreams. Needless to say, it kind of threw me off, so I’m trying to re-center myself by being social and getting work done in the library. Even though I am definitely introverted, I still enjoy hanging out and doing homework surrounded by the static company of people.

I have to say, I’m really proud of the work I did today! Even though I typically get pretty bad anxiety surrounding presentations and public speaking, I felt completely calm and grounded today. I didn’t even need to take an Ativan, which I originally assumed I would. Somehow, I managed to stay calm and cool throughout all my presentations, and I’m definitely giving myself a pat on the back for that. It feels great to make progress in a positive direction. 

I’m looking forward to tomorrow; Buck and I have both been a bit busy lately, and we miss each other. He’s been spending a lot of nights next to me, and it feels so lovely to wake up next to him, with bits of hair falling in his face and the sunlight on his back. It fills me with gratitude to know he’s there, and I feel like he came into my life at the perfect time. Some people say their partners complete them, but for me, I already felt whole and complete when I met Buck; he’s just a beautiful addition to everything. 

(I don’t think he’s reading this, but if he is: Hi B, I love you!)

Friday, February 28

Hi all, hope you’re doing great! I’ve had a pretty normal day, if not a bit frazzled. I normally never miss classes because I hate falling behind, but today I decided to skip my 8am class (and subsequently received a passive aggressive email from my professor).


Anyway, I’m currently hanging out with one of my best friends and getting some homework done. I’ve been feeling much more social this semester than I was last year, and I’m really happy that I’ve been able to form some lasting friendships. I used to have a really hard time making friends, so I definitely feel like my life has changed in that department.

I’m also going to drop off some clothes at a thrift store so I can make some extra cash, as my internship is unpaid and the train fares do pile up after a while. If you guys have any other tips for how to make extra cash, let me know in the comments!

Gold Peach Brown Mood Board Photo Collage.jpg

I have to say, behind fall, spring is one of my favorite seasons. Maybe I’m a little biased because I’m a spring baby, but I absolutely love the softness, beauty, and ethereal feminine energy of springtime. It’s an important time for growth and reflection, and a reminder that change in our lives can be a beautiful thing.

This spring, I’m really embracing the combination of bright pops of color with softer, neutral tones. I’ve also already picked out some of the items in my Spring Fab Fit Fun box, so I’ve decided to incorporate those items into my mood board as well. Starting with the color palette, as I said, I’m feeling very connected to traditionally feminine colors, such as bright pinks and soft peaches. While my personal wardrobe is still very neutral and somewhat minimalist, I love adding a pop of color in my makeup. This spring is going to be all about berry lips, lots of pink blush, and lots of highlight, thanks to the Tarte Tartiest pro highlight palette.

In regards to fashion, I am receiving this fabulous ribbed sweater coat (which normally retails for $99) in my Fab Fit Fun box. I think it will pair nicely with the outfits I already have, and also, potential outfits I would like to buy in the future. I don’t really have any disposable income right now, but just for fun, these are some of the clothes I’ve been looking at on ThredUp. I like staples that are both practical and fashionable, so I was immediately drawn to these stripy flats. I also really loved this blue dress, but again, I’m not trying to spend money where I shouldn’t. Maybe when graduation gets a little bit closer, I’ll think about splurging on a nice, girly, floral dress.

For jewelry, I picked out this set of two gold necklaces in my spring box (I promise this isn’t a FFF ad), so I’m looking forward to dressing up my outfits with that. Even though I have neutral-toned skin and I can theoretically wear whatever colors I want, I’ve always leaned much more into warm-toned clothes, makeup, and jewelry- such as gold and rose gold. I’m thinking that I needed a new staple necklace anyway, because the silver one I’m currently wearing has been giving me a rash on my neck. It’s not super flattering to walk around looking like you have 5 hickies, trust me.

Anyway, that’s essentially my spring aesthetic in a nutshell! I’ve never been someone to keep up with trends, even when I was a fashion major, so I honestly have no idea what the “actual” spring colors/trends are. Nonetheless, I’m feeling really good about this season, and I’m looking forward to sharing more of my looks with you on instagram. Also, of course, I’m looking forward to reviewing my spring FFF box in the next few weeks. Updates to come!

Spring has sprung, and here in New England, all the adorable little farm stands are starting to put out their newest fresh fruits and veggies. I’m lucky enough to live in an area where I’m surrounded by farmer markets, and trust me, I do enjoy utilizing that! It’s always a good feeling to know that I can help a smaller business, while contributing to a healthier planet at the same time. So what’s in season in April?

Image result for rhubarb

First of all, I’m SUPER excited that rhubarb is back in season. I used to work with a sweet older lady who brought me rhubarb from her garden, and I still have a bag of it sitting in the back of my freezer. My favorite way to eat rhubarb is in the form of a pie or a crisp (or really, any form of a sweet dessert). Rhubarb’s nutritional properties have been shown to improve digestive health, which is definitely something I appreciate as a gassy, constantly bloated person (I eat a lot of soy products, which isn’t exactly great for digestion). If I can somewhat combat that with some delicious rhubarb, then bring it on! (Just don’t eat the leaves, they’re poisonous!).

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Cabbage, spinach and lettuce are also in season in April, which I’m also surprisingly excited about. I just bought a bottle of vegan ranch dressing, and for the first time in months, I am EXCITED about salads. I’ve mentioned spinach before in my monthly “What’s In Season?”, in fact, I’m pretty certain I mentioned it in last month’s post. Like I’ve said before, it’s versatile, extremely healthy, and can be incorporated into every meal of the day. I used to be a spinach hater myself, but the truth is, spinach doesn’t really have much of a flavor once you cook it into a dish. Even if you’re totally against spinach, just try tossing some into your next smoothie or pasta dish. I guarantee the subtle taste won’t even bother you.

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Ah, avocado. I have a complicated relationship with avocado, but ultimately, I think I do like it in small amounts. I don’t need to remind you that avocado pairs great with toast, but if you really want to amp it up, try putting strawberries or everything bagel seasoning on top of your avocado toast. Avocados are loaded with fiber and potassium, so you can feel good about putting it in your body. Bring on the avocado toast!

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One of the things I missed most after becoming vegan was, quite randomly, gravy. There’s just something about gravy that I find absolutely addictive, and trust me- I smothered obscene amounts of it on every savory food possible (poutine, anybody?). Luckily, there is a way to still get my gravy fix as a vegan, and it’s healthier than the real deal too! Mushroom gravy is surprisingly delicious, and the reason I bring it up is because -you guessed it- mushrooms are in season in April. I’ll leave a link to my favorite recipe below, so you can test it out for yourself. I am a picky eater when it comes to mushrooms, because the texture tends to bother me, but this recipe is an exception to that rule.

There are lots of other fruits and veggies fresh in April, but many of them would be repeats from March. Let me know if you try either of the recipes below- I’d love to hear your thoughts! Also, if you know any other recipes I should try, drop those in the comments too.

Rhubarb Crisp!

Vegan Mushroom Gravy:



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IMG_3867.jpgHappy Spring, everybody!

It is indeed officially spring here in New England, and I couldn’t be happier. I do appreciate all the changing seasons, but spring will always hold a special place for me. I am a spring baby, after all, and I’ve always felt a very strong connection to nature. There’s something so sweet and humbling about the bursting of life around me- it inspires me to be the brightest version of myself that I can be.

Ironically, I’m sliding into spring with a quite darker tone. I’m still going to be rocking my vintage style, but I’ve amped it up from retro to rockabilly. I recently got my hair colored bright teal at a local hair salon, and since then, I’ve just been having so much fun playing around with this gothic-psychobilly aesthetic.


The first look I’m wearing is this lovely collared button-up dress by Gowntown. I love how stretchy and comfortable it is, and it looks gorgeous with and without a petticoat. Not that the weather is getting warmer, I probably won’t want to be wearing too many layers. I paired this dress with a black elastic headband, also from Amazon. Actually, now that I think about it, most of this stuff is from Amazon. The only downside that comes with constantly wearing black is the outrageous amount of lint my clothes gather, but luckily, I keep a lint roller in my purse at all times.


I also ordered this lovely off-the-shoulder scalloped dress, and I am absolutely in love with it. This dress hugs me in all the right places, the fabric is stretchy and comfortable, and the material feels thick and well-made. I’ve consistently been happy with my dresses from Belle Poque, so if you’re interested in getting into the vintage look, they are a great company to start with. As with any black garment, of course, this dress picks up dust and hair quite easily, so keep a lint roller nearby!


The third and final dress I’m adding to my spring wardrobe is this tight-fitting black polka-dot dress, and I have to say, I think this is my favorite dress at the moment. I’m not used to wearing bodycon dresses, as you may have noticed, so it’s definitely a new change for me. But hey, I’ve got a snatched body, so why not show off my curves proudly and work them? I’m also wearing a body shaper underneath this dress, which isn’t really doing much, but I’m still kind of obsessed with the concept of a body shaper. Is it a bra? Is it underwear? Is it just undercover lingerie? We may never know.


If you checked out my spring mood board that came out a little while back, then you know that I’ve been really into gothic arts, metal music, and alternative spirituality lately. I knew I had to add Ghost merchandise to my ever-growing collection of black t-shirts, and honestly, it was well worth the $23. I also went ahead and bought myself a copy of The Satanic Bible, because hey, why the heck not?

I feel like my approach to spirituality is much different than what people would assume, especially when it comes to green witchcraft and LaVeyan Satanism. To be honest, most people who are interested in satanism don’t even believe in the devil or remotely worship him, including myself. To me and many others, LaVeyan Satanism is appealing because it’s actually not about worshipping another being or a higher power- it’s about finding a higher power within yourself. I’m also attracted to the satanic ideologies of sexual freedom, creative rebellion, and connection to nature. That’s pretty much the extent of why I like satanism. I’m not going out into the woods wearing a mask and a cloak to sacrifice woodland animals or anything, so mom- you can relax!

Anyway, that was a bit of a tangent, but I like to make my views on religion/spirituality as clear as possible, and clarify that I don’t condemn violence or animal sacrifices, or anything fucked up like that. Moving on!


That’s pretty much the bulk of what I ordered this season, but I also brought some goodies from home, like my itsy-bitsy black pencil skirt, a hot topic dress with chemistry symbols on it (ADORABLE) and a pair of high-waisted mom jeans. I like my style to be flowy and interchangeable, and lately, I’ve also enjoyed drawing a lot of attention to my hips (it’s not like I have giant rack to show off anyway). The statement piece, of course, is my hair, and I am so thrilled with how it came out. Some people have actually asked me if it was a wig, which 1) I do take as a compliment, and 2) I totally agree with. I think that any time you dye directly all over your head, including the roots, you do tend to give your hair that wig-like appearance.


I hope you guys have enjoyed seeing all my spring outfits, as much as I have enjoyed showing them off to you! I’m happy to leave links to where I bought everything as well, if that’s something you’d like for me to add in. Happy Spring, everybody!


Gowntown Black and White Dress:

Scalloped Dress:

Bodycon Dress:


Ghost Shirt:

*Unfortunately, I don’t have a link for the chemistry dress; I don’t think Hot Topic makes it anymore*

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