I’m the first to admit that my general taste in everything is all over the place. And as you’ll soon discover, none of these channels really have anything in common, but I love them all so much, I can’t just keep their glory to myself. I’m sure you yourself have a handful of channels you watch that not many other people have heard of, so this is me, sharing my collection. Also, I know 700,000 subscribers may seem like a lot (and it is!), but that’s certainly not considered “acclaimed” by YouTube’s standards. In fact, there are over 2,400 channels with 1,00,000 subscribers, and more than 24,000 channels with 100,00+ subscribers. You’d be surprised how many people haven’t heard of John Maclean, and he’s one of the biggest rising stars on my list.

It’s also noteworthy to add that the subscriber counts I included next to the channels are rounded up, and of course, they are subject to go up as time progresses. So just keep in mind that these are the estimates as of August 2019, and they may not be accurate anymore in a few month’s time!

Lou Lou & Friends | Pets & Animals | 38,000 Subscribers

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I had to include Lou Lou & Friends first because it’s possibly the most wholesome, relaxing, adorable thing I have ever come across in my life. There isn’t a lot of talking in the videos- it’s just high-quality footage of Lou Lou the dachshund going on adventures and hanging out with her other animal friends. The woman who owns Lou Lou also has sugar gliders, geese, chickens, bunnies, ducks, and hedgehogs, and if I’m correct, she rescues a large majority of them. It’s obvious to the viewers that she takes fantastic care of her pets- feeding them gourmet, healthy dishes, taking Lou Lou for strolls in the countryside, and giving all of her little friends so much care and appreciation! If I’m having a hard time sleeping and I need to put on something soothing, Lou Lou & Friends is one of the first channels I turn to. Because seriously, what’s cuter than a dachshund meeting a baby duck?

Buddhist Society of Western Australia | Nonprofits & Activism | 127,000 Subscribers

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I discovered this channel about seven years ago, when YouTube and the internet was actually still relatively new to me. I was going through a difficult time when I was thirteen wrestling with the guilt of being attracted to women (obviously I’ve gotten over that now, I’m a proud useless lesbian), but at that age, I was so distraught over my feelings that I decided to google “How to let go.” And thus, I found the Buddhist Society of Western Australia- but specifically a monk named Ajahn Brahm. Ajahn Brahm is well-known in Australia for giving casual, friendly, hour-long talks about life’s biggest lessons to those who visit his monastery, and many (if not all) of the talks are filmed and uploaded to YouTube. This might sound relatively boring to you, an old man talking about the meaning of life, but it actually holds a lot of ASMR properties for me. This is another one of those channels I like to listen to to help me fall asleep, because Ajahn Brahm’s voice is so soothing and nice (and I genuinely learn a LOT from his videos). He has accumulated an incredible amount of wisdom throughout his years as a monk, and after a rough day of feeling destroyed by anxiety and confusion, I always feel better after listening to one of his talks. It almost feels like going to a therapist, but for free. 

English Heritage | Entertainment | 700,000 Subscribers

Image result for english heritage

If you enjoy history, theatrics, and cooking, I guarantee you will love English Heritage. The organization itself is a charity that cares for over 400 historic buildings in England, and the videos are often period short films about what life would be like in the good old English days. My personal favorites are the videos featuring “Mrs. Crocombe”, who is the cook at Audley End House and prepares a number of dishes “the Victorian way.” Like, for real. Do you want to learn how to churn your own butter by hand? Whip up some authentic Marmalade Water Ice? Mrs. Crocombe has you covered. The channel also includes makeup tutorials about how makeup was applied in the 1800s (without the toxins, of course), along with instructions for making crafts and games popular in that time period as well. It’s so easy to go down the rabbit hole of watching these videos, and while you find yourself being entertained, you’re also learning quite a bit about English history!

Novympia | Entertainment | 155,000 Subscribers

Image result for novympia parody

You might recognize Novympia as the drag-queen duo who created that impeccable My Strange Addiction parody- “I’m Addicted to Being Furniture.” Well, I have good news for you. They also make incredibly funny and realistic parodies of other YouTubers (including John Maclean, who’s coming up). Nova and Olympia have wickedly funny senses of humor, and the amount of effort they put into their parodies is actually really impressive. Some of my personal favorites are the Jenna Marbles parody, and the Poppen Atelier one, who is also on my list, by the way. I truly feel like their channel is underrated, considering how talented this duo is and the amount of work they put into their videos. If you ever need a good laugh, pop over to their channel and immerse yourself in the fabulous world of drag. 

John Maclean | Howto & Style | 640,000 Subscribers

Image result for john maclean

John Maclean is a makeup consultant, makeup artist, makeup connoisseur, dark immortal lord, and apparently…also a furniture designer? He’s extremely complex and hard to describe unless you have actually watched his videos, which I highly recommend you do. Even if you don’t wear makeup and have no interest in it, John Maclean is a fascinating person who can entertain me for hours on end. His voice and manner of speaking is elegant beyond words; it’s like he speaks in cursive when going through a makeup routine. John Maclean is not only extremely talented at makeup, he also knows a great deal about the industry and loves to keep his audience informed about new products, makeup tricks he’s learned over the years, and advice for making your makeup look seamless. To me, he truly is a perfect example of a hidden gem, and I’m looking forward to watching his channel/following continue to grow.

Karolina Żebrowska | Education | 410,000 Subscribers

Image result for karolina zebrowska

If you like history, vintage fashion, memes, and appreciate a clever sense of humor, you will immediately fall in love with Karolina. Karolina is a period dresser with an immense amount of knowledge about both European and American fashion throughout the decades- even going back to the early 1800s. She clearly puts a lot of care and research into her garments, and I appreciate that she also takes the time to properly inform her audience about historical fashion. She’s also a renowned meme queen, appreciated for videos such as “Jenna Marbles but She’s an Edwardian Lady”, “Thug Edwardian Lady”, and one of my favorites, “Recreating Iconic Vines in Mid-Victorian Attire.” Truly, there is nobody else on this platform like Karolina, and I have so much love and appreciation for her amazing, innovative videos. Similarly to English Heritage, you can keep yourself entertained while still picking up so many interesting historical Easter eggs! Keep it up, Meme Mom!

Poppen Atelier | Howto & Style | 414,000 Subscribers

Image result for poppen atelier

Maryna, the woman behind this channel, is a doll-repaint artist who posts a new video every Friday. She doesn’t just take an old doll and make it “pretty” again, she literally transforms it into someone new. In the past, she has done repaints of Moana, Ariana Grande, Merida, Marilyn Monroe, Daenerys Targaryen, and even Olympia from our favorite drag queen duo, Novympia! (Seriously, it’s the crossover we never knew we needed before). There’s no way for me to adequately explain how talented she is, you’ll just have to check out her channel for yourself! I personally am the kind of person who loves watching doll makeovers and painting videos, so I was absolutely thrilled when I came across this channel. Once again, it’s easy to go down a rabbit hole and watch 4-5 of her videos in a row. She also has an instagram, @poppenatelier, if you’re interested in checking out more of her work.


Lou Lou & Friends – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFr3gGZfU6VEjD5Y23Coc6g

Buddhist Society of Western Australia – https://www.youtube.com/user/BuddhistSocietyWA

English Heritage – https://www.youtube.com/user/EnglishHeritageFilm

Novympia – https://www.youtube.com/user/Novympia

John Maclean – https://www.youtube.com/user/CosmeticConsultant

Karolina Żebrowska – https://www.youtube.com/user/czekoladaimaslo

Poppen Atelier – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcYRw5J5-C8plZoeZ7x2QQw

All pictures are taken directly from the respective YouTube channels

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*Disclaimer: this is, like, ten pages, so I hope you brought your popcorn. Also, as you will hear me say again and again in this article, this is NOT intended to bash Julia or be received as any type of hate. She is naive in this situation, but clearly also a very compassionate person and I truly wish the best for her.*


I actually have a lot of admiration for so many elements of her personality. She is kind, creative, and a hopeless romantic, and (with the right direction) I truly feel like she has a lot to bring to the table. With the right choices, Julia Zelg could easily build a career as a successful musician and YouTuber. The reason I’m making this article is not to criticize her or beat her down- rather, I want to express my concerns for some red flags I have noticed in her videos lately (and so have many others- go check out the Pretty Ugly Little Liars thread on Julia Zelg if you’re completely in the dark).

Like I said, this post is coming from a place of kindness and concern, so let’s not beat Julia down or leave rude comments on the situation. I have noted on the PULL thread that while some people bring up very valid concerns, others are simply just making fun of her, degrading her, and body-shaming her wife. Any hateful comments made about Julia are unacceptable and will be deleted. Like I said, I do not think Julia is a bad person, but her actions of late have been questionable and arguably tasteless. And definitely a bit narcissistic, depending how you view her intentions.

Despite her downfalls, I actually think she’s a very sweet person. I had the chance to meet her in New York City, which is more or less when the drama around her and Eileen’s channels came to a head. From first-person experience, I can say she looked exhausted, emotionally depleted, small, and genuinely sad. I had known that there were a few minor red flags in the past, but I more or less brushed them off and just accepted that the dynamic of their relationship was kind of weird. Not because they’re gay- I don’t have a problem with that (I’m a lesbian myself). I wasn’t even really bothered by the age gap; they’re two consenting adults, so who cares? What kind of seemed weird to me was just the way Julia and Eileen interacted in videos, especially in videos together. It’s one thing to be affectionate, but Julia and Eileen are highly attached to each other and their channel has a “reality television” vibe to it. It’s obvious to many that Julia wants to be famous, and while she is successful on YouTube, she certainly is not a celebrity. I’ll explain a bit more on that later, but first, let me give you some of the backstory. 

I started watching Julia’s channel about a year and a half ago, when she was still dating her ex-girlfriend, Maria. My initial thoughts were that this was a very surprising coupling of two people, because Julia, 25, prefers to date women in their 50s and 60s. I didn’t feel inclined to leave a hate comment like some people, because I didn’t (and still don’t) think she’s doing anything wrong by dating older women. If you’re both consenting adults and you’re happy, then who am I to stop you?

Julia and Maria eventually broke up, and about a month or two (more or less) later, Julia started seeing Eileen De Freest, a 61 year-old political pundit for BBC III.  had been watching Julia’s channel for a while now and wasn’t surprised by this, and truly, I was even happy for her. I feel the need to reinforce that I don’t have a problem with the age gap, because I don’t think that’s what is inherently causing the relationship problems. Sure, it could definitely be a factor, but I do think it is possible to have healthy, age-gap relationships. As time went by, however, I began to think differently about Julia and Eileen’s dynamic. The first time I actually openly voiced a concern to one of my friends was about four months ago, when Eileen posted a public apology video to Julia (they were engaged by this time). I couldn’t exactly put my finger on what bothered me about the video, but I knew something didn’t feel right immediately. For one thing, it feels very odd to apologize to your fianceé in the form of a public video, which was also monetized (meaning Eileen and Julia profited off of the video). To each their own, I suppose, but it felt very strange to me that Julia and Eileen didn’t do this in private. In retrospect, it almost feels like Eileen and Julia are trying to desperately justify their relationship in this video, and purposefully reinforce that everything is FINE, just fine, and why would you dare think otherwise? It’s fine everybody!!


Eileen’s apology was centered around a previously-released video about an affair she had twenty-five years ago with another woman. Apparently, Julia edited the video and became upset/jealous listening to Eileen talk freely about this past relationship. Eileen gave us all the details about this ordeal- Julia crying, asking Eileen if she still loved her, Eileen gushily professing her love for Julia on camera, etc. It all felt a little…contrived. For views, maybe. Or, like I said, for public reinforcement that this relationship is so, so healthy and good! See, everybody? We handled this so well! 

Wellllll, maybe you didn’t. First of all, let me just say I understand how Julia would be a little uncomfortable editing the video. I get it. But to get that upset over an affair that happened before Julia was even born, it seemed a little sad to me. At the very least, Julia probably should have just said “No thanks, Eileen, I don’t want to edit this”, rather than letting the drama escalate that far. It all just felt, and continues to feel, a little melodramatic. And then, for Eileen to document the argument in a monetized video with a staged thumbnail, just kind of felt strange and insincere. Couples fight, that’s normal, but I personally think it’s better to keep these issues private and off the internet. And that’s not just because you’re opening yourself up to the public- it doesn’t matter what the subscribers think. It’s not about the fans. It’s a reflection of YOU, the content creator, for putting out such private, insecure material and essentially asking for positive reinforcement in return.


Another thing I’ve noticed, and I’ll put this bluntly- Eileen appears to be changing herself, physically and personality-wise, to better suite Julia. At the introduction of Eileen’s emergence into YouTube (she started her own channel shortly after moving in with Julia), we all came to love Eileen as the wise, articulate, dark-haired classic beauty we met in the beginning. It is actually fascinating to me how differently Eileen acts when she is making videos by herself, versus when she is filming with Julia. Eileen is a beautiful speaker and captivating storyteller- something you notice right away in her videos. Her character, authentic or not (we’ll get to that too), is well-established: a soft-spoken, wise women in touch with political science and psychology. And then, when she appears with Julia, it’s almost like she becomes another person. I do feel really bad saying this, but in a lot of ways, it feels like Eileen is dumbing herself down to be on Julia’s bubbly, gushy, sexualized persona. Not that there’s anything wrong with being bubbly and sexy, but it does feel very apparent that Eileen is just putting on an act. In the ten months or so Eileen has been dating Julia, her Kensington flat, style, career, and even hair has been completely painted (literally and figuratively) by Julia’s influence. I’m not saying it’s wrong to feel inspired by your partner, but for Eileen, it comes across as “I really need to keep Julia, and I would do anything for her, so I’m going to change myself to better suit her internet personality.”

We have to remember that while much of their life is online, we still only get a small smidgen of what their life together is really like. All of our theories about the overall weirdness of their relationship are exactly that- theories and speculation. Maybe I’m wrong and Eileen genuinely does want a baby pink flat, new clothes, and new hair.

But, you know, maybe not.

What I’m really trying to hammer home here is that I don’t think this is completely Julia’s wrongdoing, or completely Eileen’s. I don’t think they are bad people at all, but I do think they are feeding off of each other in a way that can be genuinely unhealthy and toxic, if not downright manipulative. And I say this because I want them to be happy and healthy, but I just don’t think they are. And it’s bothering me.

Like I said though, I don’t know them personally and I’m not their marriage counselor. These are just my two cents. Moving on. 

Julia and Eileen have a very evident, on-screen tendency to coddle each other relentlessly when the other person says something unexpected or hard to hear, even if it’s, you know, TRUE (like the fact that Eileen will likely be deceased of old age in two decades- Julia literally cannot stand to hear that because she is so attached to Eileen).. It’s hard to describe what I’m talking about unless you’ve seen their videos, but the nature of appearing as gushy and babied essentially walking on eggshells around each other really does hammer home the fact that this entire aura could be a facade. Not to say they aren’t in love- I think they definitely are mad for each other- but this weird over-romanticized, over-sexualized, perfect, incredible love they are painting on each other does feel very artificial and somewhat childish. In a way, it almost feels like they’ve run out of things to say to each other, so they’re using this “Oh, baby, I love you so much” coddling as conversation filler. I’m a touchy person myself, but watching Julia and Eileen can make me cringe sometimes because it feels like…bad acting. I think Julia and Eileen genuinely see themselves as this incredible love story that’s on such a deeper level than everyone else, when really, I would argue that their love is perhaps less special than they think it is, and more or less just a giant, fluffy picture they are trying to paint for themselves and for the viewers. Like, “Hey, maybe if we really over-do how fantastic and special or love is, people will really see how much we care about each other!”

Why do you have to do that, though? Why can’t you just let your behaviour and apparent love for one another be organic? Normal, healthy couples, in my opinion, usually don’t need to constantly remind each other in a baby-voice how devoted and enthralled to the other person they are.

I’ve rambled on long enough about the prior red flags, so let’s get into the new drama Julia and Eileen have found themselves in.

Up until that point, I wasn’t really too concerned in analyzing the red flags. They seemed happy, obviously. I cried during their wedding video, because it was genuinely sweet. I’ve even written a couple articles about Julia here on my blog, praising her bravery, uniqueness, and entertainment qualities. I traveled to New York City to meet her, and I had a nice time. Julia is a good person.

I did not, however, have an opportunity to meet Eileen, and that has to do with the tEeEaaA. 

(I’m sorry, *family emergency*.)

Side note: I did not dig up this information myself- someone previously posted these documents on PULL and I just screen-shotted them.

I’m not going to give you the complete rundown, because there are videos out there for that, but here’s the general gist: fourteen years ago, Eileen was two weeks late returning a rental car while she was addicted to prescription drugs, did not pay back her late fees, and immediately afterwards, got on a plane and moved to London. Then, a few weeks ago, Eileen was arrested at the airport where she and Julia landed in New York for the meet and greets (a warrant for her arrest had been out after she was late returning the car and didn’t pay for it). There have been rumors floating around that some other shady things happened in-between those fourteen years, such as Eileen having different aliases and possibly committing fraud, but nothing has been confirmed or proven yet. As of right now, all we know is that Eileen was arrested at the airport and taken to jail after her warrant popped up on her passport, and Julia (understandably) had a complete meltdown. 

This is a horrible situation for Julia, but in her video explanation, it felt to me like she was playing it down and trying to protect Eileen from negative scrutiny. But it doesn’t matter who you are- if you are guilty of a crime, then it’s fair to assume that you will face ugly consequences. 

Eileen’s videos have always been formed on the basis of her past- reflecting on her past, reflecting on loss, coming out in the 80s, etc. Recently, she spoke in her videos about her experiences being addicted to drugs while she lived in New York City and Los Angeles, and though she hasn’t explicitly mentioned her criminal record, it’s easy for viewers to piece together how they are intertwined. Eileen mentions that being on drugs stunted her ability to make good choices, and Julia insists as well that Eileen was “not in a good place” while her criminal record was stacking up fourteen years ago.

That part is not untrue. Of course mental illness and drug addiction can cause people to make huge mistakes, no matter how harmless and good-intentioned a person is. It’s pretty obvious from watching Eileen’s videos that she’s not violent or evil. Did she fuck up a little in the past? Yeah. Maybe actually a lot? That’s also possible. There’s way more to the story than we know.

My takeaway from the video, however, and what I expect to see from Eileen’s upcoming explanation, is that mental health will be used as a crutch as to why Eileen should be excused from these crimes. Obviously, returning a late rental car isn’t the worst thing you can do, but it’s still a form of theft by deception. Even worse, she chose not to address the warrant for FOURTEEN FREAKING YEARS, hence why she was arrested immediately upon landing in New York. It’s probably true that the police were a little aggressive in handling Eileen, and I do think it’s wrong that she was denied her medications, but I more or less understand everything else. You commit a crime, you get reprimanded. It doesn’t matter if you weren’t in a good mental place or not. It makes it even worse that you put off the charges for so long.

Also, isn’t Eileen’s whole shebang politics? How did she NOT see this coming? Those records just don’t get erased. 

So, this is where things get a little chaotic. Julia mentions in her video that Eileen is now registered as a “flight risk”, which I believe is because she was arrested getting off an airplane. (By the way, if you’re wondering how Eileen got out of the country in the first place, she has dual citizenship and thus two passports. At least, I think that’s probably how it happened). 

The problem is this: Julia and Eileen live in London. I’m sure Julia will be able to return home just fine, but what about Eileen? I can almost guarantee you that they won’t be letting her back on a plane until this mess gets sorted out. What happens next?

Today is Saturday, and Julia is posting part II of her “jail vlog” on Monday. Until we have information, there isn’t much more I can factually analyze, but I do have some opinions.


I have mentioned before that Julia and Eileen seemingly enjoy dramatizing their lives to earn more views and likes on their videos. This isn’t something completely unheard of- the only YouTuber I can think of who doesn’t essentially pimp out their videos is our lord and saviour, miss Jenna Marbles.

So what I’m trying to say is, I’m not really surprised they enjoy over-emotionalizing their content to get more traffic on YouTube. That’s how they earn an income, and if other people want to tune into the narrative, then that’s fine too. But the way they are handling the current legal situation is too weird and melodramatic for even me: dividing the “jail vlog” up into two parts like it’s a Lifetime special, a cringey, obviously staged thumbnail (featuring Eileen’s mugshot, how fun and trendy!), and then, Eileen’s response to the video. “Sensual whispers.”

AUGHH. I’m sorry, guys. It’s so FREAKING weird and contrived and obviously designed to generate an artificial emotional response. Normal! couples! don’t do this! to! each other!


NORMAL *clap* COUPLES *clap* DON’T *clap* DO *clap* THIS *clap*.

Like I said, I certainly don’t have a problem with two women in love. I don’t take issue to the age gap. This isn’t me jumping on my computer to write up a hate speech about two women who actually seem very lovely, respectively (moreso Julia, increasingly less so Eileen). This is about the strange, coddling, unhealthy dynamic they have developed for each other. This is about Julia, willingly or not, molding Eileen to be exactly the way she wants- peppy, perky, raunchy, and really pink. This is about Eileen bending over backwards to keep Julia, professing her passionate love in pre-scripted soliloquies, ways of speech that literally nobody speaks in, just to garner “ooohs” and “aaahs” from their audience. This is about Eileen hiding her criminal past from Julia until the very last minute, and then dumping the load onto her like she’s a pile of garbage.

Here’s what I genuinely HOPE will happen. I hope Julia and Eileen will come to the realization that the dynamic of their relationship has some seemingly unhealthy tendencies, and they will work together as a team to grow their love in a more authentic, behind the camera manner (preferably, they come to this realization on their own, because I really don’t like to see them get hate). Or, they realize they’re just not suited for each other the way they thought they were in the honeymoon phase. I don’t want them to go through a messy divorce, tangled in the realization that they don’t really know each other- just the happy image they have created for themselves on the internet. You have to keep in mind, they haven’t even been officially together for a full year. There’s a lot you don’t know about a person when you’re just meeting them, and sadly, it sounds like Julia is just now taking the time to learn these important aspects of Eileen’s personality- the ones she probably tried to ignore for a long time while she was lost in la-la-rainbow sparkles land with Eileen on their incredible, amazing, one-of-a-kind star-crossed lovers journey. It’s obviously much easier for them to ignore the red flags and go on pretending everything is fine, because they’re so focused on not having ANY confrontation in their marriage. A failed marriage to Julia means she’s let everyone down- including her fans who followed them so adoringly.

While browsing PULL, I came across this post that more or less sums up most of my feelings on the matter. To protect the privacy of the poster, because I’m not sure if she wants her username out there, I’ll leave the quote anonymous:

“I’m conflicted about this stuff with Eileen. On the one hand she genuinely could just have mental health issues, had an addiction and a hard life due to not having family support and being alone in the world. I can see how the car thing could have easily could have happened in the throes of an addiction and I certainly don’t think she should have been arrested for it…however, I feel like there’s just something “off” about her. Like, why the name changes? Why is she married to a 24 year old? I’m immediately suspicious of of any 60 year old that would go out with someone that young. If she was a man we’d all think she was a predator- and maybe she is. I also find her false way of speaking creepy af and kinda psychopathic (sensual whispers??). It’s just not real- this woman is clearly faking. The way she’s always on her phone, never seems to be fully present with Julia, how she’s always drunk and has that alcohol collection. Plus, I notice in videos it seems like she’s just putting on a fake persona whenever Julia can get her away from her phone. Like she’s all somber scrolling through the Internet and then Julia’s like “hi baby!!!!” And Eileen snaps into action. The whole thing is hella weird. I feel sorry for Julia, I think she’s very young and naive, she obviously has some issues and wants attention. Eileen on the other hand is an old woman who knows exactly what she’s doing.” 

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up nicely.

Realistically though, I’m not sure if Julia and Eileen are willing to examine their relationship in all of its raw, damaged reality. I don’t want to sound like a debbie downer, but honestly, at the rate this is going, I’d be surprised if this holds out another 3-5 years, and even that’s generous. Especially now that Eileen may be stuck in the US, I can only imagine the amount of problems this is going to cause. If anything, I think Julia deserves better than this if Eileen can’t properly sort out her own legal matters. Like, come on. She did have fourteen years to take care of this. You can fire off all the excuses you want, but at the end of the day, it’s irresponsible and unfair to Julia. Because trust me, nothing about this has been cheap for Julia.


My first thought after this: Julia obviously doesn’t think she (or EILEEN) has done anything wrong. Oof.

I highly recommend you watch the video yourself if you want the full scoop. I will be going over part two in a general overview, but this will mostly be my own thoughts and opinions.

Hey look, that’s me!

Part two leaves off with Julia hiring a lawyer (for which she takes out a loan of $7,000) and then borrowing an additional $2,500 from a friend in London to pay for Eileen’s bail. Otherwise, according to Julia, Eileen would have stayed in jail for another few weeks. In the midst of all this, we find out Eileen had ANOTHER warrant out for her arrest from 2001, resulting from a bounced check for a car payment.

So let’s break that down together. Julia, who has subjectively done nothing wrong, had to take out almost $10K in loans for her wife’s mistakes, who is 37 years her senior and should have known better in the first place. All because she couldn’t handle Eileen being in jail for another few weEkS, you know, paying fairly for her crimes. If Julia had just waited for Eileen to sort this out herself and let Eileen do her time, she could have saved a whole lot of money. But instead, Julia spent a ridiculous amount of time and money taking care of her sixty-one year-old wife’s botched criminal record. 

In case you couldn’t tell, I’m unhappy that Julia felt the need to do that. Now she’s taking a problem that wasn’t even hers to begin with and placing all this financial baggage on her shoulders, when Eileen should be the one literally paying for her deeds. It just really broke my heart that Julia’s immediate reaction was to dig herself into debt for Eileen, and then say she’s going to have to get “a lot of sponsorships” to make up the money. Because truthfully, Eileen is nothing short of an angel in Julia’s eyes who can do no wrong, and all of this is just a huge misunderstanding, and everything will be back to rainbows and hearts soon. The debt of $10,000 and being stuck in another country is just a small damper on things, nothing important, of course.

But Julia, you shouldn’t have to do that. Eileen should be the one repaying the 10 grand, not you. It’s as simple as that. Even if they have joint bank accounts (which I doubt), it should still be Eileen’s responsibility to make up the money.

Julia reveals at this point that she and Eileen are completely broke. They just got married, had a lavish honeymoon, traveled to the US, and now, Julia has completely drained her savings bailing Eileen out of jail. They couldn’t even afford their hotel for the last two days in New York, and had to stay with a friend.

Of course, Julia and Eileen will still continue to project this fabricated, celebrity image that they’re famous and living the easy life, going out to bars and restaurants every night, and vlogging it for their fans.

In the footage of Eileen and Julia reuniting outside the jail (yes, they got someone to film it), Eileen said some things to Julia that seemed totally inappropriate in the moment to me. One of the first things she said was that she missed Julia’s body, and that she was afraid she’d have to sleep with another prisoner in return for a cup of coffee. Just, you know, the usual things you say to your wife who just spent $9,500 bailing you out of the clink.

By the way, Eileen’s 2001 charged was dropped, but the nightmare is still not over, despite Julia’s overwhelming aura of “It’s fine, everything is fine!”

Julia says in her video that she and Eileen have to stay in America until at least the end of the month so Eileen can attend a court hearing in New Jersey. However, if you look at Eileen’s public legal records, you can clearly see that she has another court date scheduled in February of 2020- six months from now. Considering they can’t even afford a hotel at the moment, I can only imagine the havoc this will ensue for their relationship. Also, I probably don’t need to reinforce this, but this is pretty much entirely Eileen’s fault. 


Conclusion: Julia wants to be rich, famous, and settled down in a nice city living a lavish life with her wife, who she knows will do anything for her. Eileen is a shady thrill-seeker with a criminal record and a *possible* history of fraud under an alias, hence how they are able to afford these very nice things. Together, they are far too attached to each other and struggling to communicate on the level to adults should be able to. I feel bad for both of them, but mostly Julia because she is sweet and naive and probably going out of her mind at the moment, even if she keeps telling herself that everything is fine. Eventually, I won’t be surprised if she cracks from the stress and deceit of discovering Eileen’s shady past. And of course, she’ll document it in a five-part monetized divorce blog series, because hey, she has to pay off that $10K somehow. There’s also speculation she sold the story to Barcroft for some extra money, so we’ll have to wait and see about that. 

Public documents with pretty damning evidence that Eileen changed her name while running a “business”, she also appears to have wired 250,000 pounds to herself. However, keep in mind that is just a THEORY and I have no actual proof of that.

As of today, Tuesday, Eileen has not really publicly spoken about the situation or addressed it in a video (which is very weird, considering this is her mess). This article will be out on Wednesday the 28th, so if Eileen does post a response before then, I’ll edit something in my thoughts (if I have something new to say, that is. I have a feeling her video will be mostly excuses and I’ve already commented on that quite a bit). If not, this is where my giant monologue ends, unless a part two must ensue.

Please let me know your thoughts and feelings in the comments (unless you just want to shit all over Julia, then keep your hate to yourself), and if you liked this article, let me know by sharing it! I’m sorry it’s such a clusterfuck and probably took ten years to read, and in the 1% chance Julia is reading this- hey Julia, I’m sorry, I really like you a lot and wish the best for you. But your fans are concerned- not because we have anything against you, but because we genuinely do care about your happiness.

1/16/2020 Update: https://diplomatsdigest.wordpress.com/2020/01/16/more-thoughts-on-the-julia-eileen-fiasco-the-adventure-continues/

All of the pictures I’ve used in this article are screenshots I’ve taken of actual court documents and video thumbnails. Below, I’ve included the links to these documents if you want to read them in full yourself. Also, the first picture is from her Instagram.

Public arrest records: (Click “I am not a robot” and it will bring you to the page. If the link has expired, you can find her profile on the website for New York State Unified Court System.) https://iapps.courts.state.ny.us/webcrim_attorney/captcha

PDF’s to Eileen’s alleged other “business”: https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/07919257/filing-history

I hope you are enjoying this humid summer week! I am so excited to finally tell you guys all about my mini-trip to New York City and the meet-and-greet I attended while I was there. I normally don’t blog about my day-to-day life because I don’t think it’s that interesting, but this trip was definitely an exciting experience that I will remember forever.

I should start off by saying I wasn’t even planning on taking a vacation this summer, mostly because traveling can quickly trigger my anxiety. I also just tend to get tired of being away from home for too long, and usually start to miss my bed after just the first night. This vacation was inherently successful because I was only gone for one night, and I had so much to do within the two days I was there, I didn’t even have time to think about missing home. 

Anywho, I was scrolling through Instagram a couple weeks ago when I saw a post from Julia Zelg announcing her U.S. Meet and Greet dates. Julia and her wife Eileen are amongst my favorite youtubers, as some of you may know, and I have even written an article about her on my blog before (I’ll link it down below). Like I said, I normally don’t care for traveling or social events, but this one really stood out to me. For one thing, New York isn’t that far from me- I could have compacted this trip into one day if I wanted to. Secondly, Julia and Eileen live in London, so for them to be just a few hours away from me for a free meet-and-greet felt too special to pass up. I also felt that I deserved a little break from my dog-sitting summer job, because I usually work between 5-7 days a week. If I was going to take this trip, it was going to be the highlight of my summer, and it seemed like the perfect opportunity. I immediately RSVP’d, without even figuring out how I was going to get there. The good news is, it ended up being a very cost-effective trip. The meet-and-greet itself was free, so all I had to pay for was my train ticket and a little extra spending money for food/shopping. Once I got my mom and grandmother on board, we planned to leave Friday, August 9th (the day before the event), so we could spend some extra time enjoying the city. 

Rather than taking the bus from Boston to New York City, which would have been the fastest option, we decided to drive part way to Connecticut, pick up my grandmother and then take the train to Grand Central Station. It definitely extended traveling, but I was so happy to see my family and meet my lil baby nephew for the first time. The train ended up being easy, too, and I caught up on a lot of reading for my book club. Despite the fact that it was close to eight by the time we got to our hotel, that’s still considered quite early in New York City! We spent the evening dining, shopping, and just taking in the incredible chaos of the city. It was beautiful, but also extremely over-stimulating for an anxious person such as myself. I did a lot of laughing and smiling, but I also cried a few times seeing lost, homeless animals on the streets. I certainly could never live in New York, but I appreciated the artistic, bustling culture of the city. 

Imagine having hair that gorgeous. Sigh.

I had a lovely time getting ready for the event the next morning. Because Julia Zelg is considered a lesbian icon in the YouTube community, I decided to wear this two-piece rainbow crop top with matching pants. One of the biggest reasons I was so excited for this event is because it meant I would get to meet other young, colorful, proud lesbian women, including Julia herself, and I’m happy to say that’s exactly what happened. I was expecting a ton of people to be there, but there were actually only about 15-20 people or so. This worked out great for us, because it meant we all got to have a chance to really meet Julia and have individual conversations with her. Sadly, Eileen was unable to attend due to a personal emergency, so it meant a lot to me that Julia put on a happy face nonetheless and carried on with the event (and good news, Eileen is doing much better now!). I met some beautiful, wonderful queer women at this event who obviously shared a similar love for Julia, and we had a delightful time picnicking in Washington Square Park. Julia also told me she loved my outfit, so that was a huge perk.

I put the link to this outfit below!


Before I left, I had the opportunity to hug Julia and thank her for all she has done for our community, on top of inspiring me personally. She is the absolute sweetest person to talk to, and like I said, it meant a lot to all of us that she kept the event running despite her family emergency. I also told her that I am interested in pursuing media professionally and possibly exploring having a YouTube channel, and she was very supportive of that. All in all, she gave me some great advice, and just being there in such a wholesome, beautiful environment made the entire trip worth it. Like, 1000 percent. 

Making new friends in the park!

The meet and greet was the main highlight of our trip, but we also visited some other areas in the city, such as the World Trade Center 9/11 Memorial. If you are ever in New York City and have the time, I highly suggest visiting this beautiful memorial. The way the water fell silently in the north and south pools was strikingly eerie and humbling. I found it really touching that a rose is placed on the names of the victims on their birth dates. 


I wasn’t aware that a shopping center was constructed at the World Trade Center as well, and I was immediately struck by the architecture of the building. To me, it does look like an airplane (I can’t decide if that was intentional), but it also looks to me like a pair of angel wings. What do you think?


We headed back to the train after seeing the memorial, and then, after a few more hours of driving, we arrived back home around 1am on Sunday. I slept for a straight twelve hours, and I am perfectly okay with that. And now, on Monday when I’m writing this, it’s back to work for me!

This was overall a fulfilling, beautiful, eye-opening experience for me. I feel grateful for having supportive family members, for being lucky enough meeting Julia, and for making a handful of lovely new friends on my trip. The more I travel, the more prepared I feel to eventually move across the country to start my adult life after college. There’s a good chance I’ll be taking another trip this year with my friend Eli, so I look forward to planning that as well! Thank you so much for reading.

Julia’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUIBkpuyXKU4B6dFv32LpRg

My article about her: https://diplomatsdigest.wordpress.com/2019/01/10/a-voice-for-the-times-my-favorite-lesbian-icon-julia-zelg/

Where I got the rainbow outfit: https://us.shein.com/Rainbow-Striped-Tie-Front-Crop-Top-With-Wide-Leg-Pants-p-765939-cat-1780.html?url_from=adplaswtwop01190611421XL&gclid=CjwKCAjwnMTqBRAzEiwAEF3ndq83tsFdFgHHso9RMxU3AlhTD2-S6YaVAUmOMPGLMw613eeFBg6wwBoC0zkQAvD_BwE

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I normally don’t like to write articles that are centered around complaining. You guys know I keep my content pretty calm on here- makeup reviews, fashion, life updates, etc. I don’t have much to complain about, because I’m satisfied with my life to the fullest I can be.

With that being said, I’m not really writing this because I am suffering, but more so because my favorite YouTubers and content creators are suffering and facing ridiculous censorship blocks on their channels. For a lot of these creators, making YouTube videos is more than a hobby, it is their livelihood. And yeah, I’m pissed about it.

Image result for youtube

The first thing I’d really like to touch on is the new comment censoring band aid that YouTube is covering all of their problems with. In a nutshell, some of YouTube’s advertisers were upset when it became known that pedophiles were leaving inappropriate comments on videos of children. Obviously, that is disgusting in itself that pedophiles are invading these videos, but the way YouTube handled this problem is pretty sad and embarrassing on their part. Instead of reprimanding the pedophiles who are leaving these gross comments, YouTube is punishing channels that feature children by turning off their comments and their ad revenue. That means if you are a channel that features minors, your comments are immediately censored, and in most cases, you can no longer make any revenue from your videos. This is a ridiculous punishment to harmless content creators, and is a perfect example of victim blaming. The pedophiles and perverts who are leaving comments can no longer be tracked or punished because the comments are turned off, which means now we don’t know who these people are. They can watch the videos just the same as they always did, and now, they don’t even have to watch a pesky ad beforehand. It’s all sorts of f*cked up. 

There’s no reason YouTube can’t track down the pedophiles leaving comments and ban their accounts. When you sign up for YouTube, you give them all your information- your full name, contact information, mobile phone, etc. Considering all of our personal information is connected on the internet anyway, I’m sure YouTube could find your address if they wanted to. There’s no excuse not to block these accounts- YouTube is just lazy and putting a band aid over the entire situation.

Image result for special books by special kids

One of my favorite channels, Special Books by Special Kids, is one of the most heartbreaking examples of this censorship. Chris Ulmer, the creator of this channel, travels around the world interviewing individuals living with neurodiverse conditions. Chris Ulmer has a huge heart, and the community he has built on YouTube is filled with love, acceptance, and kindness. However, because SBSK often features disabled children in their videos, YouTube has flagged and censored the channel for being “inappropriate.” Why? Because apparently some gross pedophiles are going to leave comments on these videos, and the only solution YouTube can come up with is to punish the content creator. Now, SBSK is completely censored, and many of their adsense features have been taken away. 

This is what I’m talking about. Special Books by Special Kids, a wholesome community, is being punished by YouTube because this platform cannot muster enough responsibility to find a better solution. 

Related image

However, YouTube doesn’t just censor channels that feature children. Another one of my favorite YouTubers, Jessica Kellgren-Fozard, has stated that YouTube is demonetizing her LGBT history videos because they are “not suitable for some audiences.” Many other content creators besides Jessica have come forward and revealed that YouTube is not only demonetizing their content, but also restricting it so that it hardly appears in the search algorithm. Meanwhile, while YouTube is censoring these harmless small channels, people like Logan Paul and Danielle Cohn are still allowed to put out monetized videos. Why? Because they are the breadwinners. They are the ones who are bringing in the most money and views to the corporate monster that YouTube has become.  

Related image

If you’re unfamiliar with those two names, let me fill you in on a couple things. Logan Paul is a YouTuber based in Los Angeles, most famous for his daily vlogs and lavish lifestyle. Oh, and also, he graphically filmed a dead body he found in a Japanese suicide forest and posted it on the internet. YouTube not only kept the video up for the entire first day he uploaded it, but also, allowed it to appear on trending. In fact, YouTube isn’t even the one who deleted it- it was Paul himself who took the video down after it amassed 6 million views. YouTube, please explain to me how a tasteless, disturbing video of a dead body can make its way into the algorithm, but an informative video about queer history is immediately shot down. More than a year later, Logan Paul is still thriving and bringing in a ton of money to YouTube, despite the fact that his controversies just continue to stack up. In January of this year, Logan Paul really outdid himself by announcing that he was going to try “going gay” for a month. Because that’s how human sexuality works, right?

My point is this: nothing about Logan Paul has been censored by YouTube. He’s still bringing in millions of dollars a year from YouTube ad revenue. Apparently, there’s nothing wrong with posting a corpse on your blog channel, but the minute you feature a child in your videos, you deserve to have all of your rights taken away.

Another notable breadwinner for YouTube is the infamous Danielle Cohn, who’s actual age is yet to be confirmed. She upholds on her social media that she is fifteen years old, but documents, receipts, and uh, her BIRTH CERTIFICATE have all shown that Danielle Cohn is actually only thirteen years old. In fact, she just turned thirteen. 

Image result for danielle cohn

That’s already sketchy in itself, but trust me, that doesn’t even skim the surface of how horrifyingly problematic this child is. In the past three months, Danielle Cohn has faked a pregnancy and a marriage with her seventeen year-old boyfriend, Mikey Tua. Which is already bad enough, but when you add in the reality that she very well might be THIRTEEN…

Yeah. Shit’s crazy.

Despite her controversies, Danielle Cohn still has an enormous following on all of her social media. Of course, YouTube hasn’t censored her channel, even though she conveniently breaks their rule of being a minor. Of all things worthy of stepping in for, you’d think a pregnant thirteen year-old would take the cake, but so far YouTube has stayed silent and allowed the ads to roll. All is well in waffleville, as they say. 

Anyway. There are countless other examples of YouTube being ridiculous that I could go into, but those are the highlights. If you are interested in learning more about Special Books by Special Kids and Jessica Kellgren-Fozard, I’ll leave their channel links below. I will also include the official petition to have SBSK’s comments turned back on, which has already garnered almost half a million signatures.

Like I said, I normally do not like to complain or throw a fit about things I cannot change, but censorship and media monetization is something I feel very passionate about. Especially when it involves channels that I care deeply about, who have no reason to be demonetized or punished for their actions. Many channels can’t even swear without being completely demonetized, or but a thirteen year-old faking a pregnancy with her older boyfriend is totally okay. At least, according to YouTube it is.

Support SBSK: https://sbsk.org/

Sign the petition to get their comments turned back on: https://www.change.org/p/youtube-reinstate-sbsk-comment-sections-immediately

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDdi0yUyGW1PKzYXaIACnuA

Colleen Balinger also has a great video explaining the censorship on channels associated with children: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2PKdLkEYrg

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Let me get this out of the way: I’m not completely against buying stuff. I believe that like all areas of our lives -food, sex, sleep, etc.- these things that make us feel good can be healthy in moderation. Money is obviously no exception to this; it’s something we need to survive in our modern society, but it can also be easily taken advantage of. I’ve noticed a growing trend on YouTube in the last couple of years- an increased amount of haul videos, shopping overloads, giant PR packages, “I Spent X Amount of Dollars on Wish.com”, “I Tested $1,000 Worth of Makeup”, the list goes on and on. These videos do have good intentions, and I’m aware that they’re often for entertainment purposes, but that doesn’t change the fact that they can carry damaging undertones. We, as humans, already have an unquenchable urge to always want more than we have. It’s human nature, and I’m guilty of it myself- hence why I think the culture of consumerism can be dangerous in feeding these constant wants and needs. Yes, they are entertaining, but on a deeper level, are they really messages that we should be subjecting ourselves to and admiring?

Image result for consumerism

I don’t think all product placement and advertisement is a negative thing, I more so have a problem with how content creators are going about doing it. If a YouTuber wants to recommend a product or a brand that they genuinely enjoy using and consider the investment to be worth it, than yeah, I’ll listen. Jenna Marbles is actually particularly good at this- she rarely flaunts brands and products excessively, but when she does recommend something to us, it’s something that we can find useful and practical. I think the line is crossed when YouTubers are buying just to buy, and flaunting just to flaunt.

Listen, Mia Maples and NikkieTutorials, you can do whatever you want with your money. And I agree that these types of videos can be entertaining and a lot of fun to watch, but everything can have a darker, deeper meaning to it. “It starts creating feedback loop and people have to keep outdoing themselves and do something more shocking, more outrageous, in order to stay relevant,” revealed another YouTube-watching friend of mine.

Image result for consumerism satire

The problem is, if you’re going to market yourself as just an everyday, relatable teen, you also have to deal with the flip side that viewers are going to attempt to follow in your footsteps. How can you justify dropping $400 in the blink of an eye on a pile of clothes or makeup, and putting it online, when the majority of your audience can’t even afford a pizza? What is the message you are trying to get across? And how do you think you’re coming across to young people?

I’ve noticed that a lot of content creators seem to lack “identity”, in a sense that they don’t come across as truly happy with themselves to their audiences. Instead, they seemingly promote their self worth with brands, products, sponsorships, and materialistic consumerism. I’m not saying that all YouTubers should analyze themselves on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs for us, but really, when the only content you can put out about yourself is what you’re buying, it definitely carries a gloomy message: “I am over-reliant on my possessions.”

Adolescent years are already hard enough on teenagers. When you take raging hormones, self-esteem issues, and then add in constant bombardment of materialism, the already fragile front of youth continues to crumble. We don’t need another video of a content creator exulting their purchases, but maybe, what we do need, is realness and empathy. We need role models who share their pain and their adversities, not just their pleasures and perks. Most of the time, all this really leads to is jealousy, comparison, and depression. What we really need is more love, more sharing, and more emotions- not just tangibility. We need more love.

Further reading: https://fulleryouthinstitute.org/blog/the-high-risks-of-consumerism

Pictures: http://magazine.art21.org/2017/01/09/this-week-in-art-1-9-1-15-artists-call-for-inauguration-day-strike/#.XKuI5ZhKjZs


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For my mini-series of the month April, I wanted to do something a little bit different and a little bit…incohesive. I have a list of psychology-related questions in my phone notes, and for the last few months, I’ve just been slowly adding to it with every new thought that comes to mind. And so, for this month’s series, I am going to be tackling four of those questions!

So I guess this is “Psychology Wednesday”?

Image result for kinetic sand relaxation

The first subject I’ve been really interested in lately is viral kinetic sand/slime compilation videos. They definitely carry ASMR-like qualities, in regards to sound, but these videos also have relaxing visuals. Especially for kinetic sand videos, the visuals are what make them so addicting and mesmerizing to watch. But why are they so mesmerizing? Why do we experience so much satisfaction watching someone slide a knife through a pile of sand? Goddamn, I feel like Vsauce right now.

First of all, if you’re unfamiliar with what kinetic sand is, I’ll give you the general rundown. “Kinetic sand” is a special type of sand that contains silicone oil, making it extremely moldable and more compact than regular sand. Its properties are rather hard to explain if you’ve never actually seen it, so if you have no clue what I’m talking about, I recommend popping over to YouTube to watch some compilation videos.

Without even doing any further research, I can say that my absolute favorite thing about these videos is the precision. We, as humans, like “satisfying things”- alignment, perfection, and smoothness. Take the golden face ratio, for example; scientifically, a perfectly symmetrical face is considered to be the most beautiful and appealing to us.

Image result for kinetic sand relaxation

Surprisingly I actually can’t find a lot of research about this, so I’m going to carry on with doing a lot of inferring. I also have the Wikipedia page for “relaxation” open on another tab, so let’s see what we can gather from that. According to the official definition, relaxation is “the emotional state of a living being, of low tension, in which there is an absence of arousal that comes from sources such as anger, anxiety, or fear”. For me in particular, watching satisfying videos of a knife crisply slicing through kinetic sand and cutting it really hits me in my relaxation zone. Could this be because I associate anger and anxiety with fragmented, messy disorganization? Probably. For many of us, watching something relaxing and still visibly stimulating creates the opposite effect on our brains- everything is clean, organized, and agreeable with our subconscious. When things work out exactly the way we want it to, it obviously creates some level of satisfaction in our minds, reminding us in a visual way that everything is going to be okay.

Maybe we’ll never know why these types of ASMR videos bring so much peace and relaxation, but nonetheless, we can’t deny the fact that it has created a positive impact on the world. As someone who loves ASMR/relaxation videos myself, I’ve noticed improvements to my mental health and sleep schedule since discovering this community, and I hope you can too!

Source: https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/9k9xm7/the-oddly-satisfying-strangely-soothing-world-of-sand-slicing-videos

Pictures: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiW6sSaruok


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Image result for julia zelg

It’s not always common to find a YouTuber that makes you feel like a close friend. Even the most popular and beloved YouTubers can come across as selfish and self-glorified, which I mostly attribute to increased fame and exposure. Julia Zelg, however, is an example of the opposite. As her channel has grown and rather quickly flourished over this year, Julia as actually become more thankful and appreciative to her subscribers as her numbers have risen. If you watched her silver play button gratitude video, you’d know why: as an immigrant from Brazil who started in London with virtually nothing, Julia has worked incredibly hard to build this life for herself. She is not only a remarkable role model for other young people, but also a genuine success story of why you should never give up on your dreams. So who is she?

There are a few different reasons you may be familiar with Julia’s channel. For one, she’s a uniquely talented musician who has uploaded several music videos for her singles on YouTube. These videos of her seem to garnish the most views, along with videos involving her current girlfriend and past relationships. Julia very open about the large age-gaps in her lesbian relationships, which has unfortunately become a breeding ground for hate in the comment sections. Nonetheless, her loyal subscribers and those who actually take the time to get to know Julia are always on hand to step up for her, including me. It’s truly a shame that some people feel the need to go on the internet and shit all over lifestyles that may differ from their own, but Julia and her fiancée, Eileen, handle the criticism extremely maturely. Admittedly, I was one of the people who initially found myself surprised and a little off-put the first time I watched a video of Julia and her older girlfriend (at the time, I believe the video I watched was with her ex-girlfriend Maria). However, the more I watched Julia’s channel, explored her music, and generally got to “know” her from YouTube, I immediately changed my mind and even felt guilty for ever having judgments about her lifestyle. Julia’s personality is bright, positive, and easygoing, yet still extremely mature and level-headed. I myself have been in a relationship with a man fourteen years my senior, so I began to emphasize with the criticism Julia faced. Both she and Eileen are both consenting adults (as were me and my ex), and they’re both clearly in love, so why not spread the love as well instead of spewing hate?

Related image

Anyhow, that was a bit of a tangent, but I feel it’s well-intentioned and called for. If you go on ANY of Julia’s viral videos featuring her girlfriend, you’ll see that the comments are filled with mean jokes, hate, and overall ignorance. And, as a fan of Julia’s personality and content, I feel like it’s my duty to shed some positive light on her.

Julia’s channel predominantly consists of personal stories, clothing try-on hauls, music videos, hair tutorials, and vlogs, especially entailing her life as a queer immigrant in London. I find her content to be not only diverse and versatile, but also very honest and eye-opening. She’s happy to talk about the positive aspects of her life, but she also doesn’t shy away from the pain and negativity she has endured. Above all, she comes across as extremely personable, and helps her subscribers feel like they’re part of a close-knit friend group, sharing this journey with her.

One of the most touching moments for me, as I said, was watching her silver play button video. At one point, when Julia cries recalling the poverty and hardships she endured as an immigrant in England, I actually teared up a little as well. Her gratitude and love for her subscribers is so genuine, powerful, and well-received.

As a fellow queer woman, I found a lot of peace and empathy in Julia’s music. Her newest release, “Judge Me”, is a powerful lesbian anthem about learning to love yourself and standing by who you are. Although our culture is gradually shifting to become more progressive, I still feel that queer artists are an underrepresented demographic. If you are a young person who also struggles with sexual identity and self-esteem, I’m sure you will be able to find solace in Julia’s lyrics.

Beauty, fashion, and lifestyle are a huge part of Julia’s channel, but ultimately, her voice extends far beyond just that. She is a voice for confident women, for the LGBT+ community, and essentially anyone who has struggled with their confidence. I’ve found a lot of happiness from what Julia has taught me through her content, and I hope you will too.

Julia’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUIBkpuyXKU4B6dFv32LpRg

All pictures are taken directly from Julia’s Channel.

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Image result for jenna marbles

I don’t remember exactly how old I was when YouTube became a regular thing. I was born in 1999, so by the time I hit fifth grade, the funniest videos on the market were The Trololo Guy, ASDF, Cactuar and Tonberry, and, of course, “Nyan Cat.” (Speaking of the latter, it’s been so long since I’ve seen that video, I originally spelled it as “Naan Cat.” Apparently, he is now a beautiful entity of Southeast Asian bread, soaring through the sky.) As much as I and many others loved these channels and cherished them at the time, they didn’t exactly age well.  And that’s not to say they weren’t funny- they were. At the time.

As my generation matured and adapted to the changing climate of our culture, our senses of humor started to seemingly become less slapstick and more sociological. As young people who were struggling to find our own identities, we turned our attention away from animated comedy and more towards a realistic perspective. This is where Jenna Marbles comes onto the scene. She’s funny not because she’s fabricating content, she’s funny because she’s making humor of very real and relatable situations. She was one of the first (if not the first) who taught me that “real life” can be funny. Adulting is funny. Growing up and going through the motions, even in the most ordinary events, could be beautiful and entertaining. And, of course, also extremely funny.

The fascinating thing about Jenna Marbles is her relevance and durability through the shift from the 2000s to the 2010s. With over eighteen million subscribers, Jenna has proven herself to be relevant and entertaining for both young and old generations. In fact, I have friends in my thirties who still tune into Jenna’s videos every week. It’s an unfortunate reality that many early YouTubers were not able to survive a growing and changing demographic, but somehow, Jenna was able to grow with us. She wasn’t the same spray-tanned, sassy, beach blonde we remembered from our childhoods- she became something better: a craft-loving, thirty-something year-old dog mom who enjoyed incorporating silliness into every possible scenario. And what could be better than that?

My personal favorite aspect of Jenna’s channel is the unpredictable nature of her content. She puts enthusiasm and love into every video she makes. She doesn’t care about her views and likes; her biggest priority is delivering content that is unique, simple, and true to her actual life. Jenna doesn’t need to win our affections by clickbaiting us and dramatizing every aspect of her life; her content is interesting because it’s authentic and pure.

Jenna has also proven herself to be extremely humble and down-to-earth. When she talks to the camera one-on-one, it almost doesn’t even feel like a YouTube video anymore. It feels more like sitting down with an old friend and catching up, laughing, relating to each other, and appreciating each other. Jenna is not a woman who capitalizes on her large fan base; she treats us all as if we were her friends, and supports us as much as we continue to support her. It’s truly a beautiful relationship to watch every week. Her roverall content makes her viewers feel like they are part of the family themselves. We share inside jokes with Jenna like we would with any other friend, and the jokes never get old (especially the jokes pertaining to Kermit being a whiny middle child, and Marble acting like a dead dog.)

In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, zeitgeist refers to “the spirit of the times.” In my opinion, Jenna Marbles is the spirit of our time. She doesn’t spend her money on lamborghinis and lavish luxuries (though there’s nothing wrong with that, either.) She hasn’t let her fame turn her into an ignorant, obnoxious money-hungry influencer. Through all of her success and wealth, Jenna’s morals and overall content haven’t broken down or changed. She’s still the same light-hearted, happy young woman we loved and grew up with as kids, and continues to teach us through her content that it’s okay to laugh, relax, and enjoy the simple things in life.  

Jenna’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/JennaMarbles

Picture source: LiveKindly

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I don’t think I’ll ever forget the day I came across John Maclean’s YouTube channel. I had found myself going down the beauty guru rabbit-hole, as I so often am in the early hours in the morning. The thumbnail struck me immediately: a pale, beautiful, vampire-like woman who gazed into the camera with a countenance of pure poise. That being said, I was shocked and albeit delighted when I clicked on the video and realized it wasn’t a woman at all- it was John Maclean. And thus began a fresh rabbit-hole, my newfound fascination with this elegant, gender-bending individual.

You’ll see by scrolling through his comments that his viewers are absolutely captivated with his polished, royal tone of voice- including me. There isn’t really a way to describe his voice if you haven’t watched any of his videos. Once I heard John open his mouth, however, I knew I had to scour every video to figure out what enchanted medieval society he had emerged from. There isn’t much known about his early life before his Youtube career, which only adds to his level of mystique and complexity.

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John Maclean’s makeup looks are anything but conventional. Varying from day-to-day looks with a avant-garde twist to colorful glam transformations, you’ll never become bored with what he has to offer next. Unlike many other beauty gurus on YouTube, John prioritizes relating to his viewers on an accessible level, rather than trying to put himself on a pedestal. As someone who is also fairly pale like John, many of the tips and tricks he offers in his videos are actually pretty useful (seriously, you should check out his foundation reviews.) His reviews cater to a variety of price ranges and skin types, making his channel suitable for makeup lovers of all kinds.

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Yet another interesting aspect of John’s channel is its versatility. Not only has he posted a multitude of makeup reviews and artistic tutorials, but also lacquering videos and thoughtful q-and-a’s. He is similar in demeanor to icons such as David Bowie and Boy George- unparalleled and extraordinary from an external perspective, and actually quite soft-spoken and wise from within. Listening to one of John’s q-and-a’s is like listening to a vampire explain the fundamentals of sociology and human behavior. It’s rare to come across an online presence who is so well-acquainted with not only himself, but also an understanding of life itself. In fact, some of the explanations that John has given on bullying, gender stereotypes, and mental health are the best I’ve ever heard. As someone who has clearly experienced discrimination in his life for going against the norms, John has an empathetic nature that I believe all young people struggling with their identities can benefit from. He is a perfect example of someone who is completely confident in himself without putting anyone else down. He is aware of his power as an influencer, and wisely uses that power to encourage and inspire.

You can find his channel here! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRPIZtgcx0D7A0rXAC3x-1A

(All pictures are taken directly from John’s channel)